Intp or Infp?

Intp or Infp?

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This is a discussion on Intp or Infp? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I know I already asked a similar question before but I didn't really understand how to start a thread so ...

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    Intp or Infp?

    I know I already asked a similar question before but I didn't really understand how to start a thread so I guess this is like a 2nd try. I really would like to know what my personality type is. I always used to think that I was an intp.I really liked to be with people who I considered intelligent and considered knowledge the most important thing one could have. I always used to analyse literally everything. Now I still do but not as much. But I can relate to both intps and infps. Here are just some facts that I think can help:
    I am unaware of proper social behaviour ( I have absolutely no idea what to do around guests or people so I just try to avoid them)
    I have trouble focusing on something without background music and often just re listen to the same song over and over again while doing homework (like literally 50 times one after another)
    My favourite type of humour is ruined motivationals like this:
    At my school I don't usually raise my hand when I know the answer. I only do so when no one else knows it.
    I also constantly rewrite my texts because I don't want to sound rude or heartless at times or over emotional at others
    I also make promises I can't keep and regret them later (going to a basketball game with friends, going to the movies with my family etc)
    Yeah so that's all the information that comes to my mind that might be of use to determine my type.
    Thanks do answering!

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    You already know your type, you just aren't aware of it yet. INFP's are generally highly intuitive about other people. INTP's are more interested in exploring theories than people, furthermore INTP's experience great difficulty with expressing their emotions to themselves, or others. They have a fierce independent streak, but are generally tolerant of other people, even if they don't prefer to be around a lot of them at any one time. In essence, they live in their own heads. So which do you believe, INFP or INTP?


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