How fast do you walk?

How fast do you walk?

View Poll Results: How fast do you walk?

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  • Faster than (almost) everybody

    15 68.18%
  • Equal as (almost) everybody

    3 13.64%
  • Slower than (almost) everybody

    4 18.18%
  • I can't tell

    0 0%
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    How fast do you walk?


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    I think I'm pretty slow.

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    I'm a brisk walker.
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    Too fast, according to all my romantic partners, past and present, lol.
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    Not too slow, not too fast. At an appropriate pace.

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    Very fast

    Like a bat outta hell

    I mean does sorta depend on whether I am on vacation or leisure activities
    Then medium

    But me on a normal day puts most people to shame. My fit bit clocks me at double strides and steps to most people
    Treadmill in order for it to be kicked up past my normal pace has to be up past 5mph to even feel any difference at all. Walking that is (not running).

    I believe it’s why I am able get away with eating such shit food, because of all the calories I burn in walking

    My kids, and friends can’t stand going through shopping centers with me when it’s not leisure. I am like a marathon slash scavenger shopper master in and out like a robbery. I have no idea how people have the patience to Loligag around places like Walmart, seriously wtf and how.

    Further more I will say I do avoid critical judgements on most people’s personal choices. But I do shudder when I see what appears to be a capable or able person sitting in one of those scooters. WTF?

    In most cases I park to the back of parking lots deliberately in order to get more exercise

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    Normal pace. My best friend is a fast walker, even in high heels, and I feel like I often have to do small running steps to keep up with her.

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    People often ask me to slow down.

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    I naturally walk pretty fast, it's a relic from the days of primary school when I had five minutes in between each class. If I'm walking with someone much slower than me I'll usually slow down to match their pace.

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