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Introverts VS Extroverts - How fast do you walk

View Poll Results: Introvert vs Extrovert - How fast do you walk?

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  • Introvert - Fast

    28 36.84%
  • Introvert - Medium

    17 22.37%
  • Introvert - Slow

    11 14.47%
  • Extrovert - Fast

    11 14.47%
  • Extrovert - Medium

    6 7.89%
  • Extrovert - Slow

    3 3.95%
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This is a discussion on Introverts VS Extroverts - How fast do you walk within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Originally Posted by Whippit I have this theory/observation that Fi-dom and sometimes Fi-aux tend to walk fast, and go at ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whippit View Post
    I have this theory/observation that Fi-dom and sometimes Fi-aux tend to walk fast, and go at their own speed irregardless of who's with them.
    yeah and it gets on their nerves, and I'm not doing it to bother anyone, I'm just walking at my own speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoid View Post
    I walk not faster than a cheetah but not slower than a tortoise :)
    me too

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    With people - Fast
    When I'm alone - Slow as fuck.

    I'm usually alone, so I'd go with slow as fuck. Why would anyone even bother with walking fast?

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    Introvert here. If I have the time and am just walking casually, I guess I walk slower than average. Most of the time though, I'll take bigger steps and quicken the pace as a subconscious habit. Walking fast normally is good since you save time and get places faster, so I made an effort to build that habit.

    Also, because it's nice to be faster than others :P

    With others, I'll go at a sort of unconsciously mutually agreed speed with them, normally average to slow.

    I voted medium though, since I don't think I walk that significantly enough faster.

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    This should be in the MBTI test.
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    Thanks for the input so far. Given the numbers this is turning out a little different than I thought it would have as I read/saw a video that introverts tend to walk faster than extroverts. Be interesting to see where this goes.

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    I'm an introvert and I walk pretty fast.

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    introvert here (mostly)

    Pretty slow. I have short legs and long torso so there you have it.

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    Put myself down as average as I've seen a few people clumsily almost-speedwalk whenever they're going anywhere and I'm too conscientious for that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pizzafari View Post
    Introvert, I take lots of short steps, I never think of it as slow but I struggle to keep up with people I'm walking with a lot of the time who're walking at normal speed so yeah, I guess walk pretty slow.
    Same but I maintain speed. The years of cycling (the cranks are 340 mm from spindle to spindle so my stride is a bit more than that) and dancing (folk dance is quite mobile and keeping your body stable while going from place to place is essential) have made my steps relatively short and smooth. It's interesting to observe other people walk and see how they're taking these land surveyor steps and bobbing their heads and bodies all over the place. On the other hand, some have this eerily stiff way of walking where they barely move their upper bodies at all, as if they're possessed by the spirit of an African housewife carrying a huge basket of fruit on her head.
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    I'm an introvert and i walk pretty fast.

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