Introverts VS Extroverts - How fast do you walk

Introverts VS Extroverts - How fast do you walk

View Poll Results: Introvert vs Extrovert - How fast do you walk?

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  • Introvert - Fast

    28 36.84%
  • Introvert - Medium

    17 22.37%
  • Introvert - Slow

    11 14.47%
  • Extrovert - Fast

    11 14.47%
  • Extrovert - Medium

    6 7.89%
  • Extrovert - Slow

    3 3.95%
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This is a discussion on Introverts VS Extroverts - How fast do you walk within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I was thinking about this the other day so thought why not make a poll. This applies when you are ...

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    Introverts VS Extroverts - How fast do you walk

    I was thinking about this the other day so thought why not make a poll.

    This applies when you are on your own.

    Discussions very welcome
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    I generally walk fast when alone because I don't like to be out much so I'm rushing to get everything I need done done. It's more an anxiety/stress thing. Even at home I'm walking around from this room to that room and very rarely slow down because there's always something I could be doing. Relaxing is generally the last thing I do. I'm slower when I walk with other people.

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    Im quick pace all in general with or without others
    However I do get lost in thoughts and walk into walls every now and then

    Mbti extrovert/social introvert

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    Introvert and I like to take it with a slow stride. With friends I might adjust a little; but I still won't be in a hurry.

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    I have this theory/observation that Fi-dom and sometimes Fi-aux tend to walk fast, and go at their own speed irregardless of who's with them.
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    I walk not faster than a cheetah but not slower than a tortoise :)
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    Introvert, I take lots of short steps, I never think of it as slow but I struggle to keep up with people I'm walking with a lot of the time who're walking at normal speed so yeah, I guess walk pretty slow.

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    I walk fast and run when possible except when tired or otherwise encumbered.
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    My legs are long + I walk fast to the chagrin of everyone who has ever had to walk with me for any reason

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    I'm pretty slow. Partially because I have very short legs, partially because I get tired easily.

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