Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

View Poll Results: Who would you vote for?

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  • SJ - Joe Biden

    0 0%
  • SJ - Donald Trump

    3 3.06%
  • SJ - Unsure / No preference

    3 3.06%
  • SP - Joe Biden

    7 7.14%
  • SP - Donald Trump

    5 5.10%
  • SP - Unsure / No preference

    7 7.14%
  • NT - Joe Biden

    17 17.35%
  • NT - Donald Trump

    15 15.31%
  • NT - Unsure / No preference

    7 7.14%
  • NF - Joe BIden

    15 15.31%
  • NF - Donald Trump

    13 13.27%
  • NF - Unsure / No preference

    6 6.12%
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This is a discussion on Joe Biden vs Donald Trump within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Who would you vote for? (hypothetically, foreigners are allowed to vote too)...

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    Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

    Who would you vote for?

    (hypothetically, foreigners are allowed to vote too)

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    I voted unsure / no opinion, i have arguments to vote for Biden or Trump eitherway, and it will depend on the campaign. For now, i lean slightly towards Trump after preferring Sanders in 2016 and being long in doubt for the generals but supporting Trump in 2016 even enthusiastically. I'm disappointed by his presidency. I had expected more from it, although i don't care about twitter rants, the fake news allegiations and so on... I even believe it helps them, because his real problem is his lack of accomplishments for working class people, but i don't think Biden will be a better president for them, and i have strong reservations about him. Both have sexual allegiations against them, so i won't take that in account. I voted unsure because it will depend on more, but as for now, a slight lean towards Trump. I might change my mind, but I like his attitude and personality and his lack of political correctness, because things have clearly gone too far. He's just not a president for the working class and lower mid class. That's the issue i have with him.

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    Definitely not Trump, but I don't really like Biden either. He's flimsy on dealing with climate change and all of the groping allegations have made me feel a bit uneasy.

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    If it comes down to Trump or Biden, I'll vote Trump.
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    It probably won't be down to these two. Could be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaix View Post
    If it comes down to Trump or Biden, I'll vote Trump.
    How could you?
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    Both suck. I'm not voting or writing in a candidate if it comes down to the orange doofus and Mr. Touchy McFeely...voted under SP.

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    I clicked unsure/other because despite Joe Biden being better, he would still have America being America. By that I mean invading foreign countries that are resource-rich and not pro-US, exploiting other third world countries, and in general acting like the police of the world. There are three main things he would do better as far as I can see:

    - He would not be terrible at diplomacy
    - His rhetoric wouldn’t inspire racism and become a part of the conservative to fascist pipeline*
    - He would likely return to friendship with U.S. allies.

    However, since pretty much anyone other than Trump would do those things, if he’s president for another four years it’s (almost) guaranteed that there will be someone back to normal. Problem is the normal is awful too.

    Basically I wouldn’t vote for either major party unless there was a social democrat running, or at least some sort of progressive. I’d probably vote socialist or something as a protest vote, despite not being a socialist.

    *I’m not saying Trump is a fascist, but it’s very clear that the alt-right (who are fascists, alt-right is a name they chose to try and gain more legitimacy) have been gaining a lot of ground since he came around. He’s more like a useful idiot than an evil genius.
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    Dead battery VS sewerage. What would you vote for? Hmmm...
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    Ugh, neither.
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