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  • xNTx - Lyrics must be meaningful.

    19 7.76%
  • xNTx - The sound must be appealing.

    28 11.43%
  • xNTx - Both are important.

    39 15.92%
  • xSTx - Lyrics must be meaningful.

    1 0.41%
  • xSTx - The sound must be appealing.

    9 3.67%
  • xSTx - Both are important.

    17 6.94%
  • xNFx - Lyrics must be meaningful.

    19 7.76%
  • xNFx - The sound must be appealing.

    15 6.12%
  • xNFx - Both are important.

    78 31.84%
  • xSFx - Lyrics must be meaningful.

    0 0%
  • xSFx - The sound must be appealing.

    5 2.04%
  • xSFx - Both are important.

    15 6.12%
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This is a discussion on Are Song Lyrics Important to You? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; It makes me so happy to find others who agree with me - liking instrumental stuff and voice as another ...

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    It makes me so happy to find others who agree with me - liking instrumental stuff and voice as another instrument :D Most of my music is instrumental or sung in other languages. I do enjoy some songs that have lyrics, but the primary reason I like the song is always the music itself not the words.

    For me I find that if I want to think about something I'd rather just read it straight rather than have it mingled with music, so meaningful lyrics for me are best just read by themselves where I can ponder them at my own pace. While I can appreciate things done with the instuments to match the meaning of the words, I don't really find that it enhances my understanding of them in any way, and is usually more on the lines of being distracting.

    When listening to music I prefer to focus on the sounds themselves or to think about my own thoughts - rather than having the direction of my thoughts triggered by lyrics.

    I don't really see the point in having nonsensical lyrics, but I also don't really care because I usually am not paying close attention to them anyway. Often it's hard to catch what all the words are as well, and somehow I seem to be able to sing along without really realizing what the words even are.

    In some cases lyrics will conjur certain emotions which are meant to go along with the emotions communicated by the sounds - sometimes it makes the emotion more specific, but sometimes for me I find that the emotions are actually not the same: like if I just read the words I'd feel one way, and if I just heard the sounds I'd feel another - so the disconnect there can feel rather awkward. For instance there's this one song I have that doesn't even have lyrics but the title is 'Despair' and it just doesn't sound like that to me at all! I had to retitle it to what fit how I percieve the sounds ('Amour') so that I didn't have this wierd tug of war between two emotions every time I selected it.

    Quote Originally Posted by BPReed92 View Post
    Maybe since Ti users like to analyze things, they may look more at the meanings of the lyrics.
    I'm not sure Ti would make them partial to having words over just sounds, but it seems to me it would make them more sensitive to bad lyrics when there are lyrics involved because they usually seem to be really tuned in to proper word choice in conversation.

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    Very important.

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    Both are rather important. I mean, I wouldn't want to listen to a song that doesn't have a catchy tune even if the words are rather nice. However, I don't really like listening to songs I can't really relate to and stuff... I mean, when I'm listening to Japanese music I kinda like the sound of the music but I also like the lyrics even if I can't understand them. And when it comes to music with English lyrics, I wouldn't listen to a rap song that sounds quite terrible and has horrible lyrics *rambles a bit* but yeah, both are good.

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    Honestly, I'm very shallow when it comes to music. I don't give a damn about the lyrics as long as the song sounds good. In fact, some of favorite songs are instrumental.

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    If the singer is emotionally connected to the lyrics(and you can tell), it doesn't matter what the subject matter is or what cacophony of sound is behind it, it will still resonate within me.

    Case in point, Fergie's 'Big Girls Don't Cry'. I love this song and I'm a 39 year old man!
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    Difference between music and great music is that ,lyrics is like oil in a lamp while instrumental is the thread that soaks oil while burning thus spreads glow or light for a very long period ,while only oil or thread alone cannot make that light,may be this is not a good example but its what I feel about music .I hear songs that have good instrumental but meaningless lyrics and I feel like strangling that singer or composer who choose to ridicule music with such nonchalance .Its better to make only instrumentals, if one does not have good lyrics to add with it ,than make mess of it .
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    The lyrics must be important because song and art are some of the few times that my inferior Fe will come into play. ;-)

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    It depends. Sometimes I feel like hearing something with meaning and play tech N9ne, childish gambino, Nas etc. But then I have those days whee I will put on 2 Chainz, French Montana and have something to bang to. I prefer a balance.

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    xSFx - The sound must be appealing. I always enjoy listening to the instrumentals of the music. I remember it more than the lyrics. I like hip hop instrumentals, rnb, rap, video games, film and anime soundtracks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Nisshoku View Post

    Huh... I guess I'll be a bit of the oddball here and say lyrics are more important than sound to me. A song may sound great, but if I don't like the lyrics, I'll forget about it quickly and move on. If the lyrics are stupid to me, then I'll even dislike the song, regardless of the sound aspect because I'll get hung up on "lol this writing sucks!" and then find myself incapable of enjoying it all that much. I like meanings in lyrics because it makes me think more about things and conceptualize ideas hidden within the words.

    I voted that both are important, though, because music is a composition of multiple elements, like how a painting is a mixture of content, composition and color. When everything is done well, you get a really wonderful complete package that is a real treat for the ear and the mind.
    Yes. To all of it.

    Enter: Radiohead

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