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Women: Were you a Girly-girl, Tomboy or inbetween when you were growing up?

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  • "Girly" girl

    8 19.05%
  • "Tomboy"

    14 33.33%
  • In between

    17 40.48%
  • Other

    3 7.14%
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This is a discussion on Women: Were you a Girly-girl, Tomboy or inbetween when you were growing up? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; In-between. Despite having no "girly" interests, I wasn't masculine or bold enough to be classed as a "tomboy," either. I'm ...

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    Despite having no "girly" interests, I wasn't masculine or bold enough to be classed as a "tomboy," either. I'm basically the same nowadays, just pay a little more attention to my appearance than I used to. Which... isn't saying much, tbh.

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    In between. I was raised in a fairly traditional family, you know the sort that forces their children to eat animals "for their health," buys slips and church dresses for girls, and sends their sons to die or go mad in the military...But in his old age, my grandfather developed an interesting guilt, I think, about the helpless way my mother turned out. I swear to god my mother wasn't an adult until she was fifty. SO...he pushed me to do well in math even when I didn't like it, he taught me to mow the lawn and bought me a miniature tool box and a pretty nice microscope. My grandfather was about women in STEM before it was even a thing (but don't get too excited he still hated gay people, was a covert racist, and slut shamed me in high school while I was still a virgin).

    So it had an interesting effect on my personality to say the least. I learned to validate through my appearance and sexuality, but was equipped with a toughness and respect for intellectual pursuits that my mother never had.

    In middle school I was probably peak tomboy, right before puberty. Short hair, lived on my bike, horror movie fanatic, couldn't get me out of the pool in the summer, had male friends. By tenth grade I never left the house without make up on, though.

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    I have a masculine temperament
    And a mediocre feminine demeanor

    I am not like butch or anything and gruff
    But certainly not prissy and femmy

    I think I come off somewhat androgynous
    I know a lot of people at work try to fish to see if I am a lipstick lesbian
    I find this amusing as hell

    I can clean up very nice and look pristine and feminine
    But never in a soft frilly way

    But I also prefer to be very functional semi comfy in day to day life. I wear like half and half.
    What I mean is I like polo shirts for work because they are neutral and semi casual which is perfect for me if I am in a meeting or on the ground. But I usually pair it with feminine modern pant cut.

    I know that I have a mushy soft vulnerable feminine side which can get exposed at times. If I am sad/hurt I look very feminine. Been told by a few men I look very ‘pretty’ in my sleep and they all commented how when I am a sleep I almost seem like a girl

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    i was what i'd consider a girly girl, but the kids my age in my neighborhood were all boys. so i played with boys mostly during the ages of between about 4-8. keep away (i was always in the middle), kickball, t-ball, stuff like that. there were a couple girls my age now that i'm thinking about it but they didnt seem to like me much. my best friend was my sister who was a major tomboy, but i was definitely into girls things. stuffed animals, hair and makeup, playing house... dolls always have kind of freaked me out though but i've played with my fair share of barbies over at friends houses. was never into cars or playing soldier or guns or anything like that. 8-12 more girly stuff and more girl friends. 12- 18 mixed company, still a girly girl. won't touch worms, stuff like that...

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    I guess I was in-between, but leaning towards tomboy.

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    i'm a girly tomboy

    i was never into hair and makeup because i was far to busy playing in the garden and finding all the little things that live there. but i still love to dress like a woman and have a wide range of clothing all suited for different places and occasions
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