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Space or the deep sea?

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  • Space! We come in peace!

    23 71.88%
  • Deep sea! Cthulu fhtagn!

    9 28.13%
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This is a discussion on Space or the deep sea? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; ^ So basically it's Hunter X Hunter's world?...

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    ^ So basically it's Hunter X Hunter's world?

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    Space is the best thing ever. Would love to live on another planet. Just something about traveling in space fascinates me.

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    Both are cool, but space is vast and has many unanswered questions, so space.
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    Space intrigues me more, because there’s more possibilities to fuel imagination and speculation, its sheer vastness, and because I secretly hope that one day the aliens will come back to take me to my home planet, which surely can’t be this one. As a kid I pestered my parents with questions about space. Some children are scared of monsters. I got freaked out by documentaries about the end of the universe.

    I’m drawn to the sea too, but it’s not so much an intellectual interest in what it contains... in part it’s simply that I like being by the sea, but I think there’s more to it than that. Both the idea of it and the experience of being close to it appeal to me.
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