Did you ever step in dog shit?

Did you ever step in dog shit?

View Poll Results: Did you ever step in dog shit

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  • yes

    28 90.32%
  • no

    3 9.68%
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    Did you ever step in dog shit?

    see question

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    I don't step in dog shit. Dogs step in my shit.

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    Yes one of my responsibilities was to clean up a dog run in the simmering heat outside of my house.

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    Yes. While wearing flip flops

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    Nah, I'm actually really careful about watching where I walk to avoid stepping into stuff like dog shit.

    Also, I don't walk outside much.

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    I'm extremely careful. I don't like any nasty stuff on my shoe

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    Is there a dog owner on earth who hasn't at some point?

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    My dad stepped on a huge one once. He slapped Rocco on the behind (not the butt of course) very hard as punishment.

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    Yes. I was like 5 and we were dogsitting it. I stepped in it barefooted...RIP

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    Haven't been so fortunate enough lately to step in some good ole dog shit

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