Do you get post-nap depression?

Do you get post-nap depression?

View Poll Results: Do you get this after napping?

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    3 16.67%
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    4 22.22%
  • I've experienced it before, but it's not the norm

    3 16.67%
  • Never in my life

    6 33.33%
  • I don't take naps because I'm sensible and go to bed on time

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This is a discussion on Do you get post-nap depression? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I dunno what its proper name is so I'm calling it that. Usually after taking an afternoon or evening nap ...

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    Do you get post-nap depression?

    I dunno what its proper name is so I'm calling it that. Usually after taking an afternoon or evening nap (I barely let myself get any sleep at night so I get sleepy) I wake up with this overbearing sense of impending doom, like this kind of intense depressive terror and everything's awful, with some kind of horrible guilt and I think about everything I've done recently and all of it feels like something awful that people hate me for and oh god everything's WRONG, and that feeling stays around for maybe an hour and then everything goes back to normal again.

    Apparenly it's something to do with upsetting your body clock by sleeping at an unusual time and then forcing your brain back awake after it's gotten anything close to the amount of sleep it was expecting/hoping to get, as well as waking up during the wrong phase of sleep. I ask people if they get it though and they all say no, they just wake up feeling really refreshed. I don't always get it but I very often do, if I get into a routine of napping at a certain time my body clock seems to get used to it.

    How many of you guys get it?
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    I don't take naps

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    It happens when you nap past your optimal sleep cycle.

    I set an alarm, or drink coffee before I nap.

    This solves it for me.

    And I love naps; must've been a cat in a past life.
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    I've experienced something similar, but it's not as terrible as what you've described, and part of the sense of dis-ease was caused by feeling hungry and/or dehydrated.
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    I wake up confused and angry after naps. Taking a shower afterwords solves this, then I feel refreshed. I've had a similar experience but my irritation overpowered the feeling you described
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    I get headaches or a slight hungover feeling if I nap during the day. I'm also more likely to have night terrors so I rarely do it unless I'm not feeling well.
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    Naps always leave me feeling significantly more tired and just generally shittier than I was before I took it, so I don't anymore and haven't in a long time. However, when I did take them, I would usually be pretty solemn afterwards.
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    I've experienced this before, but not very often.

    It happened during a very stressed time in my life for about 4 months. I normally get about 6-7 hours of sleep a night, but during this time, I was so stressed out that I was averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep each night (going to bed about midnight, wake up about 3 or 4am in a cold sweat).... so then I would take a nap when I got off work around 6pm, and sure enough, impending doom feeling would be the wakeup. However, it was less the feeling of "people hate me" and more the feeling of "oh god what if I let everyone down".

    I hope it gets better! Also, during that time, I discovered that some things help support your sleep cycle. Melatonin has never worked for me, but valerian and magnesium helped somewhat, and eleuthero tea helped a lot. Also generally staying hydrated, and eating less sugar. I was already exercising each day so that didn't make a difference, but otherwise I think it would have.
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    I feel groggy after naps but never depressed.

    I find meditation to be more refreshing.
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    I feel normal after a nap... I mean, for me, it's the same after every form of sleep. I wake up... and that's it... I don't feel anything in particular...
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