The Great Grilled Cheese Debate

The Great Grilled Cheese Debate

View Poll Results: Butter or Mayonnaise?

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  • Butter

    52 85.25%
  • Mayonnaise

    2 3.28%
  • idgaf

    7 11.48%
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This is a discussion on The Great Grilled Cheese Debate within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Hello there fellow PerCer's! This burden I have borne all of my life, and I can bear it no longer. ...

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    The Great Grilled Cheese Debate

    Hello there fellow PerCer's!

    This burden I have borne all of my life, and I can bear it no longer. I am shunned, ostracized, and even ridiculed for my beliefs and practices. Those who were my acquaintances turn on me once they realize the full extent of my depravity.

    I'm speaking, of course, of grilled cheese sandwiches. Everyone I know fries theirs in butter... a practice that I find most frightening and, quite frankly, nauseating. A real sentient life form prepares their grilled cheese sandwiches using mayonnaise, I say!

    I wonder if anyone is with me, or if I still am a freak of nature on this one. Mostly I'm just bored and I've never done a poll, so here we are :D

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    Of course you fry them in butter....

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    I'll have to try that, then

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    Dude What.jpg... Mayonnaise? Destroy the heretic! He worships mayonnaise instead of sacred butter!
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    Ah the wonders and deliciousness of bread and cheese fried in the beloved dairy fat; butter

    Of course Irish or icelandic butter. The stuff we have in the states is disgusting

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    Interesting. So the overall impression that I'm getting here is.... that about right?
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    I read the options and got really confused - surely grilled cheese is done on a grill and served with ketchup? Then again, you guys go round showing off your pants so I probably shouldn't be surprised
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    I've tried it both ways. They both have their merits. Butter gives a subtle, smooth taste. Mayo gives a sharper bite and makes the bread firmer and crispier. I prefer either one depending on mood. Sometimes the mayo adds too much kick if I'm using a sharp cheese.

    My favorite is probably beef drippings, left over from frying hamburgers or even cooking a roast, although it has to be the right consistency and composition to work.
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    1. Butter outside of bread, not inside.
    2. Cheese in middle.
    3. Oven at 350.
    4. Cook till toasted and gooey.
    5. Best evah!

    I apologize ahead of time, to those who might like cooked, warm mayo, but the thought makes me want to
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