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Do you like summer or winter weather better?

View Poll Results: What seasonal weather do you prefer?

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  • Winter weather (Overcast, rainy, snowing, etc.)

    59 44.36%
  • Summer weather (Clear skies, hot heat, bright and vivid)

    55 41.35%
  • I like both!

    19 14.29%
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This is a discussion on Do you like summer or winter weather better? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Summer weather is the best! Although I do like myself a good 2 feet of snow in the winter too....

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    Summer weather is the best! Although I do like myself a good 2 feet of snow in the winter too.

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    Summer, easily. Cold overcast weather is the worst.

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    Winter. Definitely winter. I love the snow, the cold. What I do not like is that I only get about 4-5 hours of sunlight when the winter is at its heaviest. I never cared much for sunlight, but it feels better when everything outside is white rather than having to only live with inside lamps.

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    Honestly I am starting to miss summer now. Now my college hours end later than school did which means I go there in the dark, and go back home in the dark. These past few months have been complete darkness lol. I can't remember the last time I went outside in the daytime. I love the snow, but it hasn't really snowed in years. I'm craving for summer now - I really want to go to the beach in the sun. I think I'm getting something I heard called the winter blues

    I think my answer is; during summer I like winter and during winter I like summer.

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    I prefer winter way more, but it's not even that cold here where I live in Brazil. :c

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    I've had a complicated relationship with winter. Being Swedish and all, you get quite used to it. As a child I loved it (although I loved summer as much), but in later years I just disliked it. Now I am starting to warm up to Winter again though!

    Is just annoying when it gets over -25 and it starts to stick in your eyes. Summer is when I can take refuge away from civilisation, thanks to the Summer break, and nothing beats drinking a beer as you watch the sunset! :D

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    Living in the Midwest neither really has fantastic weather in either season. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are cold and snowy. The roads are normally messed up in both seasons (road construction in the summer and weather related issues in the winter). Summer is nice because of the longer days, but it also leaves me more sleep deprived. The reverse is true for winter. This is why I have no preference for either one.
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    Summer is better. Although I enjoy the Winter at times it ruins so many good things.

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