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This is a discussion on Are you boring? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I guess it's fair to answer my own questions. I cannot remember a time when people called me boring but ...

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    I guess it's fair to answer my own questions.

    I cannot remember a time when people called me boring but I don't think I've been described by others in a particular way anyway.

    I feel boring. I am unexperienced (which is not a synonym but clearly a factor). I also feel I lack passion. I feel pretty ordinary or average, even conventional. I'm also stuck in my comfort zone. Of course I want to feel exciting, fascinating, interesting, different, complex and eccentric. When I complain about it with friends, they of course tell me I'm not. Complaining is useless, I have the power to spice up my life. I guess having low self-esteem and depression are good explanations. It feels unnatural, because it's just a reaction, when I say my curiosity is endless, that I'm vividly imaginative, that my mind is fascinating or some other thing like that. I guess I have a tendency to sell me short. Now, while posting this, I'm not brooding about it but it comes and goes. There are moments when I really feel worthless.

    My type is in my signature. My Jungian type (specially N vs S) is a mistery and, to be honest, partly because of this issue. I know it has nothing to do but I tend to idealize things too much that I'm unable to relate to them and I am so aware of this fixation that I also don't want to deduce anything from it and use it as a cheap trick to deceive myself, letting me pretend to be what, genuinely but pathetically, I don't know if I'm objectively not (I don't know if I don't know for the same reasons). I feel like I'm barely making sense.

    Thanks for the answers so far.
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    Spontaneity is key, friends. If you have any ideas, put it to action. Say it or do it. Boringness gone. Besides the life-threatening actions, anything is fair game. Do some pranks, make horrible jokes, etc.

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    Very boring.
    See sig for rest of your inquiries.
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    Opposite of boring, thank you ENFP 7w8. I could probably do with being a little more laid back but meh :p I still have a pretty huge group of friends, it's awesome =)
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    I am not boring to myself... And that is really all that matters...
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    I think I am kind of a boring person, yes.

    I spend 90% of my time on the computer, which keeps me entertained, but I'll imagine what it would be like to read a book where I was the main character, and it sounds painfully bland. It's not like my internal monologues are very interesting either. They are pretty whiny and repetitive. While my daydreams... Well, depending on the person, they might seem disturbing or they might seem tame or silly (but I guess I wouldn't mind reading a book about those).

    No depression, though.

    -Some SFJ 6w7 probably.
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    It depends on the kind of person you are. I can be either real boring or amazingly fun just by acting one way :P
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    Not even close. I can be pretty weird, so it keeps people on their toes.


    I have not struggled with depression, but I have felt feelings of hopelessness and just wanted to be done with my life. Not in a sense that I wanted to kill myself, but that I just wanted to jump forward several years when none of my current problems mattered.

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    I definitely find a lot of things to do and try not to be boring. Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere with not much to do, I feel bored all the time. I notice most people around here are way more boring than I am. I still for boring because I'm not able to be out and about all the time.
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    Yes I think I'm boring. Because I'm simple. But I do say things that make me sound stupid (after I say them) and that can be entertaining.
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