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This is a discussion on Are you boring? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; No, I don't think so. My friends find me weird and funny. I'm not too sure if that's a good ...

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    No, I don't think so. My friends find me weird and funny. I'm not too sure if that's a good thing though...
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    Yes and no. Is the glass half empty or half full? To me it's obviously both.

    Who's definition of boring? Mine classifies Adrenaline Junkies, Vapid Gossip Hounds, and Arrogant Intellectuals as extremely boring, and I would probably be classified as boring in theirs. People are generally boring to some folks and interesting to others. A comatose person would be interesting to a researcher.

    I can be very entertaining to some people; I've had some people laughing so hard that they had difficulty breathing. Other people just stare at me blankly when I say something I consider funny.

    Whether you're boring is an evaluation made by other people; its subjective and therefor as variable as people.

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    Only insofar as not fitting light carefree conversation styles and not feeling it necessary to indulge in alcohol or substances on a weekly basis, by those standards I have been called boring for preferring tea, more personal socialising and more alone time to collect my thoughts. Then again fun time-party time socialising has never really been my thing (peer pressure and limited socialising options being what they were I spent about 5 years sporadically drinking to 'socialise' often getting bored or being exhausted without closer friendships past 'the weekend')...typically never being seen as dull in more 1-1 conversations.

    For quite a while I did struggle with anxiety and low moods on typical nights where partying was almost expected, getting the sense that being teetotal (by choice) meant virtually no excitement or socialising as was often the case.
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    I understand your points here and I agree. It's subjective but also relative. It doesn't matter if I am found to be interesting by others, even those that I find interesting. Yes, it validates temporarily, but if there's insecurity in that aspect, then it's ultimately useless. I am saying this partly because I was obscurely looking for a temporary validation, not that I was looking for the validation from anyone else here but because I was trying to refresh my perspective on this situation, because as I said, my self-perception is relative and biased by my own low self-esteem. Thanks for the answers. I was brooding when I started the thread. Now I feel more serene.

    Post-edit note: I relate to the experiences the poster above wrote about, about going out and drinking.

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    Do you consider yourself to be boring*?
    Yes, I do. I'm not funny or spontaneous, you can't talk about politics with me (I hate it), I don't follow gossip, watch many popular TV programmes (and, if I do, I usually start doing it when they're finishing or I miss episodes), I don't often get super excited about things [and, if I do, I don't completely show it (see enneagram)], I think I'm kinda scared of showing my few deep thoughts and my silly little details to people due to possible embarrassment or something like that (and I think this is due to my time at school... long story short: Everytime someone laughs because of something I've said or done that even I think is a bit funny, I always think they're laughing at me and not with me), it can take quite time to get to know me a bit (see MBTI type), I don't do drugs, I don't drink alcohol, etc.

    For how long have you felt that way? Do you consider it to be an issue or are you fixated on it?
    I'm not sure... Maybe always? What I do remember is that it worried me as a kid. I was worried I wasn't gonna get lots of friends or that people thought something negative about me. Growing up, I've learned that that fear was sowed by my mother and that I shouldn't really give a s**t about what people think about me. I've learned that the only person whose opinion about me is one I should pay attention to, is mine. To anyone else: What you see is what you'll get. If you take it, great! Thank you. :) If you don't, great! Just turn around and don't mess with me.

    Please state, if you know, your Jungian type (whichever: MBTI, socionics, functional code...), enneatype (tritype appreciated), instinctual variant and if you struggle(d) with depression.
    Si>Ti>Se>Te>Fi>Fe>Ni>Ne (very developed, moderate, low).
    1w9 sp/sx/so.
    No, I haven't struggled with depression.

    *boring, not bored, even if there's a relationship between both

    P.S.: I wanna make noticed that I only think I'm plain boring for people. Not for me. :)
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    I do think I'm boring! I'm struggling with that a lot lately, actually. This whole past year, my life has looked completely different than it did in previous years - from a social standpoint. And I feel BORING, lacking in direction and lacking in a strong sense of self. I broke up with my partner of five years, and had always been in relationships before that, so this is the longest I've been single. Mostly by choice but... Trying out the dating scene again has been frustrating, and I've been spending a lot of time wondering what is wrong with me, why I'm not good enough, how I could be better and less BORING...

    And I've been trying to expand my social circle in general - get out more, try new things, make new friends. But I've come to realize how guarded and confused I am, a lot of the time. I don't always know what to talk about and I don't have a lot of exciting interests. I haven't made many impressive accomplishments. I don't even know who I really am nowadays, which is also boring. Boring boring boring.

    INFP 4w5 9w1 5w4 sp/sx and I've struggled with depression pretty much my entire life, yeah.
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    Hell no. Just. Absolutely not.

    I'd rather die.
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    I may say, and that, I hope, without fear of contradiction or naysaying, that I do not consider myself an individual to whom, of the widest choice of all possible epithets, the term or designation "boring" may conceivably apply. Indeed, the word "boring", when used in conjunction or connection with the individual I refer to in the first person singular - that is, "I" - is erroneous.

    I hold a very interesting and responsible position in a major corporation, as a business analyst and systems architect, although I am intending to diversify into contract administration and procurement specialisation, with a view to becoming a project scheduler, and, ultimately, a branch manager.

    I have, as it were, a reputation for being an eloquent and amusing speaker, or orator, who is never at a loss for words, but is always ready to impart, to strangers and friends and acquaintances alike, data which I refer to as 'interesting facts', on such topics of great interest and outstanding import as railway trains (with particular reference to the development of the steam engine, the diffusion of rail technology, the privatisation of British Rail, and the availability of down trains on a Sunday evening), meteorological conditions, birdwatching (not watching young ladies in various states of deshabille, ha ha - but rather, ornithology, or, as I am accustomed to call it in my more jocular moods, "twitching"), and four day test cricket matches and the l.b.w. rule.

    My hobbies are equally of great fascination, and I have often approached schools, scouts and community halls on my readiness and willingness to lecture to them, on them, without the need to accept even the modicum of a gratuity: philately, numismatics, lichen of the Antarctic and their evolution since the Palaeozoic, and interesting features of tax reform policy (with slides).
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    I think that I'm the most boring person in the world if I'm trying to be politically correct...

    I also think that I'm the least boring person in the world if I feel like it is safe to be myself...
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    Yes I am boring. But I do not care about that...
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