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This is a discussion on Are you boring? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Not really. I'm too weird to be boring, and most people who meet me seem to find me amusing. So ...

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    Not really. I'm too weird to be boring, and most people who meet me seem to find me amusing. So I wouldn't call myself boring, per say... xDD
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    Yup I'm boring. I'm not trying to entertain anyone so why should I give a shit?

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    I consider myself socially boring.

    Ever since I was younger, I don't have any talent whatsoever when it comes to interacting with people and maintaining a casual conversation, especially in groups. I usually let other people do the talking or initiate the conversation. Now, I can say that maybe I have gained a little bit of confidence, but I still cannot maintain a conversation unless the person I am talking to and I have something in common, like an interest, ideals, or hobby. When meeting people for the first time, I usually avoid spending a lot of time with said people, because I am often worried that they would discover that I am not 'interesting' to talk to. When acquaintances invite me out, I immediately make up and excuse just to say no, because, in my own honest opinion, when it comes to hanging out with other people, I am boring. You'd get nothing from me. It's like going out with a wall - if that's even possible.

    Nowadays, when trying to make friends with other people, I usually plan everything in my head--plan all the topics we would be talking about to keep the conversation going--because if I don't, everything will turn into failure.

    I am the total opposite when it comes to my "soul mates" though. With them, I don't stop talking. It's probably because we have so much in common.

    Socially, I am boring, but I don't think there is a person in the world who is boring in character depth. :)
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    I could almost have written that^ myself. :O
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    I don't know O.o I never thought about this. I am very cold and quite between people. So does that make me boring? O.o
    Hmm I don't consider myself boring, or am I ? O.o Gaaaah i don't know >.>
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    I'm almost always the clown of the group because i'm weird as fuck and people get amused by that. I've never been told that i'm boring so i guess i'm not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by absyrd View Post
    I am not an ISTP.

    So no.
    LOL, FOH.

    My life isn't particularly exciting. It has its moments, though. Lately, I've just been busy more than anything else.

    - ISTP

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    I would like to think I'm not boring xD In all seriousness, I live with the notion that I'm a pretty funny gal. I'm fun when I try to be; I get exhausted rather easily from social interaction so that's when I turn off my talking switch and retreat back into the comfort zone within my head.
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    (I'm an ambiverted ENFP who switches between ENFP and INFP a lot (but is definitely more ENFP). Tritype is 471, but I probably seem more like a 741 in public.)

    No, if there's one thing I'm not, it's boring. This is going to make me sound awfully conceited and self-centered or like I have an over-inflated ego...but I honestly feel like I have this sort of strange "energy" in everything I do that makes me interesting. Sometimes I even feel like that the charge that comes with that energy is almost palpable, haha. It's definitely not always positive, but when it is, there's something there that makes people want to match my mood.

    And while I may seem boring on this forum (and I totally accept that), this really isn't a true representation of my character lolol. Usually, when I'm in a good mood which is basically any time I'm around people, I'm crazy and I say crazy stupid shit and I add to it with my weirdo quirks and it's hilarious. Like, I don't know how, but I seriously know how to get a group of people distracted, off-topic, random, loud, and entertained. My teacher yelled at me yesterday for it, actually and I quote said, "STOP BEING WEIRD!!" to me which just made people laugh harder. Hahaha, yeeeah.

    I've definitely been depressed. Like, I had extremely severe depression for a couple years in middle school and have had some form of depression ever since I in elementary school (and was visibly so in 4th and 5th grade). But even when that happens, I wouldn't say I'm boring. I think the fact that I feel emotions so intensely and have always been way ahead of my peers in emotional development that that at least is interesting. I have such high ideals, a drive for life, and a sense of purpose/meaning even when I'm disenchanted with life and struggling with those things that I think inspires people or at least makes people feel some sort of strong emotion (positive or negative). And thus, I'm just rarely ever boring. I'm too spontaneous and too strange/unique.

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