Do you think a name impacts your personality?

Do you think a name impacts your personality?

View Poll Results: Do you believe that name impacts personality?

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  • Yes! The description is accurate!

    3 13.04%
  • No, but the description is accurate!

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  • Yes, but the description is inaccurate.

    2 8.70%
  • No, and the description is inaccurate.

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This is a discussion on Do you think a name impacts your personality? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Well, do you believe your name impacts your personality? Just as an additional interest, copy and paste/type this link: ...

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    Do you think a name impacts your personality?

    Well, do you believe your name impacts your personality? Just as an additional interest, copy and paste/type this link: or female)/(your first name).htm, while specifying what is inside the parenthesis and then removing the spacing and parenthesis.

    For me, my name is extremely accurate... not that I really believe in the theory. How accurate is it for you?
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    Your name contributes sensitive, creative, and idealistic qualities to your nature that could be expressed in a variety of literary or artistic fields.

    You desire harmony and refinement in your environment and in all your personal associations.

    Although mentally quick and intuitive in recognizing the thoughts and feelings of others, you experience a lack of fluency in verbal expression in responding.

    Although the name creates the urge to understand others, we stress that it limits self-expression and self-confidence causing moods.

    This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid systems, heart, lungs and bronchial area.

    I think it's very accurate but I don’t believe in the theory.

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    I haven't looked at the link there, but I recall reading about my name some name-personality-fortunetelling-whatever book at one point and thinking that it was only somewhat accurate.

    Personally I've noticed that some people just seem to really fit their names while others don't seem to match their name well, and two people with the same name can be very different personality wise. I do, however, suspect that how people perceive certain names affects how they interact with people who have that name meaning that your experience of life is influenced by your name which will have an impact on your development, though I don't believe the name itself makes you have a certain personality type.
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    Strangely accurate..

    Your name gives you the ability to understand people and to merge conflicting viewpoints to create harmony in association.
    You dislike facing issues or witnessing hurt feelings.

    You make friends easily but must guard against becoming involved in the affairs of others or being too easily led.

    You could do well working with the public giving advice, where you can use your skills in diplomacy in handling people, but where you are not under pressure or required to carry responsibility and make decisions.

    You find it difficult to make snap decisions and to occupy a leadership position as you lack self-confidence.

    You dislike heavy manual work; as well, you are inclined to put plans off until forced to take action.

    You find it difficult to be systematic in business and you dislike budgeting.

    Without the encouragement of others, you lack the energy, confidence, or initiative required to bring an idea to fruition.

    This name creates weaknesses in the fluids of the body, kidneys, or glandular system.

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    HAHA. I tried for "Alex", but stopped reading after "decisive" and "good business sense".

    Took a shot with "Alexandria"... now that's a hoot.

    -Your name of Alexandria makes you a capable leader and organizer.

    • You desire the best and want to be successful and financially prosperous and are willing to give practical help where it is deserved.
    • You are ambitious and practical and often look at things for their financial viability


    Too bad this ain't real.

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    You are raised by your parents, your parents choose your name.
    Often our names are influenced by our culture.
    You may receive different treatment due to stereotypes or culture clash- for example, if you have a name uncommon to the community you live in (or a name that is difficult to pronounce), it could cause insecurity, dissociation from your peers, or even pride.

    I believe this is the extent of the impact our names have on us.

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    • Your name of _________ has given you a generous nature.
    • You will do your utmost to help others in need, despite inconvenience or even hardship to yourself.
    • You are affectionate, and respond quickly to appreciation.
    • As a child you were expressive.
    • An imaginative, impressionable person, you could excel in the theatre as a dramatist or comedienne, and the enjoyment and appreciation of your audience would be your greatest inspiration.
    • Fine as your nature is at times the power of your feelings is difficult to control as it unleashes itself through outbursts of temper.
    • The name does not engender emotional stability; nor have you the system and order in your thinking always to finish what you start.
    • Scattering of efforts interferes with success in your undertakings.
    • Sensitivity in your nervous system could cause you to suffer either through goitre, or nervous conditions, or to experience hysteria or mental repression.

    Just about all of this is wrong. And I don't buy into the theory. I was named after my dad first of all and it doesn't describe him either, even though he's got a personality opposite to mine in many ways.

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    lt's strangely-partially accurate. l'm guessing because it's not a very feminine name.

    Below is a brief analysis of the first name only. For an analysis of your full name and destiny, see our full free Name and Birth Date Report service for further details.

    As______ you have a great love of nature and the out-of-doors.

    All the finer things of life and beauties of nature are an inspiration to you and you are attracted to the mysteries of nature.

    Difficulty in expression results in your being too positive, blunt, and candid in speech and although you are easily offended by others, you do not show it.

    You crave affection and understanding, but rarely find it as others do not understand you and accuse you of being cool and aloof.

    The average person would never realize the true depth of your nature.

    A very individual, independent person, you live within your own thoughts.

    The insecurity you experience from limited verbal expression and social ease results in a jealous possessiveness and suffering through frustration, repressed emotion, and self-consciousness.

    This name would cause tension affecting the eyes, teeth, sinuses, ears or throat.

    There could also be a sensitivity in the heart, lungs, and respiratory organs, and frequent headaches.

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    LOL- it said I desire to settle down with a family...not true at all- but it also said I tend to worry a lot..and I do that sometimes.

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    Your name can draw your attention to historical figures and that can affect your personality but it's minimal. The descriptions remind me a bit of horoscopes, where it tells you what all humans always feel and always strive for. If I type in a random name and pretend it's mine I can easily go "Yeah, that's me" every time.

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