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Are you bad at hiding your emotions?

View Poll Results: How well can you hide your emotions?

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  • Extrovert and Feeler - Bad at hiding emotions

    2 4.35%
  • Extrovert and Thinker - Good at hiding emotions

    3 6.52%
  • Introvert and Feeler - Bad at hiding emotions

    9 19.57%
  • Introvert and Thinker - Good at hiding emotions

    13 28.26%
  • Extrovert and Feeler - Good at hiding emotions

    1 2.17%
  • Extrovert and Thinker - Bad at hiding emotions

    3 6.52%
  • Introvert and Feeler - Good at hiding emotions

    11 23.91%
  • Introvert and Thinker - Bad at hiding emotions

    4 8.70%
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This is a discussion on Are you bad at hiding your emotions? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; When I want to, You won't see past my mask. Though do I want to hide what I feel? Hell ...

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    When I want to,
    You won't see past my mask.

    Though do I want to hide what I feel?
    Hell no.

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    Only when I'm drunk.

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    Are you asking whether or not we show our emotions? Or are you asking whether or not we're successful at hiding our emotions when we're trying to?

    Because I think for me, in general, if I'm angry or frustrated or stressed then it shows, and if I'm happy or sad or surprised then it doesn't show. I'm not good at showing emotion intentionally, but I'm also not good at hiding emotion intentionally.

    Like when my grandma died, I hid in my room because I didn't know how to look upset at all, and I was worried everyone would think I was a big heartless jerk. It was really awkward. On the other hand, I had to ban myself from playing Angry Birds because I was worried that I'd throw my iPod at a wall and break it. If I lost a round twice in a row, I'd be in Hulk mode. And I always cry if someone on TV is crying, even if it's just a stupid chick flick. I'll always tear up at the end, every time. It's humiliating. But I'm pretty sure my whole family could drop dead at once, and I wouldn't cry. Except that's a lie, because I would cry from the stress of being homeless and jobless and having to plan a bunch of funerals and stuff. But I wouldn't cry because I missed them or was sad or anything. That's like a big fear of mine, that my mom or dad or one of my siblings will die, and then everyone will hate me because I won't cry or look sad. >.<

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    Are you bad at hiding your emotions?

    Quote Originally Posted by 509087 View Post
    Are you bad at hiding your emotions, and are you a thinker or a feeler?

    I know feelers that hide their negative emotions for the sake of the others around them, and thinkers who, when angered, seem to increase the air pressure and temperature just with their presence, spreading around their sour mood (don't know how to explain that in any other way). In contrast, I also know feelers who are overly emotional (I'm talking rollercoaster emotional) and thinkers whose emotions don't seem to fluctuate (at least on the surface), no matter the situation.

    Also thinking that this might have to do with Extroversion and Introversion, so I'll include that.
    I'm quite good at hiding my emotions unless it's argument with my esfj mom then I can get pretty argumentative and demonstrative, tendency to argue with strong Js

    The one emotion that I can't hide is happiness or if I find something funny - it's hard for me to try not to laugh

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    Fe here. Can't really hide my emotions

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    I don't actively try to hide my emotions because I honestly don't care.

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    If I'm upset it's going to show in some way otherwise I'm generally hard to read.

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    I'm bad at hiding positive emotions. If I'm happy you will know.

    But I'm really good at hiding negative emotions. Its physically impossible for me to cry when people are around? I seriously can't do it. If I was crying in private and someone walked in my tears would physically stop and I would by nature just put on a happy face. I can't be openly unhappy. Not that I don't want too. I physically can not.

    I would also like to say ALOT of people think they are good at hiding emotions when they aren't. Like. Alot of people.
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    I am terrible at hiding my emotions and also about lying about them when I want to, say, be diplomatic.

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