Do you like the smell of coconut?

Do you like the smell of coconut?

View Poll Results: Do you like the smell of coconut?

64. You may not vote on this poll
  • Male, SJ, Yes

    1 1.56%
  • Male, SJ, No

    0 0%
  • Male, SP, Yes

    1 1.56%
  • Male, SP, No

    0 0%
  • Male, NT, Yes

    10 15.63%
  • Male, NT, No

    2 3.13%
  • Male, NF, Yes

    5 7.81%
  • Male, NF, No

    1 1.56%
  • Female, SJ, Yes

    4 6.25%
  • Female, SJ, No

    1 1.56%
  • Female, SP, Yes

    4 6.25%
  • Female, SP, No

    1 1.56%
  • Female, NT, Yes

    7 10.94%
  • Female, NT, No

    3 4.69%
  • Female, NF, Yes

    19 29.69%
  • Female, NF, No

    5 7.81%
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This is a discussion on Do you like the smell of coconut? within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; What's your MBTI type, gender, and do you like the smell of coconut?...

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    Do you like the smell of coconut?

    What's your MBTI type, gender, and do you like the smell of coconut?
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    I like coconuts and I like this poll.

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    Enfp , female , yes

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    ISFP, Female, Meh(so, yes on the poll?).

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    INFJ female and no, I hate it =_=

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    yes I like it, it's not a favorite, but I suppose it's slightly above ambivalence. Although it can be a bit strong sometimes, it is still one i would consider 'mild' because it's not one I'm allergic to and doesn't cause headaches like other strong smells can. Sometimes it can be a little too sweet smelling, and sometimes there's sort of a...I don't know how to describe it.... dry-throat-scratchy quality to it which slightly reminds me of popcorn smell, but a lot of times it's pleasant enough.

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    Interesting, hopefully more people will vote, there's only 11 so far.

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    Yes, I like it, as an NF male. However, the taste of it can be a bit much for me. Kinda repulsive when I drink it as coconut water or milk.

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    It's a smell that's fruity and milky at the same time! (yes) -ISFP female

    So far in the poll all responders seem to like coconut, but the female NFs, who are engaged in a coconut war

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