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Favorite Drinks

View Poll Results: What is your favorite drink?

74. You may not vote on this poll
  • Water

    20 27.03%
  • Club soda

    1 1.35%
  • Milk

    3 4.05%
  • Tea

    13 17.57%
  • Coffee

    13 17.57%
  • Cola

    9 12.16%
  • Clear sodapop

    2 2.70%
  • Beer

    5 6.76%
  • Wine

    2 2.70%
  • Vodka

    0 0%
  • Rum

    2 2.70%
  • Gin

    0 0%
  • Whisky

    1 1.35%
  • Scotch whiskey

    1 1.35%
  • Tequila

    1 1.35%
  • Mescal

    1 1.35%
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This is a discussion on Favorite Drinks within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; You really should've made this poll multiple choice, it's difficult to vote for just one, especially when there are both ...

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    You really should've made this poll multiple choice, it's difficult to vote for just one, especially when there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on the list.
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    Coffee, milk, gin, scotch, beer. In no order.

  3. #13

    *With nose in the air*

    There's no option for champagne or cognac? Unimpressed.
    If I could only choose one on that list, it would be water first, coffee second.

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    Surprised to see the lack of beer love. I bet @tanstaafl28 hasn't voted on this post yet.

    Tea, water, beer, whiskey are all among my favorites.

    Also what on earth is this "clear sodapop"? Seltzer water?
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    I've grown to like water more than anything else over the years, whether it be plain or flavored. I'll have soda every once in a while, as well as an alcoholic beverage. Nothing is more refreshing than an nice, cold glass of non-fluoridated water. Gives me the boost of energy I need, with no nasty crash and/or aftereffects like you'd get with a caffeinated beverage.

  7. #16

    In terms of hot drinks, I like Earl Grey tea.

    I've stopped regularly drinking cola and for the past few months I've been drinking lemon water (just juice of third of a lemon, tap water and ice) and ice cold water.

  8. #17

    Unequivocally tea

  9. #18

    Lemonade!!!!!!!!!! Not on the list??? Wtfffff

  10. #19

    Fuck lemonade. First glass tastes well, but later - you feel acid, and the taste is really meh.

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    Water is my favourite. Then I like a good pure fruit juice. Gets the blood sugar levels up and tastes nice. I probably drink too much juice it's a bit of an addiction cos I love fruit. I like ones that are a bit tangy like cloudy apple etc. and I also like green tea and iced tea.

    I don't like alcohol. It tastes like poison (which it is).

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