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Favorite meats

View Poll Results: What is your favorite meat dish?

73. You may not vote on this poll
  • None at all ever

    9 12.33%
  • Canned tuna

    1 1.37%
  • Seafood (other than fish)

    5 6.85%
  • Tilapia (or other fresh water white fish)

    2 2.74%
  • Lake bass

    0 0%
  • Trout

    0 0%
  • Cod

    1 1.37%
  • Salmon

    6 8.22%
  • Chicken

    19 26.03%
  • Duck

    2 2.74%
  • Goose

    0 0%
  • Turkey

    1 1.37%
  • Veal

    0 0%
  • Lamb

    4 5.48%
  • Mutton

    0 0%
  • Goat

    0 0%
  • Hamburger

    7 9.59%
  • Beef steak

    16 21.92%
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This is a discussion on Favorite meats within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Just had swordfish steak. $49...

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    Just had swordfish steak.

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  2. #92

    Smoked salmon

  3. #93

    So hard to pick just one.

    I like lamb and that's what I voted for.

    But fish like salmon and tilapia are up there along with all seafood.
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    I like lamb most by itself, which is what I believe you are referencing. Its saltiness and juiciness cannot be beat when it's done well.

    But when it is paired with other things, I really adore a nice Ribeye with a Bleu Cheese butter and Garlic Mash on the side. Lamb chop can be replaced, but it could use some decent seasonings to assure that you are not getting two completely salty dishes.

    I dont get much decent seafood so I cant really have a decent opinion on it. Have not tried duck; goose; a lot of the fish besides cod, salmon, and a couple others; or goat.

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    I chose chicken! I love it in lotsa different ways! grilled/BBQ/roasted, chicken burger, in salad, panini/sandwich, hot wings, teriyaki, with stuffings, zinger, strips, fried, crispy/kentucky style, etc!
    I just don't like it in stew! I generally don't like stews!

    I LOVE CHICKEN!!! I love poultry in general. I don't mind turkey, duck, goose, etc, but chicken is more common!

    I also like seafood! All types, even the strangest ones! Calamari and oysters are my favorites!

    Red meat would be my least favorite! I just don't like it's taste/smell when cooked! & it's not really safe to eat raw meat!
    but if I had to choose I would pick Lamb! Beef is my least favorite!

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    Bacon and sausage left out, meat poll fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland Khan View Post
    Bacon and sausage left out, meat poll fail.
    I totally agree with you! I love chicken alot, but bacon and sausage are the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by itselly View Post
    I totally agree with you! I love chicken alot, but bacon and sausage are the best!
    There's nothing better than well done placenta.

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