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Your life path number (numerology)

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    14 9.66%
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    4 2.76%
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This is a discussion on Your life path number (numerology) within the Member Polls forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; 11, although I don't believe in numerology....

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    11, although I don't believe in numerology.

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    The Healer

    You know youíre different, you donít need other people to tell you that. As a Life Path 11, life is filled with mysterious connections and experiences that just seem to "Pop Up". Youíre more intuitive, or sensitive, than other people you know.

    You are here to help people heal in some capacity, and you may already be in a classical healing profession, but you may also help people through your art, words, or other creative outlets. You may find it deeply gratifying to tap into your spiritual side and allow your essence or gifts to be fully realized or expanded upon.

    You may have found that your life sways from one intense situation to another. Although this can be draining at times, know that it provides you with a greater depth of experiences so you can grow faster. You are considered the "Wounded Healer", someone who helps themselves by helping others.

    Some of the careers that are best suited for Life Path 11ís all include positions where they are listening and working to improve a personís life. For example: Minister, Psychologist, Teacher and Charity Worker.

    Some of your fellow Life Path 11ís include: Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Prince William, David Beckham, Ronald Reagan, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Harry Houdini.

    A word of caution: Be mindful not to allow your search for spiritual enlightenment overcome your life and close relationships. There have been many who feel they must go on an arduous journey of self-discovery only to realize that they didnít need the journeyís harsh lessons in order to find what they were looking for. This self-imposed scenario could inadvertently lead to broken or damaged relationships with the friends and family members who could have been helpful or rewarding in the Life Path 11ís pursuit of enlightenment.

    *Note: Most Life Path 11ís will also have some characteristics of a Life Path 2.

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    I'm a 4 and I think the description about me is pretty spot on. I never really delved much into astrology or horoscopes but I definitely believe in numerology as I believe there is a lot more to numbers than just tedious math.

    Apparently 4's are supposed to be very stable and patient and I think this describes me well. Although the description I read also said that we have trouble with creativity and I'm not so sure I agree fully with that one as I myself am a bit of an artist (though maybe I'm not that great at it lol).

    "As a 4 you are logical and well organized. Furthermore, you are the poster child of a stable person who always has a plan. Secondly, you are a hard worker and can always reason and efficiently work your way through most problems. In addition, 4 has always had a solid and robust shape which reflects the characteristics previously described."

    I really enjoyed the first part of what that site said as I am a hard worker and like to work through my own problems. I guess others may at times look at myself as having a little too much pride as I don't like getting help from others. But I do like being independent. Either way I know a lot of folks don't believe in numerology so maybe we shouldn't look too much into it.

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    WOW I actually found something that gave me even more random results than astrology.

    SMH all the zodiac and the other ultra instinct people boxing ( ... ehm not sure how i should call them... hobbies? researches? definitely not sciences or pseudosciences anyway..) descriptions never fit me even though at least one of those theories are statistically bound to fit most people by luck even in the most generic way.
    Im hated by the stars and the universe it seems
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    9, apparently.

    I don't know what that means and I don't really feel like reading descriptions right now.

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    Path 8, hope it's real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JVal View Post
    9, apparently.

    I don't know what that means and I don't really feel like reading descriptions right now.
    Hey, our types our very similar except for enneagram.
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    The Life Path 5 loves to have variety in life. Anything new is exciting. Whether it is traveling to a place you've never been, or meeting new people, you are always looking for that next experience and adventure.

    The war cry of the Life Path 5 is "Freedom!"

    You need to explore what life has to offer, and don't see any need to be rooted to a specific place. You tend to be the life of the party because you will go out of your way to meet everyone in the room.

    For the Life Path 5 a career that requires you to be in a certain place at a certain time everyday will not be the best situation. Instead you should consider a career that provides a unique daily experience. This could be careers from sales, where you interact with various clients, to a nature photographer which requires you to travel and explore the farthest reaches of earth.

    From a scale from 1 to 5, I'm 4/5 the opposite of everything... x.x

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