February 2017 Member Spotlight: Pifanjr and Daleks_Exterminate

February 2017 Member Spotlight: Pifanjr and Daleks_Exterminate

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    February 2017 Member Spotlight: Pifanjr and Daleks_Exterminate

    Hi all!
    In honor of Valentine's Day, we have chosen to interview a couple. @Pifanjr and @daleks_exterminate met on PerC. They are now married. They have a great story to tell, and I will be sharing that story in three segments, with the concluding segment on Valentine's Day.

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    In this first segment, Daleks and Pifanjr tell us about Personality Cafe, including the experience of playing against each other in the Mafia subforum. Here is their story.

    When did you join PerC?
    Daleks- Join date: July 22nd, 2013. (I know, I just checked ;) )

    Pifanjr- Join date: August 19th,2014.

    What made you interested in the site?
    Pifanjr- A friend of mine randomly told me he knew a site I would probably find interesting. I checked it out and did a bunch of tests to determine my MBTI type, then looked around the site and got hooked.

    Daleks- I had taken a few MBTI tests, and my work tested employees and I was an "INTP" by most tests. I knew I was a bit odd and wanted to interact with others who may be similar, so an easy google search landed me here.

    What keeps you here?
    Pifanjr- The INTP community. I've visited the debate section and some of the other topics of interest subforums, and I've played a bunch of Mafia games, but those alone wouldn't be enough to keep me on the site. It really is the awesome people in the INTP subforum that make me feel like I'm part of a wonderful community.

    Daleks- Treebob offered me free pizza... I'm still waiting on that, actually. No um, I have met some wonderful people and kept extended friendships (hello @Polexia, @mangodelic psycho & @SaintAlia :p). There are others, but they're not getting shoutouts. I really enjoy the intp forum. It's where I initially hung out, and I really enjoy the people there, as well as the entp subforum. Mafia games, as well, can be really enjoyable. Mostly, there is a bit of everything. I can read about various subjects that I otherwise may not have been exposed to and I always love to learn.

    What are your personality types?
    Daleks- ENTP, 731 Sx/So, socionics seems to think I'm an ILE

    Pifanjr- INTP, 5w6 9w1 2w1 Sx/So (I think. 5 and 9 were pretty close together and I haven't looked into the wings in detail and I haven't looked into the instinctual variants that much either).

    Do you find your type description fits you?
    Daleks- many tests think I'm an intp. This may be because they come into my room and find me playing video games, wearing clothes from a few days ago and hissing at them if they get too close... I'm not sure. I go back and forth on the ENTP/INTP thing. But ENTP seems to fit better especially with the NE-TI-FE-SI order.

    Pifanjr- Of course not perfectly, but it fits so much better than any other.

    If you had to choose your favorite forum on PerC, which would it be?
    Daleks- Intp, Entp, and mafia. I can have three, right?

    Pifanjr- INTP hands down.

    What do you like most about Personality Café?
    Pifanjr- I like the way people treat each other most of the time (at least in the parts I visit). As an ex-moderator, I've seen how the moderating works behind the scenes, and I think the moderators are doing an amazing job, especially since they're all volunteers. As I've said before, I also just like the sense of community, and I like how the different subforums each have their own community.

    Daleks- I like reading interesting topics, reading about different world views, and having my ideas challenged. I also really enjoy the community here.

    What do you dislike most about Personality Café?
    Daleks- haha Fi users. Not meaning that it's inherently bad to use Fi, but Fi is something I really don't understand. When it reacts, I don't get it. I want to know why it reacted like that and proceed to push further than I should. This leads to misunderstandings and people getting angry. Te is fine, on the other hand.

    Pifanjr- There are a bunch of glitches and bugs in the forum software, but I've luckily been able to avoid most of those. Losing a long post isn't very fun, but I've gotten used to copying my posts before doing anything that might jeopardize them.
    Other than that, I get annoyed sometimes when there's a stupid argument going on that's either about something inconsequential or is based on a mutual misunderstanding. But that, luckily, doesn't happen too often either (at least not in the subforums I frequent).

    When did you start playing PerC Mafia and why did you start playing?
    Pifanjr- I started at January 22nd, 2015, when I joined the PerC House Mafia II game, which was an insane game, even for people who didn't just start. I had some experience with werewolves, both IRL and online, but it was still a slightly overwhelming experience. It was Daleks and @Polexia who told me about the existence of Mafia and made me excited to play.

    Daleks- June 16, 2014. Day of the Doctor game, I like solving riddles and it seemed appropriate with my user name. I was made a Dalek, which was also glorious.

    What is it like to play a mafia game with your spouse as an opponent?
    Daleks- It's kind of funnily strange. Like he's sneaking around on his phone, but it's just because he can't risk me seeing his QT. We kind of make that somewhat stupidly dramatic (in a joking way)

    Pifanjr- It's a slight challenge to not let real life affect how you treat each other in the game, or let yourself be influenced by knowing that the other was looking at the game but not posting or something like that, but, otherwise, it's not that different from playing against anyone else.

    Could you describe some of your more memorable Mafia moments?
    Pifanjr- My most memorable Mafia moment was when I was the last member of Mafia still alive, together with @braided pain, I think, and someone else (I don't remember who), who were both town, and I managed to talk one of them into helping me lynch the other, thereby winning the game.
    I also don't think I'll ever get over @Tzara winning the World War game because I and most others in the game forgot about a game mechanic that would allow you to win.

    Daleks- When I started playing, I didn't really know what was going on or how to play for the longest time. I was buddies in multiple games with an experienced player, also an entp, (@bellisaurius) who just kind of told me it took him ten games to really understand what was happening and to just mess around, try things, see what works and what doesn't, etc. At the time, I was pretty annoyed by that advice, but now I completely understand where he was coming from.
    OMG, the World War game was so insane. I was in an alliance with Poxy and @Lizabeth, and we were all suspicious of each other, decided to align with @Tzara and I KNEW he'd back stab us. (reading the QT afterwards, I was like one of the only people he didn't think about backstabbing. ) but Liz and I were extremely suspicious of each other. then Tzara won because of forcing a diplomatic victory. That game was amazing, though.
    Being lovers with @braided pain and then her changing to mafia mid game and killing me was so annoying at the time, but it was a pretty great mechanic.
    I enjoy games that @Moonious and @Garden Gnome are teamed. It's really funny. It would be cool to join them sometime.
    I'm running a game coming up and I'm sure that will top this list.

    What would you tell PerC members to encourage them to try to play Mafia?
    Daleks- That it's fun and they should just jump right in. It's probably best to play a newbie game and kind of learn with a veteran buddy somewhat helping you in that setup and not do what I did. The community is really great. The game overall is really fun, and addictive. If you're bored on PerC, you should absolutely try a game.

    Pifanjr- It really depends on the person. There are many different aspects to Mafia and different ways to play. Regardless, the community is really awesome, and the game itself is always amazing, so I would just advise everyone to at least try it out once, and preferably a few times to really get the hang of it.

    Tomorrow: Part two: Getting to know you. All about Daleks and Pifanjr.

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    Congrats! Cute picture and good interview, yay! :-)

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    Congratulations and cute picture. Looking forward to next parts on interview.

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    ​Is it tomorrow yet?

    How bout now?

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    That's cute. Congratz

    And I being so withdrawn, I barely have made any connections here lol, and others are getting married

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    Aw, you two are so darn cute. I think you've really been good for each other, too. <3

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    Congrats to one of my favorite PerC couples. Pure champ status. 100000/10 would live in a box with you. <3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Hombre View Post
    Congrats to one of my favorite PerC couples. Pure champ status. 100000/10 would live in a box with you. <3.
    This is like the sweetest comment so far <3


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