Chesire Tower's Nine Lives.

Chesire Tower's Nine Lives.

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    Chesire Tower's Nine Lives.

    Today, on one of my most favorite of holidays, @Memory of Talon and I am honored to introduce the Personality Café Top Cat. This is Chesire Tower, and the three of us talk about all things... cat. Please... meow... I mean, welcome Chesire Tower.
    note: This interview was a joint effort of @Memory of Talon and @Garden Gnome .

    Catnip or catnap: which do you prefer?

    Catnap, definitely and of course, catnip, the rest of the time.

    Meow meow meow meow?

    Who said that?


    No, I will not meet you in a strange out of the way motel room and call myself Mrs. Talon.

    Did someone redirect me? I don’t remember either Memory of Talon nor I suggesting that! On to the next question: Do you think a cat should be able to run for president?

    Sure, I have better fur than the sitting one.

    What is your take on the book "Of Mice and Men?"

    Mice and men? I eat one and get waited on hand and foot by the other. RIP the doormouse.

    Do you have a favourite fictional cat?

    Well duh, Chesire cat is my fave but I also have a soft spot for Grumpy cat. I just have a thing for living furballs, I guess.

    Chesire would win in any battle that requires wit and cunning, and Grumpy would kick Chesire's ass in Shadenfraude. In short; Chesire is magical and can accomplish great things, and Grumpy owns the rest of the planet by merely existing.

    I think Chesire eats the borogroves while Grumpy finishes off Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

    So, I kind of relate to Schroedinger's' cat because I see life as essentially absurd - both a figment of our collective imaginations and what actually exists in reality - kind of like the tree falling in the forest idea.

    So, Grumpy cat is detached from everything around him (although the real inspiration for GC is really a she).
    and Chesire kind of transcends reality and turns it on its head.

    As far as I'm concerned; all of you are merely phantomasmagorical (I will have to look up that word tomorrow) in an ongoing mundane richly dark and surrealistic nightmare that exists to entertain, annoy, inspire and otherwise amuse me.

    Wow. Mega word. What's your most cat-like quality?

    I always manage to land on my feet.

    Are you a crazy cat lady?

    No, I don't currently own any furballs but I'm thinking of adopting one from a shelter in the foreseeable future.

    What is the cat in your avatar applauding?

    The cat in my avatar isn't actually "applauding" anything. It's just Grumpy's way of basically saying; yeah yeah yeah; you're wrong, I'm right; stop annoying me and let's move on already.

    How do you feel about Cats being a superior species to humans?

    Cats get humans to wait on them hand and foot. "Nuff said.

    Give us your opinion on the Dogs vs Cats debate?

    Well, I like dogs too but I think cats have the edge; they just sit there and plan their next move as they bide their time to plan world domination.

    If all dogs go to heaven, where do all cats go?

    All cats become reincarnated as humans - I mean the lazy ones; the smart ones all become memes.

    Meow. I mean, thank you for having this conversation with me. Meow meow meow meow?

    I already told you; lazer pointers don't really cut it with me!

    *Talon rubs CT's tummy. *Fade to black*

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    I hope you get to adopt a cat soon. It doesn't make sense for you to not own a cat. xD

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    I'm not a cat person, but you're alright. Would you like to sign up to cat facts?
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    ;o Look ma! I'm on TV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Memory of Talon View Post
    ;o Look ma! I'm on TV.
    Yes, in fact; according to the "PerC gravevine"; there's a new "movie" in the works. It will be a reworking of Les Miz and you get to play the part of Jean Valjean and your nemesis, Javert; will get to be played by your favourite banned member, ShadowsRunner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Hombre View Post
    I'm not a cat person, but you're alright. Would you like to sign up to cat facts?
    If you're the one handing out the subscribtions; I'll sign up for rare mosquito facts. XD
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    Last edited by Chesire Tower; 04-02-2017 at 06:16 PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakshmi Lovita View Post
    <3 cats

    Last edited by Chesire Tower; 04-02-2017 at 08:18 PM.
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    Tl;dr but congrats on winning the popular kitty contest, you attention seeking whore-ny toad.
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