November 2014 Member of the Month "Wellsy" Interview

November 2014 Member of the Month "Wellsy" Interview

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    November 2014 Member of the Month "Wellsy" Interview

    Hello, everyone out there in PerCland! I hope everyone had a wonderful November! We have a lot to celebrate today as we crown a new MOTM! Our winner this month is a well-liked member of the forum, who has gotten votes now for several months. This month he finally had enough to take the title, and each nomination was filled with kind words of respect, admiration, and praise. So let's have at it! Please congratulate our new Member of the Month:

    What's your real name?
    Tom AKA Thomas AKA Mr T AKA Wellsy Glitter Trout AKA Weppsy

    How old are you?

    22 this year, or so Iím told.

    What country are you situated in?

    ĎStraya Ė Translation - Australia

    Are you single, dating, or married?


    Do you have any kids?

    Not that Iím aware of, Iím 99.99% sure that I donít have any

    How would you describe yourself in one word?


    What is your favorite place to travel to?

    I havenít a clue, I spend a lot of my time indoors XD
    Thereís really no special place but a state of mind, I like going into town and wandering around without having to interact with anyone, it can be nice to go for walks along Geelongís Eastern beach. I think I perhaps lack an active appreciation of the physical world but I think thatíll change as I push myself outside more. The reason I like these places is more that itís a nice opportunity to be lost in my thoughts more so than looking at things though I can certainly drift just looking at textures, shapes and motion of things.

    What is your favorite color?

    eh iíll go with Green

    What is your favorite weather?

    I like it hot, I rather sweat it out and get wet than freeze, which works well for me being in Australia, the sunburnt nation.

    What are your favorite books, movies, tv shows, and video games?

    Oh geez this turns into a massive catalogue often.
    I think there is a bit of defensiveness with me in regards to reading XD Because there is that intellectualism associated with it and the implication that not being well read means youíre uninformed of a lot of the knowledge held within them. To which I often reply that stating that you read doesnít mean youíre well informed since books come in many qualities hahaha.
    Iíve never been a big reader, though the times Iíve found books Iíve liked Iíve been quite enthralled and I certainly enjoyed the stories I read through high school.

    I read things like Catcher in the Rye, Masetro, pop sci book by Michio Kaku called The Physics of the Impossible. Iíve recently purchased Issac Asimovís I, Robot as an excuse to push myself out of the house and have some tea as I read in local cafe, thatís yet to happen though XD. Really though my reading sticks more to my textbooks for psychology with I enjoy and random journal articles when I get curious about a random topic.

    Movies: The Sunset Limited, Minority report, Seven Pounds (Never cried so hard in my life), The Time Machine, The Godfather part 1 and 2, The LOTR trilogy, One Flew over the cuckooís nest, Kiss of the Dragon, Ong Bak, Hitman, Cold Mountain, Apocalypse Now, The Departed, Gladiator, American Gangster, The Book of Eli, The Prestige, American History X, Wall-E, Toy Stories trilogy, Oldboy, Monty Python Meaning of life; life of brian; and the holy grail, fight club, V for Vendetta, Shaun of the Dead.
    Know what iíll stop and just say I like thrillers, scary movies are fun and so are those that are hard to predict the plot of. I have a fun time watching over the top action movies or horror movies, I laugh a lot at dramatic gore.

    TV shows? I donít really watch TV much anymore, have like 3 TVs in our house with pay TV and I canít remember the last time I sat down and turned it on myself though sometimes I watch the news when parents put it on. I suppose I like shows like QI, Black Books, The Gruen Transfer, Grand Designs, Andrew Denton: Enough Rope (Perhaps my favourite interviewer). I was never really good at keeping up with tv shows and their seasons, even now I struggle to watch through them. Iíve had Hannibal Season 2 downloaded for a while now and not bothered to look through it because I like to do those things fast. Stopping and starting things with long breaks in between makes me forget and move on, so when iíve watched some Anime like Samurai Champloo I watch the entire series over a few days non-stop really.

    Video Games: I enjoyed the CoD series when it was WWII based, Elder Scroll series (Morrowind <3), Twisted Metal, Metro 2033/Last Light, Halo Series, Fight Night Round 3, Dragon Age: Origins & 2, Mass Effect Trilogy, I used to be pretty good at guitar hero XD though itís boring now, Fallout 3 & New Vegas.
    Those are more recent games in my memory though Iíve slowed down in my playing, but most of my free time through my life has been spent playing video games and I moved through the different gen consoles and only now coming to a stop with it. When I was 5 we had a SEGA, then got a PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, now theyíre onto another generation and I donít really want either the PS4 nor Xbox one. I never got to enjoy the Nintendo classics that much though which sucks, I donít think Iím that serious of a gamer but I certainly invested a lot of hours into it. Part of me wonders how this reclusiveness impacted my development XD

    What are your favorite foods and beverages?
    I love a cup of English Breakfast tea with 2 sugars and milk, Iíve always drank it since I was young when visiting my Nan. It became routine with my visits to her and has become a bit of a standard with my family especially of late, I very rarely turn down a cuppa. I canít say I have any other beverages in mind that I absolutely love, I drink softdrinks at times but I mostly just stick to water, nothing as refreshing when youíre thirsty.

    As for foods, Iím perhaps one of those unfortunates who is going to end up with bowel cancer if he doesnít change his ways as I have been spoilt by my parents in regards to quality meats. Mum and Dad make a trip of going to the Vic Market in Melbourne to get loads of meat from a butcher there along with other things. There was once a point in time that every Sunday was roast lamb with gravy for dinner. Iím not really sure what meat Iíd consider my favourite though as there are different manners to cook them and many are pretty tasty along with say roast potatoes, or even hassleback potatoes which are just slices through the top and some veggie spice on Ďem. Iíll probably just go with roast lamb with gravy, peas, roast taters, carrot, and pumpkin.

    Also throw in Ferrero Rochers, I lack self control when it comes to them. Soon as I start the countdown is on and Iíll eat the entire box before the days over, itís really bad XD
    I love fruits, going through strawberries, bananas, nectarines, Apples, grapes. They make for really tasty snacks throughout the day.

    What is your favorite animal?
    Ooo Iím not sure, for years it was the Tiger, amazingly strong cats, beautiful fur, solitary and exotic. But there are so many animals with so many amazing abilities, honey badgers are pretty cool by just how bloody tough they are. Killer Whales are amazingly smart and weíre pretty lucky they arenít so keen on killing humans.
    So no favourite really, thereís so many animals and nature has provided amazing things through out that I think make reality sound even stranger than some alien sci fi movie.

    What kind of music do you enjoy?

    I feel like Iím just gonna catalogue again, itís so difficult to express oneís preferences I think. You can of course sum them up with many bands and songs but I couldnít explain to you why such music is so appealing other than I simply enjoy it. I tend to think the music iím into is less energetic, I like it loud in its guitars but I think my mood is often aligned with the style of more psychedelic and stoner rock.

    I suppose I like Johnny Lee Jooker, Son House, Blind William Johnson, R.L. Burnside, Jr Kimbrough, BB king, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Stoned Jesus, Black Keys, Nirvana, RHCP, John Frusciante, Dead Meadow, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Washington Phillips, Jessia Lea Mayfield, Gil Scott Heron, David Bowie, Sam Cooke, The Four Tops, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Dinosaur Jr, Bob Marley, Toots and Maytals, The White Stripes, The Subways, Gnarles Barkley, Cat Stevens, Harry Nilsson, Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins, PowderFinger, Silverchair, Augie March, Ben Harper, Foo Fighters, Bobby McFerrin, Eric Clapton, The Kinks, Dave Van Ronk, Crowded House, The Hunters and Collectors, Johnny Diesel, etc.

    Currently my favourite band is an Australian one called The Drones, I also love the solo work of their front man Gareth Liddiard.

    Do you play or follow any sports?
    Nope, never had much interest in sports though I can certainly appreciate the talent that goes into mastering it. I can have fun with friends during grand final for Australian Rules Football but Iím not particularly invested in any team.

    What are your favorite websites to visit?

    Perc ;)
    Youtube, I waste so much time, a series of comic websites like Amazing super powers, Cyanide and happiness, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Wikipedia, databases like Ebsco through my uni. I really donít explore much of the internet considering how vast it is.

    What is your greatest weakness?

    My lack of pro-activeness/call to action, I donít feel like I actually do much nor put much into tangible results. This of course means a degree of stagnation at times that really bothers me and is often a source of insecurity for my future and how others perceive me.

    What is your greatest strength?

    Well withal that time of doing a whole lot of nothing, I spend a lot of time thinking. I feel like I marinate ideas and make connections between things, I think this gives me a good capacity to understand things not because Iím that much smarter than anyone but rather I spend more time digging through my thoughts and ideas.

    What motivates you?

    My first thought is comfort hahaha I am extremely motivated if someone is to disturb my comfort, especially at home which is a place of security and relaxation. But in a general sense it really kicks me into gear to act and find a solution or remove myself because I canít sit around with such tension and anxiety around unsolved problems impacting my ability to just chill out.

    Though when I think of the times of how people have always asked what do I want to do with my life as if I had any clue what direction to aim it in, the only thing I could think of is I just want to be a good person. This is very general of course and ill defined XD but really aspire to be good in spite of situations that may test me to be less than that. I hold myself to a high standard in this regard, some may consider to high at times. This I believe pushes me to want more, to be more, to improve, to understand myself and others so I can be better, do better. So a desire to be good motivates me.

    What is your philosophy?

    I suppose doubt is always a good one.
    Thinking and knowing are two different things, so ask yourself whether you actually know what you think.

    What are you passionate about?

    Asking questions XD
    I suppose that relates to the whatís your philosophy part, I think learning things is something to be easily passionate about. Asking a lot of questions is a big part of that, I find the most interesting questions for me revolve around people and the things that are hardest to acknowledge. I tend to think of David Foster Wallaceís speech of ĎThis is Waterí as I find that many struggle to question the validity of the dominant culture theyíve internalized.
    This interests me greatly, because itís often the hardest questions to make so you can tease out the assumptions you have that are never challenged and when challenged often make one recoil back in discomfort. Iím passionate about it as I think itís often the biggest source of ignorance and harm on a societal level, people are fed nonsense before theyíre capable of critical thought. I want to find the source of the biggest ignoranceís in myself and others, question what is often left unchallenged and ask why I believe it.

    What kinds of jobs have you had?

    Not many, I did a bit of casual labor and plumbing before I decided that I didnít think Iíd want to make a career out of it. Good work, I loved the theory and enjoyed seeing the results from my work but didnít feel like it was where I was best suited. Not worked much other than that. Currently a parasite to my parents helping my mother a bit since she developed Multiple Sclerosis though sheís settled into her limitations somewhat and I should be getting onto part time work. Fortunately my parents donít hate me for my inactively too much, Iím a pretty cheap person overall and donít really ask for much nor cause much of a fuss.

    What are your pet peeves?

    Nothing frustrates me more than people who are entirely averse to confronting issues and minimize problems because theyíre afraid to understand what is happening for whatever messed up reason. It disgusts me and it doesnít help anything or anyone, itís not even them not caring, rather itís them actively discouraging someone expressing a problem. Itís telling people to shut up, itís invalidating people who are speaking out, itís wanting to pretend nothingís wrong, to punish whistleblowers who do the right thing and help perpetuate problems and injustice. This mentality is so persistent, especially on a larger scale in which people are more concerned with reputation and image rather than what wrong is actually happening.

    Weíve seen this alot on this very site and itís very prevalent across society, people telling other people what they should feel. Someone says I donít like when this is done to me and the response is basically no you should like it. How bloody arrogant of someone to tell another person what they should feel. This is also a call to how important it is to listen to people, because with so many who want to turn away from things to shut people up, itís very important that peopleís concerns and experiences are validated by listening. When so many are telling a person that they are somehow the bad person for speaking out, it means a lot that someone validate them.
    This relates to many problems of injustice, youíll see it in the language of saying people are subscribing to a victim mentality, that thereís nothing wrong on a larger scale and its individuals fault ie victim blaming. Such mentalities do not seek to understand and improve the circumstance of society; they maintain a status quo in its imperfection and cruelty and say that itís impossible to do away with these problems so why bother do anything. Yes, why bother do a bloody thing when your mentality is so weak willed as to give up, because thatís what we need int he world, more people who give up and donít look for solutions, to make things better, who never break boundaries and make the impossible possible.

    To me itís a failure of their imagination and desire for a better world; to me when you give up, you accept the present state of things as tolerable. If you find all that is wrong with the world tolerable then you can sit out of such discussions and keep quiet because youíre of no use, you have stagnated, got sit in the corner with your fingers in your ears because youíre going to be left behind. This has been the nature of most struggles in societies as far as I can see, real problems that are reacted to defensively with no desire to understand, reactionaries, people who donít even understand what they oppose. I struggle to be sympathetic to the wilfully ignorant to not face that discomfort, the massive contradictions within themselves. The world canít afford to endure such ignorance because theyíre too afraid to confront the emotional distress it causes them to acknowledge their own bullshit. They think itís painful to acknowledge these contradictions; well they havenít a bloody clue of how painful it must be for those directly impacted by injustice and to be ignored. This turned ranty XD

    What are your fears?

    Hmm, I suppose I fear failure of certain things, failing myself and others to be good enough, more so failing others. Related to the weakness of a lack of action mentioned above, I sometimes worry that I would neglect someone in a passive manner. That perhaps I would refuse to acknowledge a problem and even if I did acknowledge it that I fail to act on it and change things for the better. I think this is perhaps emphasized more in the context of a romantic relationship; I really donít want to be the shitty partner whose abuse is one of neglect.
    I hear of people who grow resentful of being responsible adults and putting up with a partner who has them left feeling unappreciated for the effort they put in and are more of a lazy child then a partner. I wish to live up to the standards I put for myself and to be able to meet those of those closest to me, itís okay to make mistakes but Iím not sure Iím so forgiving to persistently make the same mistake and not improve.

    Who do you look up to?

    I donít think I look up to individuals as much as take lessons and inspiration from their actions. The world is full of amazing people who perform small and large acts of kindness, who do the right thing to the best of their ability who donít necessarily get any thanks for the good they do. I simply look for the good in any individual and see if I can emulate the parts I think are valuable. Everyone has bits and pieces to take note of, even if their lesson is what not to be.

    Do you have any pets?

    I think we still have goldfish in our pond I guess hahaha
    But not really, had a few dogs over the years but gave our black lab away since he was very energetic and needed someone who could give him the lifestyle he wanted.

    What do you do for fun and relaxation?

    Talking with friends about what ever random topic takes my interest.
    Listen to music or play guitar.
    I liked taking walks though I have an issue with getting myself out of the house as much as I perhaps should. I find it a good opportunity to really tune out reality and just think to myself as I drift to whatever destination. I did this often when I walked home from high school which would take an hour or so since I didnít like how noisy and packed the bus was. I tend to think of movement doing something to thinking, like people who pace when they talk on the phone and stuff, repetitive motions that donít take much thought can put you in an interesting mental state.

    How did you get involved with personality typing?
    Talk about this few questions down but for now just say I didnít like myself and felt lost then took to the internet to get some answers.

    What is your Myers Briggs personality type?


    What is your Enneagram type?


    So what's it like being an INFP and an Enneagram type 9?

    Everything you ever imagine it to be except 10 times better because your imagination sucks. Itís alright, I suppose people finding me comfortable to be around is pretty cool; Iím often surprised by people expressing how accepted they feel. I assume this is type related as Iím not entirely sure other types get this same outcome being themselves, but guess I give off a good non-threatening vibe :)

    Do you think the different personality theories give an accurate description of you?
    I suppose so, I never really dug too deep into the personality theories and I seem to just be really lucky that they fit me really well, canít imagine being mistyped. So I suppose they are pretty accurate, especially since people have mentioned me exemplifying both type 9 and INFP.

    Which personality theory do you prefer, and why?
    I think the Enneagram, I like identify strongly with some of the themes of the INFP descriptions and the functions but I feel better explained by points made with the enneagram. It really gave an interesting framework for me to consider myself within and I think itís done a lot to help me deal with somethings about myself, regardless of whether itís accurate or not and if itís simply belief, it seems to have had a positive effect in my development and self concept.

    Do you use personality typing in the real world?

    Nope, I donít know enough to do so accurately and I donít really care to. I would worry that the MBTI/Enneagram framework would get in the way for me, I get concerned about applying too much theory to reality rather than focusing on the concrete reality first to inform my perspective. This is an issue I relate heavily to stereotyping and the sort, the individual is lost within such frameworks. Thereís nothing that can tell me more about the individual and their idiosyncrasies as much as themselves and our interactions. But thatís probably me just thinking of everyone as an individual and not being as interested in grouping.

    Has personality typing helped you in any way?

    I suppose it did give different perspectives for introspection mostly and this has been primarily what I used it for, to understand myself.

    Do you prefer to associate yourself with certain types, and why?

    Well I remember one member describing me as an XNTJ lover and that made me curious of how they determined that but I sometimes think that I perhaps take great enjoyment in the strengths typically found in those types. They tend to possess qualities that I myself lack; I think primarily relating to actually doing shit as opposed to sitting around thinking XD. But I like individuals, not types really, plenty of interesting people across the board, I think I jive more on the basis of values and joke around.

    How did you initially find your way to PersonalityCafe?

    I finished high school and kind of went into a depressed state for about a year, school was something that took up the time, it provided goals even if I didnít really care for them. Now was time to get moving onto being an adult and deciding what I want to do, directing myself where previously my life has just been to go with the flow and directed for me.
    I had no clue what I wanted to do and the future just looked empty, not one of possibilities but just nothingness and I think this further exaggerated insecurities about my competency and then my worth as a person. It eventually lead me to wondering why I felt out of place within my peer group, my family, I seemed to not share many of the qualities they do and still donít XD. So I got onto googling personality stuff, looking for resources that could help me understand myself. I found a MBTI test and initially got INTP, I then looked into MBTI and found this site.

    What made you join us?

    Drugs probably.
    Iím not really sure, Iíve never joined a forum before this one but I suppose the culture of it was appealing and was something to do.

    Why did you choose "Wellsy" as your username?

    It was bestowed upon me by a Great Khan after I founded several wells and saved the lives of his tribe after a wide spread drought.
    Actually, itís my surname with a Ďyí, just the nickname that seems to follow the family.
    It was so commonly used that when people called me by my first name thereíd be more than a few people wondering who they were talking about since they only knew me by my nickname.

    What is the significance of your current avatar?

    Itís a portrait of John Frusciante, former lead guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just like the look of it, feels classy and I like him as a musician. But iím pretty fickle with my signature and avatars, they donít mean much other than a fleeting like of something.

    How about your signature?
    Wellsy Glitter trout hahaha
    Um, well thereís a thread in spam world about posting only glitter words and that was something I found and posted. I talked to a friend about the thread and they said Wellsy glitter trout for some reason and I loved the sound of it. To me it sounds like an amazing name, itís aesthetically pleasing to me; I got all excited and impulsive about it, wanted to share it on a larger scale. It really makes no sense to me why, like a lot of spam world things, its only inspiration was just Ďcause I felt like it. I think the amusement lies in how ridiculous its existence is that makes me wonder who made it and why, especially why the hell they put the words randy below it XD The internet is a strange and wonderful place.

    If you had to choose your favorite forum on PerC, which would it be?

    Spam World without a doubt, it fulfills something Iíve always wanted. Itís the perfect space to do whatever without having to explain why Iím writing nonsense. I really enjoy the culture of it that is defined by its frequent posters; I donít think Iíd like it as much if it wasnít for those regulars.

    What do you like most about PersonalityCafe?

    The people, I only stay because of the people, theyíre interesting. I learnt a lot that I donít think I wouldíve if I didn't find this site, itís been a excellent resource in understanding many topics and myself. I sincerely believe I wouldn't be as developed as the person as people have come to appreciate without the help of those on this site. I mightíve turned out the same in some regards without it but I think later rather than sooner.

    What do you dislike most about PersonalityCafe?

    Things Iíd dislike anywhere, racism, sexism or any other kind of prejudice dolled up in rationalizations that are invalid/baseless. People who seem to not ask enough questions of themselves and when it's asked for them, they struggle to directly respond to them, this is tiring and annoying. I'm often left wondering how people think because they seem to be worlds apart from anything I can decipher and I really do try but left wanting of some magic answer that makes sense of it all but something just don't make sense I suppose. Sometimes it's my own problem, sometimes it's theres.

    What is the most important thing you've learned here?

    Canít remember if sheís posted this a few times but itís in her MOTM interview but @MsBossyPants Ďs response to ďHas personality typing helped you in any way?Ē. The implications of what she wrote from my perspective are far reaching and quite dramatic; it provided an explicit point of reference to ground myself when perceiving others that I think Iíll never forget. Itís going to be the cornerstone to reminding myself to not generalize myself as if what I think is universally accepted and to consciously acknowledge the differences and nuances of every person that I donít share with them.

    I donít believe it can be stressed enough the importance of treating people as individuals instead of treating them how you personally want to be treated. It acknowledges the people as individuals and I think this alone can greatly improve oneís interactions with people in any context.

    Do you have any advice for the community of PersonalityCafe?

    Donít use your words recklessly.

    Words are incredibly powerful, with words one is able to implant seeds within a person that can both inspire them and destroy them. With the right words, it could be what sticks with them and echoes until they kill themselves or be the words that encourage them in difficult times. The whole sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never heard me is nonsense, this relates heavily to taking emotional pain and mental illness seriously. Emotional pain is somehow perceived as less real than physical pain in spite of the fact of how it itself causes physical pain, how it triggers mental illness and disorders, that it should be no surprise that one neednít use physical violence but being surrounded by nasty sentiments is enough to break a person. So I implore people to not be pricks and take the impact of what they say seriously.

    Jumping off of this, I suggest you do not waste your time with people, who bring drama and pain unnecessarily into your life, surround yourself with good people who make you want to be a better person. Donít tolerate anything less than the quality that you deserve as human being, everyone deserves respect and so do not suffer fools gladly, do not give the patience to tolerate those who would harm you. You canít protect yourself from the negative afflictions from life, but you can make yourself resilient and the best form of resilience has always and always will be, the support of others. Good friends do not feel burdened by you coming to them for help, do not let pride have you suffer alone unnecessarily when people can be there for you. It is no sign of strength that people endure adversities alone. I have no respect for the mentality says that people should fend for themselves.

    Strength is not born out of persistent suffering, adversity breaks people down and the best response to it is to make people resilient. The best source of resilience is love and support. So find those good people, theyíll help you when times get tough, you could get by without their help but why make life harder on yourself, donít wait until youíre desperate and more hurt than before, be responsible for your own well being and reach out.

    If you could have any super power, what would it be?

    Kind of corny but I kind of thought being funny, like really funny like a professional comedian is a super power. To me that ability to bring so much pleasure and happiness to people if only temporarily is an amazing super power and not everyoneís got that.
    I suppose I basically just want to the power to temporarily remove pain from people, the pain they hold onto within themselves because they never got enough love and support from those around them and donít let it out. To radiate it out to them or something, that my presence would make people feel content and accepting of themselves. Something like that.

    What do you know now that you wish you'd known five years ago?

    To be conscious of your emotional state and introspect about their source, emotional triggers are good sign to explore yourself. That when youíre unexpectedly sad, think of it like the weather, that like a storm, it will end, so endure it, acknowledge that itís happening and board up the windows.
    That your negative thoughts need to be reality checked, call bullshit on what youíre telling yourself because a lot of it is more the mood youíre in than anything actually true.

    What do you believe is your greatest accomplishment at this point?

    Probably the time I saved 1,000 orphans from a burning orphanage ^_^
    I havenít done much with my life and havenít really done anything that I really look back on as an achievement. I suppose just little things like being there for friends, I can be proud of the small impact I have on making people feel better about themselves.

    Tell us something about yourself that we don't already know.

    In grade 4, there was a weekly award with different theme each week. I won the award for forgiveness and teacher gave a speech of why they believed I had the merit for the award. They said they seen people do some terrible things to me and I seem to hold no malice to those people, I think it was more I felt holding a grudge was too much work and I was too lazy to exhaust myself being angry and remember it than being forgiving.
    That might be crappy something didnít know, well I have a shitty smiley tattoo on my foot that friend did when were both drunk just to see what it felt like.

    What is next for you? What are your plans and goals for the future?

    I suppose the big ones are to get some work and to make more of an effort to be social or at least more outgoing even if itís by myself. Seem to struggle with leaving the house and this alongside poor networking has consequences to my future and well being. Also thinking I need to invest more in understanding fashion and dietary stuff as to be more image conscious and to actually improve my health since taking care of the physical self will also help my mental well being, to be strong in both body and mind :D

    Give us your parting words.
    Hopefully this isn't full of typos and was a good read, I'd like to thank the PerC community in it's entirety, I don't jive well with everyone naturally but I'm certainly happy for the diversity of people here.
    I'm grateful to be acknowledged in this manner and appreciate the people behind the scenes who organized people to vote for me as well as those who did vote for me. It seems strange still but this site or at the very least the people of this site have meant a great deal to me and have without a doubt helped me become a better person.
    I wish you all the best in your life's journey.
    Take care ladies, gentleman and everyone in between.

    *Thanks to @Napoleptic for sharing this, it seems mildly appropriate XD*
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    Dawww, look, you made it into the hall of fame buddy

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    Congrats! Long time coming haha.
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    Bow chica wow wow. That stare though….I can feel the smolder from all the way over here.

    Lol Congrats Wellsy the glitter trout!!! If anyone deserves this its you. You're really a great presence on this forum. :)
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    Huzza! onya mate, three cheers for a one fine lad (:

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    It's about time!
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    It was bestowed upon me by a Great Khan after I founded several wells and saved the lives of his tribe after a wide spread drought.

    nEEDS to be a movie
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    Grats, man. Well earned.
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    Congratulations! I just realized you're the same age as my daughter. I don't always agree with you on everything, and now that I see the age difference I understand a little better why. I think they call it the generation gap.(in other words I am old) It would be boring and we wouldn't learn much if everyone always agreed about everything. Love hearing well articulated perspectives that differ from my own and you do that well. I appreciate your kind heart and how passionately you vigorously defend your positions and values while treating those you disagree with civilly.

    Again, congratulations!
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