August 2015 Member of the Month "The Doctor" Interview

August 2015 Member of the Month "The Doctor" Interview

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    August 2015 Member of the Month "The Doctor" Interview

    Hi, PerC! I hope you all are enjoying your summer. I come bearing news of another newly nominated Member of the Month! This member is relatively new to the forum, but has racked up quite a few insightful posts. So without further ado, let's raise our glass to:

    What's your real name?

    Something boring. I usually just go by Francisco online.

    How old are you?

    Seventeen... million.

    What country are you situated in?

    'Murica, land of the most annoying college application process.

    Are you single, dating, or married?

    Single, and absolutely no desire to be otherwise. I'm asexual/aromantic.

    Do you have any kids?

    Haha nope.

    How would you describe yourself in one word?

    Just one? Is that possible? Er... eccentric?

    What is your favorite place to travel to?

    The kitchen. That's enough traveling for me.
    Okay, in all seriousness, travel doesn't interest me much. France was cool... anywhere else I've been involved a lot of sitting on beaches, which I don't particularly like.

    What is your favorite color?

    I don't really have a favorite. Any color looks good given the right context.

    What is your favorite weather?

    Rain. The sun is boring; rain is aesthetically pleasing and calming.

    What are your favorite books, movies, tv shows, and video games?

    Well, I have a soft spot for the Harry Potter series- it's funny, actually, my dad has a fan of the books for as long as I can remember and I was exposed to it from a pretty young age. I can't remember a time when I didn't know what it was, although I didn't start reading them until around second grade.
    I also like Lord of the Rings, both the movies and the books (despite the fact that I haven't finished them yet- almost there).
    I'm really picky with TV shows, but I like Doctor Who, if you couldn't tell. I like the experimental period in the mid-to-late 80's with Sylvester McCoy, as well as much of Tom Baker's run in the 70's. The new series is also enjoyable (minus the vast majority of Series 5-7, though admittedly there's two or three odd episodes in that mess that I quite like). I did find Sherlock enjoyable, but more so in the first two seasons.
    Portal and Portal 2 come to mind- they come pretty damn close to perfection. I wish more video games put as much thought into gameplay as these two did. I generally keep up with the Pokémon games, and I love the Mystery Dungeon side series. The original Pokémon games are also great to mess with, since they're so old and flawed. I find glitches fascinating.

    What are your favorite foods and beverages?

    Popcorn is pretty good... and so are milkshakes... so yeah, those, I guess.

    What is your favorite animal?

    I don't know, lots of animals are cool. Anglerfish are cool. Axolotls are cool. Chameleons are cool too.

    What kind of music do you enjoy?

    Progressive rock. Rush is my favorite band. See, this is one category where I do have a favorite.

    Do you play or follow any sports?


    What are your favorite websites to visit?

    Depends on my mood. Tumblr and PerC are the only ones lately. Oh, and I end up on Wikipedia a lot.

    What is your greatest weakness?

    Some weird combination of perfectionism and avoidance of wasting time that discourages me from trying to accomplish anything since it'll never live up to my expectations, and therefore it will seem like a waste of time. The result is usually that I end up actually wasting time instead of doing what could have been productive.

    What is your greatest strength?

    I'm a fast learner, and I usually grasp concepts easily.

    What motivates you?

    I really don't know. I suppose ideas that I feel can be realized motivate me to do so.

    What is your philosophy?

    Well, I exist. I have a limited amount of time before I don't exist anymore. Might as well do something while I can.

    What are you passionate about?

    Music, science, theoretical math (people usually have a heart attack when I bring it up, though), and pretty much anything that makes me think. I also find video game glitches and the mechanics behind them to be really interesting.

    What kinds of jobs have you had?

    ...none. Well, I was a counselor in training at a summer camp once. It was awful.

    What are your pet peeves?

    People who take impersonal debates personally and turn it into an argument, as well as people who think impersonal debates are arguments and cut them off. I love talking to people with opposing views to mine. They're either amusingly ridiculous or they present interesting points.

    What are your fears?

    Loss of sanity, wasting all of my time, letting the opinions of others restrict me my whole life.

    Who do you look up to?

    Well, I'm pretty short, so I end up looking up to a lot of people to see them.

    Do you have any pets?

    Two lazy pugs, one of which sleeps all day (except for breakfast and dinner, when she won't shut up or calm down) and the other of which will alternate between barking at anything that moves/attacking the first and sleeping literally anywhere (the floor, your lap, your head, any pillow she can reach).

    What do you do for fun and relaxation?

    Whatever I feel like doing at the time: playing electric guitar, chatting with friends online, playing some random video game from my childhood I suddenly remembered about, etc.

    How did you get involved with personality typing?

    Took the test at school once and found it interesting. Consulted the internet.

    What is your Myers Briggs personality type?

    INTP, probably. The issue is that it's hard to tell definitively, because this can't be objectively measured at all. My most recent identity crisis involves wondering if Si could be further up my function stack than I realized. Or perhaps I just go into Ti-Si loops too often. Or all this stress is getting to my head.

    What is your Enneagram type?

    Not sure. I was thinking 3w4, except the only part of type 3 that fits me is the success-orientation (which is pretty much the most important part, but none of the details fit: conformism? nope). Then I was thinking 4w3 or 4w5, but now I think that 6w5 is a possibility as well (which might have caused my Si crisis). The fact that 9 goes to 6 at stress and 3 at growth, as well as people pointing that out as a possibility to me, makes me want to consider that, but type 9 just confuses me. It talks about spiritualism and naturally connecting with others and avoiding conflict. I'm not spiritual, I certainly don't feel connected to others much, and I only avoid conflict that's actually harmful (which might be what they mean but I can't tell). Basically, I have no idea.

    So what's it like being an INTP and an unknown Enneagram type?

    Hard. I don't think society likes people with inferior Fe very much. You're expected to be naturally good at social etiquette and making people feel good.

    Do you think the different personality theories give an accurate description of you?

    I think MBTI does at least, because it's very broad. It has to be, since everyone within each type is still different.

    Which personality theory do you prefer, and why?

    MBTI, because I don't know any of the others very well.

    Do you use personality typing in the real world?

    Vaguely. I use it just to remind myself that people think differently from myself so that I can try to understand others. I usually forget, though, but it's helped me understand myself more at least.

    Has personality typing helped you in any way?

    I do think it's helped me. It makes me think about my actions first and helps me to be less impulsive in conversations (when I actually decide to talk).

    Do you prefer to associate yourself with certain types, and why?

    Not really. I've got friends of lots of different types and they all have different qualities that I appreciate. INTPs and INTJs admittedly are the easiest to get along with, though.

    How did you initially find your way to PersonalityCafe?

    I ended up on it a lot just from google.

    What made you join us?

    One day, I was bored and decided to join one of these MBTI forums I keep seeing. I chose PerC because it stuck out.

    Why did you choose "The Doctor" as your username?

    Weird story, actually... some friends and I were planning a rebellion against some power-abusing, cyberbullying forum moderators who were unaffiliated with the company who administrated the forum, and we thought it would be funny if we all decked out our forum profiles with quotes about rebellion and graphics and stuff in a way that nobody would notice. It was a really lame idea, but we knew that and didn't really care. That was the appeal.
    Anyways, I recalled this one particularly bad Doctor Who episode where the Doctor's name is said to be some sort of promise to himself to never be cowardly or cruel or something that was supposed to be deep, so I figured it was close enough and went and changed my name to that. It sort of stuck for a while, so I ended up using it for this forum too.

    What is the significance of your current avatar?

    It's a photo-manipulation by artist Catherine Nelson. She made a ton of similar pieces, all with photos she took herself. I think they look pretty awesome, and they remind me of the album cover of Fragile.

    How about your signature?

    I made it myself; they're all visual puns based on album covers. The 2112 one took hours of scribbling on top of the Starman logo (it's a logo on the back of 2112, which is an album by Rush) in Photoshop. It probably isn't even clear, but it's supposed to look like Legolas from Lord of the Rings. The other ones are probably obvious enough: Dark Side of the Moon and Houses of the Holy were the original album names.

    If you had to choose your favorite forum on PerC, which would it be?

    Whatever I feel like posting in. I like the debate forum but I don't know how much I've actually posted there... every forum is the debate forum to me. I actually find the bans/infractions subforum to be highly amusing as well.

    What do you like most about PersonalityCafe?

    I like being able to consult others and get multiple viewpoints on an issue relating to MBTI.

    What do you dislike most about PersonalityCafe?

    I suppose it's a bit small, and sometimes threads or questions go overlooked due to lack of active people interested.

    What is the most important thing you've learned here?

    Probably that I'm not always right. Which is a bit paradoxical, seeing as I'm so uncertain about everything, but sometimes I'm too certain about some things, and I'm not always right about those.

    Do you have any advice for the community of PersonalityCafe?

    If it won't work, turn it off and back on again.

    If you could have any super power, what would it be?

    Shapeshifting. I've had this weird obsession with the idea of shapeshifting ever since I was little. I don't really know why. I loved fantasy and read anything I found that involved shapeshifting somehow.
    ...For some reason I experience strong physical discomfort reading some darker takes on shapeshifting. Again, I don't really know why.

    What do you know now that you wish you'd known five years ago?

    That caring about what others think of you is completely illogical and a very hard mindset to break out of.

    What do you believe is your greatest accomplishment at this point?

    I'm not sure I have any large accomplishments- not based on my own standards, at least. I have plenty of small accomplishments that I'm proud of, but none stand out above the rest. I think college will open up opportunities for me to change that.

    Tell us something about yourself that we don't already know.

    I used to be allergic to citrus. I outgrew the allergy, but I still loathe citrus, and even the scent of oranges is insufferable. Oranges are evil.

    What is next for you? What are your plans and goals for the future?

    College. It isn't until then that I'll be able to decide what it is I want to do. Almost certainly something involving STEM, at least.

    Give us your parting words.

    The material world is superficial and meaningless. I also hope I didn't bore you to death somehow.

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    I made a mistake: the Starman logo is not on the back cover of 2112, it is on the inside cover. I have failed. I am sorry.

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    *stops eating an orange, looks at it awkwardly and hides it in the handbag*
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    Hate citrus????!!!!
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    @The Doctor

    I don't believe our paths have crossed yet but I'm sure they will eventually. I see that you are fairly new to PerC so I'll take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome you to the forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaix View Post
    @The Doctor

    I don't believe our paths have crossed yet but I'm sure they will eventually. I see that you are fairly new to PerC so I'll take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome you to the forum.
    I think I've seen you around, but I don't think we've ever spoken.
    Thank you! I've been on the forum for a few months now but I guess I'm still relatively new.
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