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MBTI and the 9 types of intelligence?

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This is a discussion on MBTI and the 9 types of intelligence? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Top three: musical: 4.86 spatial: 4.57 nature: 4.14 _________ followed by: social: 4.00 language 3.57 body movement: 3.57 self: 3 ...

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    Top three: musical: 4.86
    spatial: 4.57
    nature: 4.14
    followed by:
    social: 4.00
    language 3.57
    body movement: 3.57
    self: 3
    logical/math 2.14

    Music and art are huge parts of my world and I feel happiest out in nature, so all of this makes sense. It's fun to share it with other people, so, yep, social in the fourth place makes sense.

    I'm not good at anything that involves rapid movements, especially of incoming projectiles, probably due to eyesight and depth perception. This definitely had an effect on my "body movement" score. I am, however, a "tactile learner."

    But I think that my scores make sense for my type (esfp).

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    Top 3:

    1. Intrapersonal Intelligence
    2. Musical Intelligence
    3. Visual/Spacial Intelligence

    I'm an INFP


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    Logic/math: 4
    Spatial: 3.57
    Body movement: 3

    I don't exactly know what type I am.

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    Interpersonal/Social: 4.29
    Intrapersonal/Self: 3.86
    Linguistic/Language: 2.57


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    ENFP here!

    Top three:
    Music: 4.86
    Spatial: 4.29
    Social: 3.57

    And you wonder why I thought I was an ESFP for a while! <img src="https://personalitycafe.com/images/smilies/1/happy.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Happy" class="inlineimg" />

    It’s actually a game in my family to find songs I don’t know. They’ll play random songs for me and if I can’t guess the song in ten seconds, I lose. I can usually identify it based off the first beat of music, though.

    I’m also the navigator on campus and in the family, so I’d expect spatial to be high. Seriously, though—complete strangers will stop me and ask how to get somewhere. I guess I look like I know where I’m going?

    And social? Well, what else did you expect from an ENFP? &#x1f602;

    Language: 3.43
    Body: 3.43
    Self: 3.29
    Nature: 2.71
    Math: 1.57

    Guess I should pay more attention to nature and.... *shudders*... math.

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    musical 4.86
    self 3.86
    language 3.57
    nature 3.57
    social 3.43
    logic 3
    kinesthetic 3
    spatial 2.71

    seems accurate

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    Huh? Why does it ask if I have a large vocabulary instead of testing me for it, like an IQ test would? I don't want to decide between 4 and 5, I want the test to decide...
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    Spatial: You remember things visually, including exact sizes and shapes of objects. You like posters, charts, and graphics. You like any kind of visual clues. You enjoy drawing. Effective techniques of enhancing your learning using your spatial intelligence include creating and/or using pictures, maps, diagrams, and graphs as you learn things.

    Pretty accurate.

    Nature: You are sensitive to nature and environment. You probably know the names of rocks, flowers, birds, and trees. You love to be outdoors.

    Not very accurate. I don't know names of rocks or crap like that.

    Musical:You like the rhythm and sound of language. You like poems, songs, and jingles. You enjoy humming or singing along with music. You probably remember things well when they are associated with music or rhythm. Try to incorporate sounds into your lessons, such as using a familiar tune, song, or rap beat to teach spelling rules, or to remember words in a series for a test.

    Very accurate. I was nodding my head the whole time reading.

    Body Movement




    Shit (1.43)
    Logical Math

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    Musical: 4.14

    Nature: 4.14

    Spacial: 3.71

    Language: 3

    Self: 2.86

    Social: 2.87

    Body movement: 2.14

    Logic/Math: 1.57

    That mostly sounds about right, the last few on the list seem out of order a bit to me, especially social, but the top three are what I usually get, and It got pretty close to what I got on this test: https://personalitymax.com/report/?p...key=5d861ddbcf

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    Self = 4.14
    Nature = 2.86
    Language = 2.71

    I don't really see a connection to being ISFJ, but rather type 4. And being hyper-aware of my weaknesses. I was kind of brutally honest.

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