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MBTI and the 9 types of intelligence?

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This is a discussion on MBTI and the 9 types of intelligence? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; High on Musical, Logic/Math, Self Low on Language, Social, Body Movement...

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    High on Musical, Logic/Math, Self
    Low on Language, Social, Body Movement

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    Kinesthetic 4.43

    Naturalist 4.14

    Spatial 4

    Social 4

    Musical 3.71

    Language 3.29

    Logic/Math 3.29

    Intrapersonal 2.86

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    Musical 4.43

    Self 3.43

    Math/logic 3.29

    Nature 3.14

    Spatial 2.71

    Body and Social 2.57

    Langauge 1.57

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    Logic/Math: 4.29
    Language: 3.86
    Musical: 3.86
    Self: 3.43
    Spatial: 2.43
    Body Movement: 2.00
    Social: 2.00
    Nature: 1.14

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    intrapersonal: 4.86
    linguistic: 4.43 = interpersonal
    musical: 3.14
    naturalist: 3.00
    logic: 2.57
    kinesthetic: 2.29
    spatial: 2.00

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    Musical: 4.71
    Language (Linguistic): 3.86
    Social (Interpersonal): 3.86
    Logic/Math: 3.57
    Self (Intrapersonal): 3.57
    Body Movement (Kinesthetic): 2.29
    Nature (Naturalist): 2
    Spatial: 1.71

    Well, for an ENTP, seems about right. That Ne dominating at musical and linguistic aspects, Ti granting a little greatness in Logic/Math and Si fucking me up at environmental aspects.

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    Kinesthetic (what a shock) 4.43
    Social 4.29 (actually a shock)
    Logic/Math 4.14 (not a shock)
    Musical 4.0 (slightly surprised I scored this high)
    Spatial 4.0 (actually thought this would be higher, I'm basically a human compass)
    Linguistic 3.71 (Well its slightly above average and that's exactly how I'd describe my linguistic abilities, so sure)
    Self 3.14 (Yep, really don't care, but lol'd at 3.14)
    Nature 3.14 (I tend to stay indoors)

    Average is 3, so apparently I'm above average or average on everything. I always thought I was terrible with introspection but I guess I was comparing it to my other modalities and not to other people's ability to introspect (because how would I know anyway). Probably still pretty shitty at it anyway and this test is just generous or really easy to cheat on, or both. The high social score was pretty shocking, but I've always had fairly well developed Fe for an ISTP and I think its just that coming through...k...bedtime.
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    Logic Math 4.73
    Social 4.73
    Nature 4.2
    Sports 3.7
    Language/spatial/self about 3
    Music 2

    My body is built for power while my brain is built for problem solving and fun.
    Completely useless and music/drawing/writing or anything that involves physical precision.

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    The ENTP genius here got:

    Logic/Math 4.71
    Spatial 4.43
    Social 3.71
    Language 3.57
    Musical 2.57
    Self 2.57
    Nature 2.29
    Body Movement 1.86

    No surprises. Well, I though my musical score will be a little bit higher. But I don't really like music even if I can sing and have a sense of rhythm. Silence is better. It's easier to focus on reading/thinking and hear what people around say when there is no music mixing in. And musical instruments are usually too loud for my sensitive ears.

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    were the top 3 for me.

    Math and music were the bottom 2.

    I think some of the questions have nothing to do with intelligence of any kind. Whether or not I feel safe with strangers depends on what the strangers are like and what my previous experiences have been with strangers. It also depends on what kind of safe we're talking about. I don't usually think a stranger will randomly stab me, but they might ridicule me for being strange, if I let my weirdness show. Safe from being manipulated into helping someone who wants to take advantage? I don't know. I'm not overly trusting, but I'm not paranoid either.
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