Backpacking advice for an INFJ?

Backpacking advice for an INFJ?

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This is a discussion on Backpacking advice for an INFJ? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I want to travel to Canada via Workaway (a website that connects you with a family host that will feed ...

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    Backpacking advice for an INFJ?

    I want to travel to Canada via Workaway (a website that connects you with a family host that will feed you and let you live with them in exchange for doing some light housework). The problem is that I have never traveled alone, much less to another country. And my fear is that, as an introvert and a family person, I will have a difficult time. I enjoy meeting new people, but I also NEED to spend some time alone and recharge (which I like doing at home). Plus sometimes I have anxiety attacks that force me to back off and lock myself out from the world. Idk, maybe I'm not ready yet to make a trip like that. But at the same time, I think I never will if I don't try.
    Btw I'm a 19 year old girl.

    Thanks for reading

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    Any advice???

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    Stop overthinking anxiety and what ifs. Just be more focused on researching the legitimacy of your host site and host family and being sure to have safe routes and destinations back up plan as far as contacts knowing local transportations at pit stops ahead planning accordingly with budget. Environmental safety is more so what I am preaching over being paranoid over your own first time travel jitter fears. You make sure you have a check plan based on locating stops with someone in case of an emergency. Stop worrying about silly things like personal comfort and step out of your comfort zone and learn something about another home and lifestyle just be safe in regards to networking regularly and planning enough that people can rely on you to check in and be alarmed. Research the demographics of crime in the host area you look at and the work distract you would be located and the path to get there. Do not go anywhere without reliable local host (even so tho make statements about checking in with family right in front of the persons so they know you have people who know their name, always look up at security cameras so if you ever had something happen it gets your face and location quicker. I definitely suggest these safety things over worrying about things you mentioned. Never meet anyone off a beaten path. Public.

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    Have fun. :) carpe diem.

    And prepare.

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    Anyways you'll gonna not regret what you did. Kudos.

    You'll gonna learn a lot.

    Share your experiences after okay

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    You can always get unlucky and get some shitty family but the chances are very small. I've never had bad experiences with host families... so far. I stayed with a host family three times (France, Scotland, Japan) and all of them were nice people who accepted me wanting to spend most of my time alone. These families are (or sure as hell should be) prepared that different kind of young people are staying with them. As long as you are friendly and helpful they'll be very happy to have you. Oh and i don't want to throw any stupid stereotypes in but Canadians are usually really nice people.

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    Thank you all! I definitely feel more confident now. I think it's gonna be a personal challenge but that's the point isn't it?

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    Just do it, it may be hard but no matter what, it'll be a learning experience. Don't worry about "if you're ready", unless you have some kind of specific emotional problem that can be resolved or something like that. I lived in Nicaragua for 3 months when I was 20 and for the most part I was dreadfully homesick, but it was a tremendous learning experience ,and I know for a fact I wouldn't be where I am today without that experience. I guess that might not be the best encourager, but keep in mind I was also experiencing pretty extreme culture shock, which you probably won't in Canada (I'm assuming...?).
    Point is, say "yes" to experiences, especially when you're young, and don't worry if it's not always fantastic. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger :P


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