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You know you're an Extrovert when

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This is a discussion on You know you're an Extrovert when within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; When you create something you're really proud of and feel the need to show EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!!...

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    When you create something you're really proud of and feel the need to show EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!!
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    I'm not an extravert, but I would venture to guess that you know you're an extravert when you don't mind talking to strangers.

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    You are an extrovert when you always want to initiate something.
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    When the only thing that could possibly turn you into a moderate recluse.. Is family.
    Well.. Perhaps I'll be spending a bit more time on here. lol

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    When you accidentally steal attention of the entire party and you weren't really meaning to. All you were doing was being yourself, interested in people and their stories.

    When being around others elevates your mood.

    When you love the night life.
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    Well-intended introvert: "looks like you'll have another nice quiet day in with no distractions and no one to bother you and nothing that you need to do"

    Extravert: "Oh, ummm, how nice...." (To self: HOW AM I GOING TO GET OUT OF HERE???)

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    I'm not the most extroverted extrovert, but:

    When you can come up with just as many crazy theories and ideas about the world as an introvert, but you just HAVE to share them with your friends.

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    Unknown Personality

    when you loooooooooooooooove meeting new people. =)
    when you love talking more than writing?
    when you can talk to anyone about anything at anytime comfortably.
    when everyone relies on you to get the introverts talking.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    When the rational statements you make keep people talking, even when you weren't trying to do this (after all, you're good at putting things objectively, like you have some purpose in mind that you're sharing for others to help you unveil, even if this is far from true - after all, you haven't given away how subjectively interested you are in what you're talking about, so I guess people want to know?).

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Also, when people are quick to give you a response after you say something, like they know exactly what the next appropriate thing to say is.
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