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What types do you get along with and which ones you don't ( according to experience )

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This is a discussion on What types do you get along with and which ones you don't ( according to experience ) within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; ENTP: My type. Rarely meet others, and when I do they seem to be the only ones that don't notice ...

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    ENTP: My type. Rarely meet others, and when I do they seem to be the only ones that don't notice me for a change.

    INTP: Funny and smart, haven't met too many.

    ENFP: Has the ability to do stupid/unhealthy/dangerous shit 24/7 and feel nothing but psychological regret. The more levelheaded ones are nice, good to talk to. Overall very interesting people that I would not want to spend too much time with.

    INFP: Smart, funny, interesting people that tend to not be on Earth half the time so human interaction is difficult. Also stop digging yourselves into ditches.

    ENFJ: Can be interesting people, yet too normal for discussion of real evil ideas. Also take into account that one ENFJ that has said nothing but variations on the word "hi" to me for the past 5 months. Can be unintentionally mean with leaving their Se baggage onto others.

    INFJ: Actually the definition of "cool". Fun and interesting, smart. Will shame you to hell and back if they disapprove.

    ISTJ: My best friend. Ripping apart their fabric of reality is a guilty pleasure of mine. Suffer too much at the hands of neglectful people. let me help you let me help you let me help you let me help you

    ESTP: Everyone thinks that they are assholes. They're prolly right, but they are still great people. Stop going to wild lengths to prove that you are cool. Do keep loving life and working on the more real parts of your badassery.

    ISTP: Dedicated af. Will block your path on purpose. Teases people, people think that they are being serious. Chill out, sex is not everything.

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    For some reason most of the important people in my life have been xNFPs. Not that i get along so well with them, some of them i keep really close to me but some have done terrible, unforgivable things multiple times.

    So i'm ESTP and...

    I get along BEST with
    - ENTPs! For some reason i always click with them
    - ESTP and ESFP
    - ISFJ

    I get along WELL with
    - NF types, probably because most people where i live are NFs
    - xNFPs...most are awesome but there's been a good number of bad memories with some
    - ESTJ
    - ISTJ
    - ISTP
    - INTP
    - ISFP

    - INTJ: we can get along but not always
    - ESFJ
    - ENTJ

    I don't have a list of types i don't get along with, because i'm pretty easy-going with people i hang out with.

    People i don't get along with are very narcissistic and/or narrow-minded ones. And ignorants that claim to be open-minded but have no idea what they're talking about, e.g. popular "feminazi" girls. But those are not personality types, and the types of these people have included other, nicer people as well. I never judge an entire type by only one or two people.

    Even if you are "bad" enough in that aspect for me to dislike you, i still make an effort to get along and be professional. However, that doesn't work with these kinds of people because they look down on me (or anybody that's different from them) and have close-to-zero respect.

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    NTs are cool, so are SFs. With NFs, I either want to fuck them or punch them and I often can't decide which.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rngesus View Post
    Just started a new job so only really connected with two people, an ESTJ and another I can't quite place but comes across as ESFJ (E is indisputable, too stupid to be an N or T, definitely not a P). The ESTJ I get along with OK since we're both new and smokers in a mostly non smoking office. The other guy can go fuck himself but I can't, for the life of me, get rid of the clingy ass jabroni. Outside of work, where my real friends are, my two closest friends are an ISxP and an INTJ. The ISxP is the polar opposite of me - he is conservative, nationalist, religious and pro military. I'm the exact opposite with pure disdain for those things - yet we're extremely close friend. The INTJ is basically a slightly more practical, goal oriented version of me.

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    > "too stupid to be an N or T"



    Anyway I've had good and bad experiences with most types, particularly:

    ISTP: My younger brother is a textbook ISTP and aside from typically butting heads as siblings, we get along great now and he's actually pretty fun to be around. On the flip side, I knew an extremely unhealthy and mentally unstable one who engaged in extremely reckless behavior. The moment she asked me if she had to slap me to keep me from saying something she disagreed with, I was out of that relationship very fast. The last I heard of her she's married with a baby so hopefully she's okay now.

    INTP: One of my closer friends in high school was an INTP and she was really genuinely sweet. We got along great, exchanged Christmas gifts, and it was fun to talk to her. On the flip side, my INTP psychology professor is the most self-absorbed and narcissistic person I've ever met and every day I go to that class I want to die.

    INFJ: The only one I know is very sweet and loves animals and babies and I get along with her amazingly, but she also steals money and other things from family so it's kinda awkward.

    ENFP: I know one who's a literal rocket scientist and incredibly sweet, always thinking about others, bought umbrellas on rainy days just to give them to strangers. I'm fairly sure my best friend is also an ENFP and I love her. On the flip side, I knew one who's absolutely crazy and kind of abusive.

    ISTJ: My boyfriend is an ISTJ and he's so awesome?? He always gets his homework done days in advance, he's an incredible computer programmer, he likes to kayak, he's loyal and honest and loving and fun to talk to and just overall wonderful. On the flip side, I have an ISTJ family member who can be emotionally unavailable and kind of cynical and insensitive.

    It all just depends on how healthy someone is, I think.

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    Types I get along with really well (In order)


    Types I least get along with usually:

    -ESTJ (With one exception)

    I'm not sure about other types. Of course this is just a generalization and might not always be the case. I try to keep an open mind and deal with people on a case by case basis. I don't know how well I would get along with my own type 'INFJ' because I don't know any in real life.
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