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Your workspace. Orderly, chaotic, disaster area or pristine...?

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This is a discussion on Your workspace. Orderly, chaotic, disaster area or pristine...? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; My desk is controlled chaos. I make a point of straightening it every night before I leave (i.e. hiding the ...

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    My desk is controlled chaos. I make a point of straightening it every night before I leave (i.e. hiding the mess in a binder) so my ESTJ boss' head doesn't explode when he comes in the office, but within an hour of my arrival the paper starts jitterbugging across my desk. My desk at home, my bedroom, kitchen, etc. are all the same. Piles everywhere. I know where things are, and I do try to clean up on occasion, but nothing stays put for long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swenya View Post
    To me, the idea of an orderly desk or workspace is unheard of. Don't get me wrong, I know how to clean and organize, and actually quite enjoy it. It's a hobby.
    I like organizing, but I don't naturally put everything away as soon as I'm done with it. When I'm working on something that can't be finished in one sitting I don't like to put everything away till next time because I'm less likely to get back to it and finish it that way.

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    I work on my bed using my laptop. I don't always make my bed.
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    Orderly, private, minimalistic. Leaving it orderly creates more space for me, so why not.

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    It's a mess. I would like it clean and organized but I make no effort in doing it. When I manage to do it, it takes 2 days for it to get messy again.
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    Usually organized, and tidy; when I am really indulged into my work I tend to not waste too much time organizing my stuff and keeping it tidy so it will be more of an organized chaos then.

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    Stressful (sometimes); I really hate how I’m alone most of the time, working at the Lawn and Garden center. Don’t get me wrong, I love working outside because at least you’ll get some fresh air, and not have to deal with so much commotion when dealing with customers inside at the front end register. What I really hate, however, is the fact that I can’t walk away from the register if no other coworker (or anyone at all) with register numbers is back with me. If I need to go to the bathroom, I have to wait until someone comes to cover me, same with taking a break, or having to clock out. I definitely understand there are rules, but a lot of the time, it just bothers me, personally.

    On the contrary to working inside, if the Lawn and Garden is shut down in the fall/winter, I much prefer to do work alone, whether it’d be zoning, re-shops, or frait. At least then I’ll be at peace with myself and my thoughts, but I’m really bad at re-shops, since I go at a slower pace and there’s so many products in the store that I can’t even remember every one. I’ve been told to walk around and memorize each of the products in the store on my break, but nahhh, that sounds way too hard for me, but after working for two years, I can memorize the departments just fine, the products, not so much. Plus, I would much rather relax on my break than to walk around and look at products that don’t interest me.

    The only times I like working with someone else is if I like the coworker and get along with them, so we can cooperate on the getting the job done. There are a few coworkers (and even managers), however, who are either rude, bossy or controlling and it’s hard for me to even get along with them, so I try my best to be respectful, but not get in their way. The customers, on the other hand, can be either quite nice and friendly, chill and calm, or just flat out rude because they’re having a bad day or you made a small mistake on their order and take their anger out on you. I really hate dealing with customers who are rude, but I try to really keep calm and not look at them in the eye, but inside, I’m irritated.

    It also really drains me every time a customer asks me something I’ve never heard of before, and my first response is to go to the nearest coworker, but my department manager has told me, “you know these things, you have the confidence to.” I would be straightforward with her and told her I didn’t, and her response was, “well you should know.” That made me annoyed.

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    I hate clutter and too many things around me; and as I have a pretty loud, unsettling mind, I find that keeping my work space as minimalist as possible, I can focus more on my thoughts than having to worry about where everything is. I never create a mess - I clean up as I go, and finish what needs to be finished.
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    Order is average.
    Folder structure on my computer however is highly orderly.
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    It's organized and tidy enough for me.

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