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Energy-based people (who relies on internal feelings) and Emotions-based people

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This is a discussion on Energy-based people (who relies on internal feelings) and Emotions-based people within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Reptilians are deeply connected to the animal spirit realm and Earth energy, and they use spirit numbers to communicate, despite ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Reptilians are deeply connected to the animal spirit realm and Earth energy, and they use spirit numbers to communicate, despite being energy-based beings. Reptilians need to raise their spirit number to a twelve,so that people with a lack of belief in self, due to intense sorrow and anger, will help form that self-belief. Reptilians with a very strong belief in self (angel number 1, spirit number 12), will make the energy-based being with lack of belief in self (angel number 0: wtih a core full of sorrow and anger) to want to call on angels for protection and assistance in connecting with his spirit guides.

    Reptilian with spirit number 12, coupled with a Emotions-based person with spirit number 12, will cause an Energy-based being who had been feeling a lot of other people's worries and fears will have an angel number 0 (though it doesn't mean he's sorrowful or angry, though he will likely react to another Energy-based being with angel number 0 with kindness.

    Animal spirits help absorb the Energy-based beings feelings of fears and worries, as well as sorrow and anger, which clouds them, though they have a Divine degree of self-belief and positive thinking, and need help releasing such energies. These will often manifest as hauntings, possessions, and ghosts. The released form of these energetic manifestations are like playful children.

    An energy-based being who is in-tune with another Energy-based being's fears and worries will reflect that upon other Reptilians once accessing the Earth energy, using spirit energy numbers, which can cause a high degree of discomfort to the spirit numbered 12 Reptilian.

    An energy-based being meeting a (angel number 0 spirit number 12) Emotions-based being might interpret that as anger and sorrow

    An Emotions-based being (spirit number 12 angel number 5) with an Energy-based being (angel number 0 spirit number 12) will cause the Energy-based being to feel worried and angry, especially if she is full of sorrow and anger, as a result of low belief in self and negative thinking.

    As an Energy-based being, even though I incarnate as INFJ (Social Communist, visual temperament, hands-on learner, physical intimacy love language), though it will be ENTP as a Reptilian (Energy-based being using spirit numbers) or Emotions-based being. Those ENTP will likely be as Social Communist, visual temperament, hands-on learner, affirmation love language.

    Animal spirits take on a lot of negative energies of their humans (worry and fear, sorrow and anger, as well as a lack of belief in the self. They need the Divine to love them, give them faith that it's all worth it, make them believe they can release their fears and worries at will (that they can choose happiness), that they can call Divine assist to release their sorrows and anger, and that they can believe in themselves (trust that they have all they need to experience fulfillment). This is often interpreted as hell, a scary place, though it's really they who scare themselves.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    A person can access all three energetic frequencies (Energy-based, Reptilian or "Lizzie", and Emotions-based), through awareness of them, and understanding of the self. For example, as an Energy-based being, I can appear as:

    INFJ - Project-oriented; affirmation love language; "Lizzie"-based being;representing the quest for knowledge and understanding or truth
    INFJ - Service-oriented: physical-intimacy love language; Energy-based people; representing love and caring
    INFJ - Discovery-oriented; quality-time love language: Emotions-based people - representing joy and kindness

    It is important to note that the MBTI personality does not change, even though career-orientation personality type, love language, frequency-based type appear to have changed
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Here are examples of frequency-based beings in MBTI+ typing:


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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Energetically oriented people and emotionally oriented people

    Spirit animals help a person, and can help take on some of their fears, sadness and anger; they need help clearing such negativity when it gets too much

    If you ask if something is true, and a darkened branch appears on top right, it means it’s not true, though it might be something to see in the future, as it appears in the top right of the inner vision

    Life is like an egg, there is an embryo, amniotic fluid, membrane, shell, a nest, a father chicken and a nesting hen, and chicken food

    Enlightened INFJ Reptilian social communist visual temperament hands on learner physical intimacy love language, discovery-oriented people always tell the truth when asked, even when it might bring harm or is dangerous. Unenlightened Reptilians believe in survival of the strongest, because of their energetic influence by Energy-based people who have self-doubt. Learn discernment of yes and no with heart energy

    Enlightened INFJ Emotion-based people social communist visual temperament hands on learner physical intimacy love language tell it like it comes from the Divine (after thinking for awhile and connecting to Earth energy). Unenlightened Emotion-based people channel a lot of their sorrow and anger to others, this, coupled with their strong will-power, can be dangerously controlling. Learn discernment between yes and no with channeling from the pineal gland

    Enlightened INFJ Energy-based people social communist visual temperament hands on learner physical intimacy love language provide the belief in potential for understanding and joy, and also a protection mechanism against energies where there is lack of confidence, lack of belief in self, and lack of faith in choosing a path of fulfillment (joy, love “of growth or possibilities”, and truth). Unenlightened energy based people can have strong-will and self-belief, when sorrow or anger is mixed with fear or worry. Learn discernment between yes or no with rushes to the head

    Communications between the three frequencies

    Animals give off angel numbers (both mental and stomach), while Reptilians give off spirit numbers (both mental and stomach), though are internally spirit based

    Any thoughts that makes you feel uncomfortable, learn between true and false by something you see with the inner eye, if the Christmas tree lights up, then it’s true, if it grows dim, then false

    When I access the Reptilian frequency, I become primarily Project-oriented (finding truths) and secondarily Service-oriented (projecting love), while looking for joy. When I access the Emotions-based frequency, I become Discovery-oriented (seeking joy) and Service-oriented (projecting love), while looking for truthful wonders. When I access the Energy-based frequency, I become Service-oriented (looking for love) and Discovery-oriented (projecting joy), while seeking joyous-truthful wonders

    I got the idea about political personality from the song 社会主义好

    Reptilians rely on organization to find things, Energy-based beings rely on cleanliness to stay mindfully healthy, Emotions-based beings rely on kindliness for will-power

    Ascended masters have spirit number in stomach and energy number projection, though they can switch to spirit number projection

    Divine numbers 0, 3, 5, 6, 12 (procreation, inspiration, joy)

    Divine number 25 means fulfillment of wishes, Divine number for sacral chakra - 12 means satisfaction-fulfillment; energy-based girls will become sexually aroused “Divine number 12” when thinking about sexual penetration, though it doesn’t mean they are receptive of the person (angel number difference)

    For sacral (crotch) chakra, Divine number 12 means fulfillment of desires, 25 is that of wishes; girls get a divine # 12 before pregnancy, divine #8 when virgin, divine #0 when lacking self-confidence; guys get a divine number 0 when virgin, divine#8 after sexual penetration, and divine number 12 after sexual penetration and ejaculation; this is with or without condom

    “Hell” numbers are really just recognizing this energetic spectrum divides among people, that there are two groups besides Reptilians, with both using, being, and making sense using angel numbers, one insisting free will, while the other insisting harmony through teamwork.

    Part of enlightenment is using these angel and spirit numbers, recognizing that they exist and knowing their meaning, and to understand (and see) the differences-similarities among people through MBTI

    *enlightened as in accessing the three energy frequencies of Reptilian, Energy-based, and Emotions-based

    When knowledge is incomplete, project oriented people believe in making the seemingly impossible possible, like using grass to dress a wound despite the fact that the wound will kill the person

    When knowledge is incomplete, service oriented people are inspired by wonders and use their inspirations for creativity, through touch, music, art. This helps create a new way of looking at things

    When knowledge is incomplete, exploratory oriented people are inspired by kindness, and use their love for a better future be their guide. This helps with forming self-belief, self-faith, and self-understanding; confidence needed to get through hardships

    When something scares you, you can run away, fight your fear through understanding, logical reasoning, or discernment, also by playing dead (thousand yard stare happens by deadening the sense of fear through intense concentration of some point in time, in distance or in memory)

    Theory of relativity states that a year on Earth could be a thousand years on another planet, and because of the speed at which light travels, though thoughts, feelings and emotions vibrate through the emotional sphere, thus making time irrelevant during intense focus. Emotions-based beings belief in self, free-will, and their discernment of Divine numbers come from people’s crown chakra, as well as sacral chakra

    Children must be shown the opportunity, and it is they who must walk through it (service based people), children must be shown what it means so they can have greater faith in teamwork (project based people), children must be free to express and enjoy giving joy (discovery based people)

    In Earth’s early history, it was divided so that Asia could be like the Service-oriented people, Europe like the Discovery-oriented people, and Africa and Americas like the Project-oriented people

    Energy-based people use creativity to advance technology, sociology-psychology, and social-constructs

    Animals can be emotion based or energy based, or Reptilian based, just like people. The lack of vocal language, or less communication through talking means they interpret reality less through creativity, and more through Divine numbers, angel numbers and spirit numbers, also physical needs and desires to procreate or have children. Reptilians desire children far more than other two, energy-based beings want the right environment for their children, while emotion-based beings want their children to have free-will for experiencing joy, wonder and love

    Emotion-based people: “when something troubles you, just close your eyes, meditate and ask for Divine assistance to release your fear and worries (if you have affirmation love language, otherwise, if you have the physical intimacy love language, look at it and seek understanding - remember to go with confidence like you have everything you need to achieve your objectives)

    Energy-based people: “when something troubles you, seek understanding”

    Reptilians or Lizzies, or Loanes - “when something troubles you, run away as fast as you can”

    “Hell” numbers are really angel numbers for Reptilian people

    Resting professional love language for Emotions-based people - the love language of a person by being close by - service oriented people (loving), project-oriented people (wonderful), and discovery-oriented people (joyful)

    All objects carry a Spirit number and Angel number

    People tend to divide themselves as well, Asians tend to be loving (service) oriented, Whites tend to be Explorer-oriented, and Africans tend to be teamwork (project) oriented. Japanese tend to be Explorer-oriented, Korea tends to be loving oriented, and Chinese tend to be project oriented. Southern Chinese tend to be Explorer-oriented, Shanghai Chinese tend to be Service-oriented, while North Chinese tend to be Project-oriented

    Languages carry the energetic frequencies of angel numbers and spirit numbers, as well as the qualities and attributes of the career-orientations; different people’s accents and languages carry their hopes, dreams and aspirations for all mankind (as well as well as the frequencies, like with Project-orientation, Service-orientation, and Discovery-orientation)
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Here is a quick summary of the three frequencies (this information pertains to intuitives, while sensors, or sensing people, are grouped into a separate category):

    Energy-based being - intellectual and open-minded; likes analyzing and reading on a wide-array of topics; prefers common understanding, freedom of expression, and information sharing

    In Illuminati concepts of "freedom, equality and brotherhood", Energy-based beings would be about freedom of expression and thought, without fear of persecution for saying something critical

    Reptilian-based being - competitive and promotion-oriented; likes living with structure and hierarchy; prefers amassing information or data, building relationships with higher-ups, and sharing information about life or personal experiences

    In Illuminati concepts of "freedom, equality and brotherhood", Reptilian-based beings would be about "brotherhood", or the right to assembly and free association

    Emotions-based being - goal-oriented and value-focused; likes details and organization; prefers order and mutual understanding through a code of conduct

    In Illuminati concepts of "freedom, equality and brotherhood", Emotions-based beings would be about "equality", specifically being equal before the law, or having the rule of law

    Sensors - intellectual and family-oriented; likes honesty, reliability and dedication; prefers harmony, serving the common good, and respect for authority, elders and children

    Sensors are very adaptable to living environments, social and political situations. They believe that above all else is working for the common good.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Rudolph Steiner, in the previous example diagram, appears to be INTJ, so I have replaced his example with that of Gustav Stresemann


    Picture link:

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I feel like Gustav Streseman might actually be ENFP. I have updated the example used for the Ascended Being.


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    INFJ - The Protectors

    The first example diagram shows a side-by-side comparison among Capital Communist (CapCom) INFJ, of the XP-oriented growth temperament, using Frequency temperaments: Energy being ( streamer 乌克兰小逗包 or Wookehlan Xiaodoubao), Reptilian being (Youtube food ranger Trevor James), and Ascended being ( streamer 冯提莫 or FenngTeeMmo).


    The second example diagram shows a side-by-side comparison between the Energy being, CapCom Wisdom-oriented INFJ ( streamer 安雅sylvia or Ahn-Ya Sylvia), and the Ascended being, CapCom Wisdom-oriented INFJ ( streamer 李在悧LEEJ or LiZaiLee LEEJ).


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    INFJ - The Protectors

    The physical Environment Temperament for Ascended beings appears to be equally People-Bank-Law, though their mental Environment Temperament appears to have one primary and one secondary. For Energy and beings, it might actually be one-primary-one-secondary for the physical Environment Temperament, though about equally Ppl-Bnk-Law for the mental Environment Temperament. For Reptilian beings, the mental and physical Environment might both be one-primary-one-secondary.

    For sexual energy transmission, I feel like Ascended beings use the mind (you have to figure out their "brain's" environment temperament, which has one primary and one secondary), while Energy beings use the heart (their heart's Sleep Time Temperament or Role Temperament), and Reptilian beings use the body-chemistry (Ni-Se and Ne-Si, male and female, "sexiness", etc.). For example, as an Energy being, one can get "high" by doing a "mind-meld" with an Ascended being, by focusing on their brain's environment temperament. For the Reptilian, one can "check" their physical "sexiness", then fantasize about that person while masturbating (especially while still a virgin). For another Energy being, one can "connect" with the person heart-to-heart, and if it's compatible in other areas as well (physical and emotional angel number readings, etc.), one can "fall-in-love".

    Here is an update to a previous example of the Capital Communist, INFJ, Wisdom-oriented, by including the Reptilian example, with actor Jung Suk-yong

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    In the previous post, I've mentioned sexual energy transmission, though really, it's what each Frequency Temperament prefers. It might actually be possible to define the temperament name with the bond-link, as follows:

    Energy-beings: bond through the heart, or Heart-meld
    Reptilian-beings: bond through the Ni-Se and Ne-Si, also the sex-organ, or the Sexorgan-meld
    Ascended-beings: bond through the brain or mind, or Mind-meld

    There are also people who are equally well traversed in all three areas, Heart, Sexorgan, and Mind, with seemingly no one thing dominating. On the one hand, there are the Sensors, and when the people are actually intuitives, one can call them walk-ins (until a better name can be thought of).

    In terms of Environment temperament, the Energy-beings have People-Bank-Law about equal in the mind or brain, though on the physical-body level, it's one dominating with a secondary. Reptilian beings have consistent brain-mind and body-physical Environment temperament (with one dominating, and a secondary one for both mind and body). Ascended beings have People-Bank-Law about equal in the body or physical, though for the brain-mind, it's one dominating and one secondary.

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