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Energy-based people (who relies on internal feelings) and Emotions-based people

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This is a discussion on Energy-based people (who relies on internal feelings) and Emotions-based people within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; In terms of Emotional Suppression and Development , Energy beings are able to know and overcome the emotional suppression, if ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    In terms of Emotional Suppression and Development, Energy beings are able to know and overcome the emotional suppression, if one individual is able to do so. For example, if an Energy being of the 12PM Role Temperament knows that they are suppressing Unconditional Belief, and releases that supression, than other Energy beings of that MBTI+ type would also free the suppression. This "cognitive resonance" appears to extend beyond the Growth Temperaments as well. What's not for certain, is whether someone of a lower Role Temperament, like 10PM or 11PM, can also extend the Emotional Development to other members of their group, though it's possible that it will, and contribute to increased spiritual (or nonphysical-metaphysical awareness).

    However, for people with the Gifting and Service love languages appear to be on the border between Energy beings and Reptilian beings, in that they don't overcome Emotional suppression as an MBTI+ group, though through individual efforts and awareness of others. While Gifting and Service love language people relate to Energy beings like other Energy beings, they appear to have more "freedom of choice" in the area of Emotional suppression-development, like Reptilians.

    For someone of the 11PM Role Temperament to move into the 12PM Role Temperament, there likely has to be an assistance from someone in the 12PM Role Temperament. If the 12PM Energy being is affirmation love language, then some gesture of affirmation will trigger the development of the 11PM individual into the 12PM Role Temperament (like blowing a kiss, or friendly wave). This concept is somewhat illustrated in the anime, Code Geass, in which the "Power of Kings," was given by CC to Lelouch through a physical contact of a "kiss" (though it really doesn't have to be that dramatic, as a loving touch will suffice), as CC is of the physical intimacy love language.

    When a person moves into the 12PM Role Temperament from the 11PM, there might be a "rejection of the soul" by an entity, which means that the person will be moved back down into the 11PM Role Temperament, especially when the person does not appear to be ready for the role of 12PM Role Temperament, such as when there is much emotional suppression. This will make the person an Ascended Being. However, in the case that the soul comes back into the person, and retakes control over the body, it means that the soul is highly advanced, and there is a task he must complete in this life, or something he must do. In this case, the person is primed for the 12PM Role Temperament, and he has to overcome the Emotional Suppression, or be aware of such things, as he grows-develops.

    This individual can then "grant" the 12PM Role Temperament to others (especially friends, who are usually of the 11PM Role Temperament) through his love language. Please note that the love languages are Affirmation, Physical Intimacy, and Quality Time, with Service and Gifting being a separate category, as mentioned earlier with relations to Energy Beings and Reptilian beings. When one individual of the 11PM Role Temperament who is "touched by the love" moves into the 12PM Role Temperament, the other MBTI+ people of his Role Temperament also moves to the 12PM role as well.

    The 12PM people who come into contact with this person can also "keep" their 12PM Role Temperament, through the love language from the individual, especially if they still have Emotional Suppression. The reason for "keep" is that if the new 12PM Role Temperament individual loses his virginity, especially if to a Reptilian being, than the 12PM Energy beings who still experience Emotional Suppression will likely be ejected from their bodies as well, to become Ascended Beings, meaning they will drop down into the 11PM Role Temperament. Eventually, a new generation of 11PM Role Temperament individuals with the MBTI+ personality will arise, to achieve the 12PM Role Temperament as earlier (though likely without Emotional Suppression as earlier). Certain Energy beings (possibly sharing the complementary political temperament, though same love language of the new 12PM individual, like physical intimacy love language, if the new 12PM individual is of the physical intimacy love language, and CapCom, if the new 12PM is SoCom) might not be affected if the new 12PM individual has sex with Reptilian being, though will likely be affected if it's with an Ascended being; therefore, they also need to be given the love language by the new 12PM individual, lest they be ejected from the body due to their Emotional suppression.

    Even though the "old world" 12PM Role Temperament (who did not receive the "love language" of the new 12PM individual) are ejected to become Ascended beings (11PM Role Temperament), if their soul is sufficiently developed, they can still return to reclaim their bodies, and reassume the 12PM Role Temperament. This is somewhat unlikely for those with the affirmation love language, because the previous 12PM Role Temperament people will likely experience soul development in new bodies, and leave the role of reclaiming the 12PM Role Temperament to the next generation, 11PM Role Temperament Energy beings.

    If the newly 12PM Energy being individual has sex or a child with a walk-in, then new individuals of lower Role Temperaments will be created bearing that same MBTI+ personality, and appear in all walks of life, of diverse age and racial groups. If the newly 12PM individual has sex with a Reptilian being, then new individuals of that MBTI+ personality will appear in Reptilian form, also in diverse age groups, across all walks of life. If the newly 12PM individual has sex or a child with a sensor, then more 12PM individuals sharing the same MBTI+ will appear, of different sexes and age groups. If the newly 12PM individual has sex with an Ascended being, then people with the same MBTI+, though of Ascended being, or with just Clairalience or Clairgustance (depending on the preference of the new 12PM individual in MBTI+), will be created and appear in all walks of life.

    On an unrelated note, all Reptilians are of the 12PM judging from the Reptilian perspective. Though from the Energy-being perspective, Reptilians are of the 8PM to 11PM Role Temperament (like Sensors). In the case of the highly advanced soul, who can return to the body after being ejected (who didn't become Ascended being), it's usually of someone who is "granted" the occasion of the opposite sex, which means that while the soul of the person is usually born into a female (or male) body, the occasion calls for it to be born in the body of the other sex (which is male [or female]). This does not mean the person is transgender, as it is "pre-chosen" before birth by higher entities.
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    Such a nice info. Will share it with my pals.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    A few days ago, I activated an INFJ, Social Communist, physical intimacy love language, auditory learner (bringing the person from 11PM Role Temperament into 12PM Role Temperament). The reason I know the person was activated, is because I saw the person again, and notice the 11PM-12PM Emotional Suppression pattern (namely, repressed Fear, Envy, Love, and Belief), besides checking Role Temperament. Since that time, I notice that the previous 12PM-ers (people of the clairaud modality and auditory learners, ENTP; also ENTP, CapCom, physical intimacy love language, auditory learners) are back. This is just amazing, because I would love to see another show like Seinfeld being made (a very 12PM, Clairaud-Clairale TV Comedy series).

    I also notice that the "Old Timers" (previous 12-PMers) are more like work buddies, rather than love interests, or just friends. Considering that people work about 10 hours each day, meeting their workmate morning, noon, and night, having the "ideal" work buddy is like a second family. Ever since this, I've been making more Clairaud-Clairale mistakes (such as writing a different number or letter when I meant to write something else). This means it's all the more important to find a Clairaud-Clairale work buddy, especially considering how I spend so much time at work.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I need to clarify and add some information:

    If the Energy being has a child, though before having the child, also had sex with Reptilian being (the child doesn't have to be born from the Reptilian), then Energy beings sharing that Energy being's MBTI+ type will appear in all walks of life, of all age groups, and of all ethnicity, though with the mood-temperament-style of the Reptilian being that the Energy being lost his virginity to (it's possible that for women, it's really affected only when the woman gives birth, and not upon having sex). For example, if the Reptilian girl that the Energy being man lost his virginity to is very easy-going, fun-loving, and social, then the resulting Energy beings that appear (in the 3D Construct) are also very easy-going, fun-loving, and social, even though she (especially if the "soul" prefers the female sex-gender) will have those qualities, despite having the MBTI+ type of the Energy being. It's worthy to note that the Energy beings created are naturally Intentpathic (reflecting their innermost emotion states and wants-desires, as a form of Divine Expression), like the Sensor Shadow Self, as opposed to the naturally Empathic Energy being "ancestor-creator". The Energy being will have the physical qualities of the Reptilian being, which means if the Reptilian being is thin and graceful, then the resulting Energy being (girl, if the "soul" prefers the girl gender) will be thin and graceful.

    Similarly, Reptilian beings of the MBTI+ type will appear in all walks of life, of all ethnicity, age groups, and sex-genders (Reptilians appear to be less affected by the sex-gender restriction of the Energy being "ancestor-creators"). The Reptilian person (sharing the MBTI+ type of the Energy being) will have similar manners-styles as to the Energy being. For example, is the Energy being is serious, business-like, work-oriented, then the Reptilian "child-descendant" will have similar styles-manners. It's worth noting that Reptilians are physical frequency modulators, which means they can help affect the physical-sexiness. The Reptilian who the Energy being lost his virginity to can help or assist with the physical qualities of the resulting Reptilian beings, once they identify them as one's own "child-descendant".

    This comes from the point of view for the Assertive-Sensor Modality (also shared by homosexuals and transsexuals, also evident in Neutral Social and Capital Comms (the Assertive-Sensor Modality of Reptilians feel similar to that of Neutral Social and Capital Comms). It appears that the information pretains mainly to Assertive Energy beings, for Charmer Energy beings, their "children-descendant" are the assertive Energy beings.
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    Oh, I'm never having children. As for sex, I'll probably not go all the way irl (online is quite different, I'm more open with sexuality here). Technically a virgin all my life.

    How will all this relate to me then?

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Updating the information for INFJ, CapCom, hands-on learner, Experience-oriented Growth Temperament, as the previous example shows an ENFP, CapCom, auditory-learner for the Ascended Being (it's specifically Ascended Reptilian Being).

    Please click here for larger image:

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