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Need to be typed

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This is a discussion on Need to be typed within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I was obsessed with drawing characters and building grand structures from early childhood. One day I saw a basilica and ...

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    Need to be typed

    I was obsessed with drawing characters and building grand structures from early childhood. One day I saw a basilica and was so impressed by it that the first thing I did when I got back home was building a styrofoam/lego model inspired by and loosely based on what I saw. The additional details which were not a direct copy of what I saw were designed both using my past recollection of architectural elements but stylised to fit the current build. (Si-Ne dynamic?)
    I am well aware of emotions conveyed by body gestures/stances, by shapes that make one cohesive composition - buildings, vehicles, armour or furniture. Also all the shades of emotions and impressions conveyed by sounds, especially classical/electronic music, or words.

    I only seem to have genuine empathy towards the people I'm closest with, the bigger and more foreign the group of given people the less empathy I'd feel for them, i.e. a plane crash, or a natural disaster with loads of casualties.

    I was quite abusive as a child, but usually in ways that I knew wouldn't destroy the victim emotionally - throwing money in one kid's eyes who was from a not so well off family. As cruel as this may sound, I would never mess with a kid if I knew I'd make him cry or tell on me, having approx, 90% success rate in doing so by the time puberty hit. Yes, making a kid cry would make me feel uncomfortable, but on the other hand I still have a laughing reflex at funerals when seeing people cry, especially if I know that person was no close friend of the deceased. Anyway, it's a constant habit of feeling out where people's real boundaries lay.
    I despise obnoxious people and dismissive ones who see everything around them as black & white. Then again, I think I'm as open ended as it gets. Being on the topic, I also despise impractical design, people with flawed logic and bending down (especially when it's for trivial reasons) because I can feel how it wears my back needlessly.

    My room and the surroundings I work in are always set up in a presentable scene, for my peace of mind of order and for whomever visits me, making an impression of who I am on him. I'm well aware that this acute knowledge about 'what impression would this given visual make on the audience' being the surroundings I work in, what I'm wearing or any craft I'm working on is what drove me into a design college.
    My room's like a theatre stage really, I glance over it before I have guests and the way I feel during that day (let's say I may be in a business mood) then I grab my business awards and any memorabilia that has any business-like connection and furnish my room with them. When the guests come, I'm actually in that mindset too, so I really try to sell myself like this is what I do day in day out - business. Let's say that I stay in that mood for a week or two, because that's usually the case with phases like this and business theme is a recurring one for me; I'll be tempted to get involved the finance department at work, so even tho I work in a design studio I'll start considering taking care of some business components at our firm - just to satisfy my thirst to be this character that I crafted and fallen in love with. Obviously that sates my fantasy and I can continue being myself and doing my actual job properly.
    These kind of phases are useful in personal projects, let's say I'm infatuated with a historical role model of mine, it's an easy job to compose a painting based on the era and setting this character came from, having this sort of 'fleeting' passion.

    When it comes to being orderly, I can't stand few things like not having washed my hands (especially after meat) and having to write anything to use any of the more expensive pens afterwards; it's a big challenge to leave the house dirty or messy - this actually triggers some social anxiety, I don't mind people being unpresentable at all, but it bothers me a lot when I am. I'm not overly punctual and can delay things until the absolute final deadline nears.
    I am practical to the degree that I would never get a pet because I hate fur and the additional work is not worth all the love that a pet gives, speaking from past experiences.

    If I'm not careful I can easily fabricate facts or stories to attract the other person - when having a strong gut feel or being certain that this person would like the quality of myself I'm accentuating or adding to. I've noticed becoming alarmingly good at this around being 17-18, after which I stuck to using it only in situations when it does equal good to me and the person I'm talking to, or in emergencies.

    When it comes to video games I absolutely got dragged into Cities: Skylines, a city builder. The way I played was always treating the city as a system, that always had to look impressive and presentable. By a system I mean that I always focused that it maximises it's operating efficiency - having the graveyard close to the hospital so the hearses don't block my traffic for example. Resource efficiency was an area that has always fascinated me, the boldest and clearest example from the past would be German economists using stone headstones from a dormant Jewish cemetery to build a road that was needed nearby.
    I poured a great deal of my heart and time into World of Warcraft back in the day, the things I've focused in this game was first and foremost making my character look imposing & impressive, but not taking away the authenticity of who I am in his image.
    Guild play was a big aspect in all of this for me. Guilds were organisations with their own command hierarchies created by players. Just like in a modern day corporation there was a Guild Master - the CEO, below him a tight group of officers - the operating committee, and below all of this the rest of the guild members. When my summer holidays hit I set off to a daily grind, both social and game-skill one with a mindset of wanting to become an officer; and when I finally received that rank I was far from being disappointed with how I felt within this social structure, ending my two year 'career' there with running the treasury and overseeing guild's economy.

    Any comments and typings are appreciated, I'll add anything to clarify
    Enneagram would be appreciated too, if it's clear enough
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    You don't need to, trust me. Typology is a mess...
    Although, you give me an overall ISFP impression.

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    I'm thinking INTP or ISTP/Estp. Can you say more about your introvert/extrovert traits?
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    I have around 30 people to choose from to meet up with, although I go through social withdrawals pretty often during which I just avoid everyone (tend to be cranky and irritable) with few exceptions being my family and the closest of friends. However when I'm not going through any withdrawals people tend to see me as charming and everything I do becomes a performance which can be split into two categories being: turning the interaction into a borderline shitshow with sarcasm being its backbone, or supposedly me snake charming the living shit out of them, usually turning into the former after a while.

    When I'm around people who know me really well I let my mouth & brain run wild, spouting ideas and everything anyone says seems to be swallowed up by my charcoal black sense of humour merely becoming fodder to fuel my farcical crescendos further.
    I tend to hijack my friends laptops when they're showing me their latest interests because I'm convinced that I have something funnier or more piercing to follow up with and show them, I also have to force myself not to interrupt them, again, due to having that unchecked, snappy sense of humour.

    I'm way more effective when I work alone, but I usually seek social interaction when I take breaks during work. I tend to nonchalantly wander into people's spaces, question their belongings, surroundings and person, roasting them subsequently based on what they answer.
    I end up super drained after most group social interactions, unless I know these people extremely well and feel like I can be the unfiltered & unchecked me.
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