Dominant Function

Dominant Function

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This is a discussion on Dominant Function within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I've been trying to nail down whether I use Fi for years now and I'm still unsure. I'd be forever ...

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    Dominant Function

    I've been trying to nail down whether I use Fi for years now and I'm still unsure. I'd be forever grateful if you could tell me what function these characteristics strike you as.

    Whenever I see an art piece whether it's furniture, architecture, a painting, a costume, or a music piece I tend to like it for one or two specific parts - rarely for its entirety. Savouring all these favourite parts then builds a library in my head that I have at my disposal, and can sample from whenever I'm working on a new building or drawing.

    I'm very particular about my surroundings, I tend to get annoyed whenever things aren't set up in a way that I think is the most pleasant to look at, having a constant need to turn everything into an eye candy.
    When I get to know someone better I accumulate this palette in my head of things that'd piss them off or make their day. I'd say I'm above the average with reading facial expressions and guessing what the other person is thinking judging from their face and body language. I have no issues identifying/explaining how I feel and why, tho I open up very rarely if something hurt me because I don't want others to see me hurt or upset by something that I don't deem worthy of getting hurt by.

    I'd say that my handwriting is above the average in terms of clarity and looks, but I tend to go on a perfectionistic streak with it - I'm aware which of my letters/numbers are the best in terms of how they look, so let's say I hate my 8's. This means that I'll avoid writing down the number eight anywhere (especially if other people are to see it) I will go to lengths to substitute the '8' for a different number for the sake of aesthetics. On the other hand I'll favouritise my best looking digits & letters.

    When designing a building, furniture or anything alike I'll work on its specific parts until I'm no longer disgusted with them - I have to be able to look at each element of the craft and feel like every one of them is as good as on of these "favourite parts" that I mentioned in my first point. That quality threshold is definitely a curse & a blessing thing in my life, I mainly apply it to visuals tho it's hard to suppress it in other situations, be it composing a message.
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