Any Touhou freaks here? (music thread)

Any Touhou freaks here? (music thread)

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This is a discussion on Any Touhou freaks here? (music thread) within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; If so, how would you type each of the last boss themes (and maybe the last bosses themselves)? These would ...

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    Any Touhou freaks here? (music thread)

    If so, how would you type each of the last boss themes (and maybe the last bosses themselves)?

    These would be my choices. I included themes from the Classic era ahead, because there were just enough themes for the 16 types. (Keep in mind that I am going to go off on stereotypes in some cases here too.):

    INTJ - Septette for the Dead Princess

    A dark, a bit melancholic song that fits well with INTJ in my opinion. It has the INTJ-ish ambitious and lone wolfish-feel to it. It has the kind of message of, ''I will not held back by anyone, I am my own master and I pity you if you stand between me and my goal''. The type most likely to be a vampire sitting on a throne, drinking wine (or blood?) while plotting for the whole land to be covered by a scarlet mist, anyway. (Stereotypical, I know.)

    ISFP - Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life

    This song is reminiscent of ISFP, both the title and the atmosphere of the song and the character itself give me a lot of ISFP feels. This song frequently comes to my head when I'm in one of my ''ISFP moods''. It possesses the gentleness, beauty and whimsicality that ISFP types also might often have. Different from the determined, goal-seeking vibe of the previous song, this song is searching for the beautiful in life, just like the ISFP archetype. It's kind of like seeing a flower bloom for the first time. (Yuyuko's motivations of reviving a large ancient cherry tree, (even if it could kill her,) could also be called ISFP-ish.)

    ISTP - Onigashima in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power

    Intimidating and scary at the beginning... but friendly and playful when you listen to it some more. Like the ISTP. (Although the playfulness itself has a bit of a dangerous tint to it too.) This song beckons you to play and do risky things. Also has some of the ISTP independence and lone-wolfiness in it.

    ISFJ - Gensokyo Millenium ~ History of the Moon

    The reason why I chose this for ISFJ... It sounds hospitable, caring, giving, hardworking and helpful. (Don't ask me how a song can sound like that to someone, haha.) (Ok this is the part where I get kind of bored by trying to explain my reasons for the choices, (although I'm committed to finishing this post,) so excuse me if descriptions from now on are kind of lazy.) Also has some of the ISFJ idealism.

    ESFJ - Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess (Seriously, why do these titles have to be so long?)

    Hmm... Flight of the Bamboo Cutter seems kind of inclusive and also somewhat emotionally intense in the ESFJ sense... don't really know how to explain it. The feel of belonging to a society, an individual's desire to care and provide happiness for those around them, that's the kind of way I feel about this song. That's why I thought ESFJ was fitting.

    ISTJ - Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years

    Just by the word ''judgement'' in the title reminds you of a certain type, doesn't it? Usually people would think of ESTJ... but somehow I thought ISTJ was more fitting in this case. It sounds more... withdrawn and introverted. You can feel the meticulous judgement in the beginning sounds. Righteous, critical chase for precision, perfection and order. Finding flaws in everything and needing everything to be right. This song (and the boss) is the ISTJ stereotype.

    ENTJ - The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field

    I was kinda torn between ESTJ and ENTJ in this one... In the end chose ENTJ. Firstly, the tone of this song sounds very commanding... So it had to be a Te dominant for this one. Also, for me this sounded a bit like ascending some kind of stairs to some upper level... So Ni. Reaching for some kind of glory, maybe. So, yeah. Also, Kanako seems like an ENTJ boss to me. (Suwako is presumably an ISFP.)

    ESFP - Catastrophe in Bhava-agra ~ Wonderful Heaven

    Wild, spontaneous, fun, unpredictable, selfish, straightforward... This song is theme of a person who does what they want, whenever they want, unapologetically. Live life in the most fun way possible, in the present. Achieve personal glory through not giving a fuck and accomplishing your desires and searching for more and more adventures.

    ESTP - Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion

    Honestly, I don't think this needs much explaining...
    Ominous, intense, bombastic, like a thousand-feet meteor is coming your way... (okay haha, cliche imagery, but bear with me.) This song spells danger, and there's nothing more dangerous than an ESTP that has flipped their switch. This song is definitely pure DOING. (As opposed, to, you know, abstract thinking or planning.) It's a fire making steady way to burn the whole forest down, or lava that has just erupted and is rapidly descending the volcano. There's nothing to stop it, and it will bring destruction. (DESTPruction.)

    ENFJ - Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

    This song definitely reminds me of ENFJs. Like the ESFJ's, this song is very emotional and caring... but much more in an idealistic way. While ESFJs want people around them to be well and happy, the ENFJ ideal would be a society that cares for every being equally and unconditionally. Again, the song kind of feels like ascending somewhere. The song is very beautifully idealistic, dramatic and emotional, like the ENFJ. ''Emotional Skyscraper'' sounds very befitting for an ENFJ.

    ESTJ - Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator

    ESTJs, the badass administrators. Always making sure everything is control, taking care that the underlying structure is well. Rarely demanding any praise for it, yet knowing their worth. Very efficient and fact-oriented. Knows how to take care of things and get things done in the fastest way possible. This is kind of what this song reminds me of.

    INTP - The Lost Emotion

    Yes, although the title sounds like a veerrry (stereo)typical INTP one... I assure you, it's not the only reason I chose it, haha. Although the song itself sounds just a bit... apathetic. Like recognizing that you don't feel that much as other people do on a daily basis, and just... not caring about it, I guess. INTP life, I would imagine, is kind of like solving an eternal mystery about their own emotions. (Don't worry, you guys are still human despite not feeling like ones.)

    ENFP - Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess

    Now we get into one of my favorite themes. Can't really pinpoint the ENFPness in this (it's the N-dom which is usually really hard to explain concretely... and I usually suck at explaining things anyway :P), although it might seem fitting to them because ENFPs do have Te, so they're usually, I would imagine, more ''aspirational'' than other feelers. I feel like there are honestly few things that ENFPs care more about than justice and morality (and individual rights) in the broad sense. And when they find the thing that they're passionate about, they're willing to give it their all(, and they're very serious about it). That's what this song kind of tells me.

    ENTP - Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World

    To be honest, there were very few options left for ENTP (ENTP and ESTJ were the hardest choices for me), and if I could choose from any Touhou theme for ENTPs, it'd rather be Reverse Ideology... but as a last boss theme, I decided this was good enough for them. It seems more fitting for female ENTPs though. (But almost all characters in Touhou are females anyway...) I feel like this song could exemplify the somewhat paradoxical nature of ENTPs. The search for truth and all that too. Being interested in taboo, esoteric things. (The last boss, Sumireko, also seems kinda ENTP-ish, if you ask me. So all's well.)

    INFP - Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart

    If you're a big enough Touhou fan, you might be asking, since it's a mom character, then shouldn't an ExFJ be more fitting? The reason behind Junko's fury is losing her child to an enemy. Well... anyone can get enraged over that. This rage seems very... personal. Pure fury. Pure, intense, Fi fury. That's why I chose INFP. Her rage seems to be coming from somewhere deep inside her, and this song shows that. It's her rage, after all. Unrelenting rage towards someone who has done something unforgiveable, and taken away something precious to them, that they valued so much.

    INFJ - The Concealed Four Seasons

    Ok if you ask me why I chose this song haha... It's the Ni-Fe. This song just sounds Ni-Fe to me.

    (...Well, if you really want to hear an explanation though, basically, as the previous song is very Fi-ish and personal... this theme just feels very impersonal. Like you can feel that the theme song is focusing on you and not itself, and that it's ''playing with you''. Maybe even mocking you. Friendly with cold undertones. Also one of my favorites)

    Well then! That concluded my type theme song post, and although it sucked because I wasn't allowed to include more than 5 videos in this (because I wanted to include Rin's house remixes too, they're freaking boss ), I had fun with picking the right themes for the types (I tried to pick last boss themes that demonstrated each types awesomeness). And if you liked this post (despite my sometimes cringy over-the-top descriptions), then awesome! Feel free to disagree or share your own opinions on which Touhou last boss themes would be suitable for each type! I hope you enjoyed this post, and the music, whether you were a Touhou fan or not
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    This is awesome. I love Touhou music to death, but I have not the patience to put a song to each type. I just wanted you to know I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks.

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    Hi! ^_^

    I'm ESTP "7"..... (but aren't we all "7" tbh?)
    and the first time I encountered Touhou was when I was at a friends house and he wanted to play a Touhou game with me....
    a vs game where we played against each other.

    He said that he and his 2 other friends already have picked a character and that now I should pick one,
    and I said: "I assume the witch has already been taken?"
    but he told me she was not picked, and so I picked her, Marisa!!

    and..... this friend of mine, when we played against each other.... he was undefeated so far. None of his 2 other friends had beaten him in this game, ever.
    but the very same day that I found out about this game, I beat him! :D with Marisa! :D

    the other 2 friends, who were there when it happened, noticed my friends reaction and revealed to me that he was now broken. LOL
    and he admitted that he was, lol......
    he didn't expect me to beat him so badly, LOL
    and he also admitted that Marisa is KING

    Oh, and I think Marisa and Clownpiece are ESTP "7"
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