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This is a discussion on Introverted ENFP? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; @ shrek guacamole NE dominant types (ENTP/ENFP) are often considered the most "introverted of all the extroverts." I believe it ...

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    @shrek guacamole

    NE dominant types (ENTP/ENFP) are often considered the most "introverted of all the extroverts." I believe it is our Ne (Extroverted Intuition) that allows us to go off into our own heads for long stretches of time, and then we pop up and look for others to try out what we've come up with. We are able to get lost in our own heads and not notice where our energy is coming from, but sooner or later, we get an "itch" to be around the energy of others. Some people even bring up the word: "ambivert" when speaking of us.

    I do not always feel the need to speak up and be the center of attention. I pick and choose my words very carefully. I like to observe others before I join in, yet, I do enjoy being in a group of people (usually 25 or less). I like being able to choose my interaction level depending on my mood at the moment. I generally like bouncing my ideas off others and seeing which ones stick, which ones don't, and how the interaction provides me the opportunity for me to improve upon them. I want to hear other perspectives precisely because they are different from my own.

    What cannot be faked about either ENFP or ENTP is they do tend to have a lot of enthusiasm when they are really into what it is they are doing, and their enthusiasm tends to be infectious. There's a certain amount of charm about us that is undeniable. When we really turn it on, people tend to notice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NIHM View Post
    Yeah, I think I was more outgoing when I was younger. You might be on to something with the young ENFPs having more energy. Once my Te has started to strengthen I have found more calm. My Ne is still present and can hardly be held accountable for what comes out of my trap but with age came wisdom. I've learned it's ok to be alone and in fact, I need it. It helps me center myself.
    Yeah that's interesting how versatile and also contradictional our type can be :) For me it's a bit different than your case - I was quiet, shy but yet temperamental and having "short fuse" before adulthood (more like Fi-based I guess) but having a bit calmer temperament overall yet being much more outwards and "extroverted" now.

    My GF's teenage son is most likely ENFP as well and he's quite different from who I was at that age - he's that typical outwards "energy bomb", restless, hard to focus and stand still and has that bubbly Ne look. Yet it's still not the social type of extroversion for him either.

    ENFPs can come in many various formats and this often tends to change with time. Can't remember from where I read about that but it was said that it's one of the types who change the most in their lifetime. Also having contradictional characteristics over time or even simultaneously is nothing to be surprised about :)

    Agreed that development of Te (and also Si) with age could also change things quite much.
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