Type due to stress

Type due to stress

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This is a discussion on Type due to stress within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Hi! I have a question. During my last two years I was under the influence of constant stress. My personality ...

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    Type due to stress

    I have a question. During my last two years I was under the influence of constant stress. My personality type at that time was ENFP but I didn't feel comfortable with myself. Now, when the stress is gone, my result is INTP. Is it possible? Can stress interfere the results?

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    Yes, they are called grips, loops and shadows. If you are really an INTP a Fe grip would make sense, because it makes INTP unnaturally emotional.

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    Thank you.

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    Yes, chronic stress will alter your results. Who you are is static, your results can be dynamic. This is just a quiz. It is not like just because you got a different result later that your personality changed. It didn't. You just answered the questions differently. If you get anything out of MBTI, it should be to figure yourself better.
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    Thank you again. I have typed myself successfully! My type is ENTP:)


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