ESTP female on the INTJs - What do all the INTJs think of this??

ESTP female on the INTJs - What do all the INTJs think of this??

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This is a discussion on ESTP female on the INTJs - What do all the INTJs think of this?? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; ...

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    ESTP female on the INTJs - What do all the INTJs think of this??

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    ...Said the promoter

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    Not an INTJ, but
    I for one will believe a scientific paper over some random person's anecdote, so I'm going to have to completely disagree with her there.

    Agree with most of the rest.

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    It’s mostly accurate to my own experience with my INTJ mother

    But I think my mother was more arrogant about Ni than Fi stuff
    She was personally stubborn about her Fi (Yes rigid)
    But after we were like probably 12 yrs. of age she never really imposed her personal Fi on us direct. She was still able to separate her personal Fi from us being individuals separate to her.

    I think I dealt with more condescending type of stuff in my home with Ni for a very distinctive difference. Which is my lil sis was Ni dom too. So the two of them tended to bond a lot over Ni. Eh if ya can imagine how annoying that would be for a fricken Se dom. Two people who were sooooo dogmatic about premonitions . I mean yes when they are right they are right and of course they can be a lot. But there would be times when the both of them combined would really undermine me and mock me. And there were times I would be pointing out an elephant in a room and it would be like I was on mute. Of course they are the types that could say I told ya so. Gawd that shit annoys me :) . But where I find them both goofballs the same as they find me, in reverse is with their inferior Se. I really pick my battles with both my mom and sis for different reasons. But one thing I will call out to them is when they are being bonkers with inferior Se or like ridiculous OCD. I mean I can handle some of it at times. But my gosh sitting in either of their homes where they can have an isolated disaster that they still intend to get to yet at the same time they can be so particular about which glass you set where. I mean I respect other people’s space and belongings just to be clear, but in their homes you feel like you’re tip toeing around.

    Te in INTJs doesn’t usually bug me as much as the you tuber was pointing out
    I do think it can be stubborn if it’s discussing a personal issue mixed with Fi. While I personally do not care to rock the boat with call outs to this crap. My Fe dom bro and my Fe aux sis always feel the need to address or call this out with our mom. I would say usually it seems more so petty to argue the point. But what I do notice that the you tuber touched on is our mom can have a convenient memory. Where it’s like distorted retelling or a lie by omission. It’s the one area where I think INTJs can look stupid. If you are sitting by three people who were present for events and all 3 have a clear accurate similar recollection and you’re the only one who has a different version always and then she tries to use Te to shut down the argument but it is actually not admissible. Honestly I just look at my siblings though, like why do you even bother confronting her. You know she has extremely high pride. She is extremely sensitive on the DL.

    They always want to expose her. Me interestingly despite being the black sheep more to my mom (even at my siblings recognition). Still me in that case knows she is actually super sensitive in that way and I don’t derive the same kind of satisfaction as my siblings for exposing her weaker points. In that specific way though I have a very clear understanding she is so sensitive there though. While I am not sensitive in the same way as my mom. I understand as a thinker what she is doing and I also recognize them as feelers trying to make her vulnerable (and I don’t like it). Because they are hurting her deliberately with the intention to expose her vulnerabilities when it seems so unnecessary. My argument with them is usually, well if you know why do you feel the need to call out. She atones for her mistakes in her own way. They are also really disrespectful and ungrateful to our mom mocking her for her over the top perfectionism. This is literally her love language is acts of service. It’s how she shows love and they are such brats to her for it being so ostentatious. But really if it is so ostentatious I think it represents how much she wants to express her love to us. Referring to like weird 5 course meals with fancy china etc Gawd they are lil punks to her. I called my sis out on it recent though. I explained how much it takes for our mom to be vulnerable and they try and force her to be vulnerable in their own way but yet at the same time they insult the way she is comfortable to show her love and be more vulnerable. My sis mentioned I was right and she was going to stop doing that.

    Again the irony here is I get dissed by my mom the most because well I am an Se dom ya know of course she is always like omg did ya really just say that, or do that. She is so funny. She can try my whole life to groom me for more refined etiquette but unless I am at a formal affair or her home for dinner, I am not doing it.
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    She is correct on the (pre-judge) bit. I have already pre-judged the rest of her video [passed the part about "science"] as misinterpretation of INTJ. I failed to continue.
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    Pretty girl, but her shirt shrunk in the dryer. I have nothing else.
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    Is she on crack lol
    The people she describes are not Intj
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    lol. Somebody feels inferior. :P
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    it made me laugh. i liked the 'okay, so i realise society needs/benefits from having intjs [but please don't make me deal with them thx]'. enjoyed that because that's how feel myself. but the odd thing is how it went a bit downhill from that pretty-promising start. not that she's asking me, but i do feel like most of the stuff she's complaining about could very easily be dealt with by applying exactly that thought.

    for the rest, don't get how her sister biting her is somehow the entire type's fault alternatively, if adult-life intjs are NOT biting her then i don't get how our 'tenacity' should get her knickers into a knot.

    the anecdotal dissing was kind of weird and distasteful as well. i'm either not relating to her yardsticks for 'kind' and 'not kind', or i'm just not parsing her ideas of an 'inner circle.'

    i also really can't stop myself pointing out that she says she wants 'us people' in her inner circle, but that's not at all the same thing as one of us having her in our inner circle. i get the feeling somehow that she doesn't realise that. and yet if it's our 'kindness' that she wants to benefit from then that's what it would probably take.

    it's interesting though, because watching this thing gave me a sort of idea how to (tentatively) type a few of the people i know. i don't normally type real-lifers, and with the folks she's reminding me of, i do mostly use that rule that she started out with.
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