What does your voice sound like?

What does your voice sound like?

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This is a discussion on What does your voice sound like? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I made a video on my perception of the different types around me, their voices and correlation. I do realize ...

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    What does your voice sound like?

    I made a video on my perception of the different types around me, their voices and correlation.

    I do realize I have an annoying vocal fry and I apologize for that.
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    I think that my voice sounds pretty unmemorable. I've heard that my speaking is monotone and deadpan. I guess it matches what you describe in your video.

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    This should be cool. Low and slow

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    My voice is kind of “tenor” and masculine like yours. Super interested if this is an ENFP thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulsearcher550 View Post
    My voice is kind of “tenor” and masculine like yours. Super interested if this is an ENFP thing.

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    All my xNFP friends have relatively low voices for women. My voice has been described as "sultry," "raspy" and "sexy" in person.
    But I've also been told I sound like a "90 year old" woman. :P

    @ai.tran.75 what's your take on this? What's your voice like?

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    1.Deeper voice. In high school I had someone tell me that I didn't look my voice would be as deep as it was. Have only had that one person tell me that though.
    2. I'm a southerner and I have an accent that varies in strength depending on I don't even know what. Heard my voice recorded a few weeks ago and I was like "god, I sound like I should be on one of those 'Swamp Logger Truckers' type reality TV shows," and my friend just shrugged and was like "well, that's what you sound like." You know what though? That's also what he sounds like. A lot of greeting people with "y'all." And the other day, I said "something ain't right here," because something wasn't right, and then I was like "holy shit, I just said ain't?"
    3. An ex-girlfriend told me why voice sounded like chocolate and honestly I have no idea what that means
    4. I've been told I should be a newscaster
    5. I couldn't say my Rs until I was like, 7 or 8, and my Rs at the ends of words are either kind of weakened (which according to my sister makes me sound very "Civil War era aristocratic class" southern), or I come in really hot with the Rs like a pirate.

    I've been told I'm loud, yeah, I entered a building and was talking to some people and I hear my friend call me from another room and I asked her how she knew I was there and she was like "I could HEAR you." I laugh really loud too. But I also do a lot of mumbling, especially in more formal settings where I don't always know how I'm supposed to carry myself. When you add the southern accent onto that, people who don't hear well, or people who aren't close enough can have trouble.
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    I've been told I sound like a little boy. Been harassed and called a "squeaker" a couple times when playing online games, its pretty degrading.
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    Rather lower and deep as I've heard people saying over time, mostly calm too, even in stressful situations but sometimes it might change a bit. Sometimes makes people laugh if they see somebody talking in calm and serious manner but occasionally throwing in jokes :) I've been offered a few times by other people that let you do the talking due to your tone of voice :)
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    It was always naturally deeper than average. Same with my singing voice. But I'm actually trying to train my voice to be deeper now.

    Different cultures seem to read my voice differently though. Perhaps more "expressive" cultures think that I am deadpan/monotone, like Rosa from Brooklyn 99. Brits think I'm emotive and seem to recognise the variance in cadence... Perhaps we all are naturally more subtle with our expression.

    One INTP I know sounds likely his voice is always on the verge of breaking. Everything comes across as a sarcastic question... Not that dissimilar to an ENTP friend of mine although she has more control in her voice. My dad (INTP) is warmer, friendlier, why I always thought he had too high an Fe to be an INTP... but then again I didn't know my dad had an accent until I was like 16 so maybe I can't judge his voice.

    Apparently my phone voice is just like my mum's (ESFP)...
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    Zombob, aka Kerry (ESFP husband), Virus, aka Marc (ISFP brother), and Kitti606, aka Purple Kitti (ENFP - me). Just keep your fingers close to the volume knob after Zombob transforms from a chicken into a horse because ISFP and ENFP are friggin LOUD WHEN WE LAUGH.

    (Also, sorry for the very disorganized video, as we were all testing mods and just messing around for fun at the time.)

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