The Difference Between a Value and a Principle - F vs T

The Difference Between a Value and a Principle - F vs T

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This is a discussion on The Difference Between a Value and a Principle - F vs T within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; It is said that one of the main differences between F' and T's are a preference for values vs principles. ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    The Difference Between a Value and a Principle - F vs T

    It is said that one of the main differences between F' and T's are a preference for values vs principles.

    If we take a principle to be an immoveable truth and a value as something which is important to the bearer. Surely we possess both - perhaps we just visit one before the other in our decision making process, or place higher importance on one over the other.

    I am curious - to T's - what are your values, and to F's what are you principles?
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I've attempted to reply to this thread for the last five minutes, but I feel as though my values are my principles - essentially, non-specific things that blanket everything I do. I'm afraid you'll have to accept my political ideology for my values, as that's the closest thing to think of.

    1. I believe women should have clear access to abortion, with federal funding to make things more efficient, so it's not as costly or dangerous.
    2. I believe that an individual has the right to marry another consenting individual if they so choose, be it the opposite gender or their own gender.
    3. I'm against major gun control, but this doesn't necessarily mean I want everyone to own a gun.
    4. I don't believe my nation should involve itself in the affairs of other nations unless being directly affected, and I don't mean in an economic way.


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    ESTP - The Doers

    I value integrity, my principals are my values I know I should act on.
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    Unknown Personality

    Wisdom and maturity, respect and humility, patience and diplomacy, fairness and open-mindedness, empathy and not sympathy, truth and integrity, curiosity and critical thinking, and of course family and security.

    Being wise and mature means accepting things you cannot change. Being humble and respectful means acknowledging your faults and being patient with the faults of others. Being patient and diplomatic means telling the truth, but in a way which emphasizes efficiency for the long-term. Being open-minded is being fair, but sometimes what's fair isn't always what's "right". Being empathetic rather than sympathetic means acknowledging the thoughts, feelings, and states of others, while distancing yourself enough to not prioritize them or cloud your overall judgment. Being truthful and having integrity is self-explanatory. Everyone has the right to ask "why", and everyone should.

    I wouldn't value anything if I didn't believe it served to enhance efficiency. With the exception of family and security, these are more common sense things than special convictions.
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    Unknown Personality

    Wait ... which does a T have and what does a F have?

    I thought Fs have the values? As in the 'internal value system' I've read so much about?
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    Unknown Personality

    I value diversity and uniqueness.
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by cardinalfire View Post
    Wait ... which does a T have and what does a F have?

    I thought Fs have the values? As in the 'internal value system' I've read so much about?
    Both have both, but they differ primarily in that someone with dominant Fi will prioritize values (while still having, though possibly placing less importance on principles) while dominant Ti would prioritize principles (while still having, though likely placing less importance on values). Fi is essentially about your values, authenticity, and being true to your inner self/essence. An Fi user might not care as much about what is true as what they know in themselves to be important (note how I say important and not true or false). Objectifying something means losing a lot of importance because what really matters to an Fi user is what resonates with that inner essence the most -- what is authentic is true enough. So, Fi cares about important or not important, and this is why value judgments are made more often.

    Meanwhile, Ti cares the most about what is true or false. The objective of Ti is to find and understand the "ultimate truth", and in the Ti user's eyes, that requires detachment and favoring what is objective. Objectivity can be applied universally, so it is deemed most true. So again, I would guess Ti prefers principles because Ti doesn't really care to explore what they most value. It was written somewhere that Ti-Ne users value the truth (what can be logically proven) so much and can often spend so much time exploring different perspectives that they can either chronically discount or fall out of touch with what they themselves feel "deep down". Another reason why the Ti user doesn't prioritize values as much as he does principles.

    All of that is a slightly long-winded way of saying Ti tends to prefer principles while Fi tends to prefer values, but both Ti and Fi have both. I'm not sure how successfully the above can apply to Te and Fe.
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    Unknown Personality

    Well I consider these my values then ... Things that are important are art, education, family and friends. Honesty, integrity, character, responsibilty. These are the top ones, love as well I value, as in just being kind and polite to strangers, not physically hurting others. That's what comes to mind.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I guess my main value is that you should have an almost laissez-faire approach to what other people do, with very little intervention.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I value: family, altruism/empathy, justice, honor, eduction, science and the arts. I rationalize that all of these things are more or less universally necessary to sustain the species or improve people's lives and so they are principles.
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