INTP vs ENTP - what's the big difference?

INTP vs ENTP - what's the big difference?

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This is a discussion on INTP vs ENTP - what's the big difference? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Is this guy an INTP or ENTP?...

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    INTP vs ENTP - what's the big difference?

    Is this guy an INTP or ENTP?

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    Is The guy in the youtube video INTP or ENTP? Neither...

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    I have to know Nathan.... what happened with you and Lu? Last I saw you had a clever change of nam (Lovewho) on YouTube and she went MIA

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    Guy in the video: INTP. But, to credit your question, he seems a fair degree more fluent and outspoken than your average one.

    The "big difference" between INTPs and ENTPs, I would say, is meticulousness.
    Both can be, of course. But ask yourself: is the person generally, by default, more measured (INTP) or more casual/impromptu (ENTP)?

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    Nathan is cool (ISTP is often considered one of the coolest type) and when he is not reading something, as in one of the previous video about INTJ, he can originate practical advice and advice about the concrete world.
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