Vocal characteristics of each MBTI type

Vocal characteristics of each MBTI type

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This is a discussion on Vocal characteristics of each MBTI type within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; How would someone describe them?...

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    Vocal characteristics of each MBTI type

    How would someone describe them?
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    I always thought of ESFPs having somewhat annoying nasally voices.

    ENFJs having seductive voices.

    INFJs being quite and mysterious.

    ESTJs sounding like drill instructors.

    INFPs having nice, quiet, sweet sounding voices that make them sound like they couldn't hurt a fly.

    ENTJs having booming, commanding voices with a hint of charisma that makes you want to follow what they say.

    ENFPs are excessively loud and talk really fast.

    ESTPs sound like the typical jock football player.

    ESFJs sound like that one mom friend people have.

    ISFJs sound like grandma.

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    @DrEquine Rethink. I am far from quiet, and too honest and open (and loud) to be mysterious.
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    In my own experience (and opinion)

    ESTJ: Brash and commanding, though with a silly side from times to times

    ESFJ: Sweet and neutral, and less aversive to the silly side than ESTJ.

    ISTJ: Relatively normal, though with a mild robotic tone. Kinda deep, too (though not to the extent as ESTJ)

    ISFJ: Neutrality but with sweetness. Can show stressness at times due to its obedient nature that is its duty.

    ENTJ: Similar to ESTJ, but instead of a silly side, it shows more of an arrogant side (in other words, this person can be a huge pain in the ass and they want it to be so).

    ENFJ: Sweet but passionate. Is much more "cosmopolitan" (as in elegant) than a typical ESFJ, who is rather homey.

    INFJ: Hard to hear and can get surprising when it yells or screams. Slightly more accommodating than ISFJ, but not that much and fixated on one subject.

    INTJ: Pompous (but relatively less overwhelming than ENTJ, though still biting as one) and passing commentary. Voice is somewhat deep with a mixture of elegance (more than ENTJ)

    ISTP: Shaggy but very deep. Apathetic but very assertive and extorting physically. (and as an ISTP myself, more egotistic than INTPs as we are confident and stubborn on our observations than being dubious and caution) Analytical, though grounded.

    ISFP: Sour, but at least not super sensitive. Fanatical and desirful (wanting something for them). Shows boredom almost every time.

    ESTP: Swag dudebro, and deep and physical (and consistent unlike the more nerdy ISTP). Semi-serious and actually shows cares and concerns for other people (though whether this is genuine or not is a mystery).

    ESFP: If males, similar to ESTP males though more passionate and (yes, I have to go off the selfish Fi user stereotype) more worried of themselves than other people, though shows cares to familar people.
    If females, Valley girlish, though a little more rough around the edges.

    INTP: Nasal and nerdy (helluva a lot more than ISTP). Identical in analytical and apathy, though shows a lot more warmth due to the fact that humility is more neutral than our hot and cold as ISTPs. Slightly less serious than ISTPs and (as I said), more caution and dubious.

    INFP: Sour while being unfortunately super sensitive. Physicality is this person's weakness and barely do anything it. At least this person has a silly side (as so do INTPs) to compensate for this.

    ENTP: A nerdy version of ESTP. Quick act and having a sharp tongue, this person has an androgynous voice (not too masculine but not too feminine either) and act kinda gay (though usually restrained and gay as in "lol :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD") to appear trolly, quirky and offset. Motherly qualities will be found in the caring and most developed versions.

    ENFP: Offset and quirky, though an easy troll (no offense). This person has a childlike resonance to their voices and has feministic qualities (even if the most masculine ENFP tries to deviate from that). Acts kinda gay (though how they restrain it depends; some don't even do that).
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    I don't think MBTI type really affects peoples' vocal characteristics. Extroversion will probably have an affect on how much they're willing to project their voices but past that probably nothing.
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