Seducing the 16 personalities - ENTP

Seducing the 16 personalities - ENTP

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    Seducing the 16 personalities - ENTP

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    As an ENTP, I approve.

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    Also remember things for them. Play them good music and cook for them.

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    Get on a plane with them to parts unknown.

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    Not true.

    Say I had that or those. And was rather fancy looking too. And savvy, and the fuck not. If Im highly UNagreeable you wont be seduced by those.

    I have an entp friend IRL Im considering dating. After some stress testing and the uplifting, it took her literally weeks to even talk to me again. Then, one day, she opened up saying this:

    I think you are more than what you pretend to be.

    And that, opened the holy grail for her.

    Why. Bc this chick could go beyond the appearance and enter the WHY zone.

    Smart bird. ENTP sxso 7w8

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    While we can certainly benefit from some J in our live, Si is not our friend. INFJs bring a future orientation and a crazy interesting brain to the table, while being on the same N page as us. They pretty much fit the 'seduce ENTP method' without even trying.


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