Which type is the most pragmatic?

Which type is the most pragmatic?

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This is a discussion on Which type is the most pragmatic? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; My vote is for ENTJs!...

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    Which type is the most pragmatic?

    My vote is for ENTJs!

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    ENTJs use unproven methods, they take risks to obtain an uncertain but audacious result. ESTJs (efficient organizer) work with proven methods in the past while mastering it to perfection. The result becomes the optimal efficiency. ISTPs (logical pragmatist) are the inverse tendency of ESTJ. But they are the pure logic focused on the immediate real. If something does not work, immediately they adapt with the simplest and most feasible option possible for an unexpected but functional result.

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    I'd say ESFJs, ISTJs, ESTJs and ENTJs are pretty pragmatic. Out of the P types I find that ESxPs can be surprisingly pragmatic too.

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    Asking me to be pragmatic, to focus on the "real world" (whatever that means) as my primary direction of mental energy is like asking a blue whale to climb a tree. I'm so disinterested and disengaged, or just unaware of the "physical" side of life. You can ask me to share my views on lots of things, and unless you know a lot better than I do I'll come off as half-intelligent and witty even when I'm bullshitting and going off in verbal diarrhea mode, but ask me where I left something a couple days ago I'll be like..... "UH"........

    In fact what frustrates me a lot is that I come from a country where the vast majority of people tend to be really pragmatic and mundane. Not saying they're bad people (though you do get some dicks like anywhere else in the world), but I often feel out of place and misunderstood because I'm much more of an ideals person.

    Due to this pragmatic mentality many deeper social, philosophical, human rights and political issues are not really discussed. To make a very sharp and profane analogy, it seems to me for the majority of people here their relationship with the political system is this: It's like a bitch who lets her husband disrespect her, cheat on her however and whenever he wishes as long as he gives her goodies. As long as there's the goodies, she can put up with a lot.

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    Definition of pragmatic: dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

    Definitely has to be a Sensor by definition. They prefer concrete while Intuitives prefer abstract.
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    One thing I have noticed about the Sensing types I've encountered so far is that when they tend to talk a lot about the specific details of something, and I am unable to respond, my tendency is to try (sometimes I'm really forcing myself to come up with something) to steer the conversation in a more "Intuitive friendly" manner by asking questions about the broader implications, or bringing up a broader observation / pattern. I feel I want to contribute something so they're not talking all the time (and probably wondering whether I'm listening to anything they're saying), but it's so hard for me to "even out" the conversation by interacting with them within the "boundaries" of their terms. That's why I try to bring up the broader implications / questions / observations hopefully as an "equalizer", which may or may not work as intended depending on said Sensor's interest / ability to respond. Not to bash anyone but this does get quite frustrating because I feel like there's a mental stumbling block by that point which makes the conversation awkward and hard to move forward.

    If I were having the same conversation on the subject with an Intuitive, it would be far more likely for both of us to get straight to the implications / patterns / general musings.

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    This question could be answered easier if you provided an example of what you mean by "pragmatic".

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    I would say Si, Te, Fe, and Ni are generally functions that make a person more practical while Ti, Fi, Ne, and Se make a person less practical.

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    I would consider pragmatic to mean more sensible or realistic than practical. It relates just as much to consideration as action.
    For instance a pragmatist is defined as “a person who is guided more by practical considerations than by ideals.”
    So T>>>F while S>N. For instance someone who is pragmatic would recognise their lack of practical ability and hire someone to do it efficiently, while a practical but not pragmatic persons would attempt the job themselves.

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    I'm a lot more idealistic than pragmatic. My girlfriend recently said of me: "The last thing I'd want is for someone like you to be in power. Not because you'd be a cold, heartless, despotic SOB of a leader, but because you'd get nothing done by wasting your time on truth and morals and you wouldn't know it until you're half screwed by others who don't give two shits about those things."

    Fair analysis, but to become "pragmatic" would force me to make changes to my character beyond what I am comfortable with and it would make me unrecognizable.

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