How often do you feel dumb?

How often do you feel dumb?

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This is a discussion on How often do you feel dumb? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; So, I am wondering how long people spend instrospecting...especially for those with lower Te or Ti. How often do you ...

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    How often do you feel dumb?

    So, I am wondering how long people spend instrospecting...especially for those with lower Te or Ti.

    How often do you find yourself questioning your own cognitive processes?
    How often does someone say something that makes you feel like "I should have known that fact", or "How come they know about this? I don't know much about this"...
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    If I don't know it, it probably does not interest me enough.

    I don't think I feel dumb that often. Sometimes I make really stupid mistakes which make me feel like an idiot, but thats it.

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    Not too often....I think I think through things logically enough . I also like gathering information (Dom Si) so try to know as much about a problem as I can, before I address it.
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    1. All the time, spoken words give me trouble. Sometimes they sound like a foreign language to me. I'm asking "What?" all the time and mishear things a lot. But that's okay, since I'm fine with reading. And it doesn't bother me, since not a lot of people talk to me anyway. Everything else is great: Memory, logical thinking etc.

    2. Not often - I'm well read [Being a huge procrastinator helps: it makes you really creative and philosophical]. A lack of knowledge doesn't mean you're dumb anyway. No one knows everything.
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    I tried getting close to an ISFP and my god, it was an Fe disaster.

    It was like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion and I could've hit the brakes at any time, but I just kept going full-on train wreck. I'm pretty sure I've done this with other ISFPs in the past too. Thankfully, they generally seem to be very forgiving, but I have to learn to tone it down to avoid that fatal Te snap.

    So hey, not learning booksmart stuff is annoying sometimes, but it's usually okay because you usually have a second chance to learn things again -- books don't get mad at you.

    But if you screw things up with people, it's a lot harder to get a second chance.

    Everyone's smart at something, even if it's not always something you want, and it may not always be something society values as much as you'd hope.

    I'm old enough that I should've learned my lesson many times, but I don't know what it is about ISFPs that turns me into a desperate mess (socionics super ego relations?). Even with introspection, I don't seem to really be able to figure out why my Fe is so vulnerable... I mean, aside from inferior function theory. Maybe I just need to get to know at least one INFJ to see what I've been missing.

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    How often do you feel dumb?

    There aren't enough seconds in a day...

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    Even when I do something dumb I'm too humble to admit it.

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    Well there is a difference between being wrong and being stupid. Being wrong is actually advantageous if your assertions are testing and exploring the world. It helps you map out how things work. Aka trial and error. Being stupid is being wrong when you should know better, like making the same stupid mistake over and over.

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    I feel dumb when I'm surrounded by the apathy of others on the internet and they're wasting away and not contributing anything I consider meaningful.

    (Anyone that doesn't care about MBTI and other things.)


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