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This is a discussion on perfectionism???? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; So....This is one of the things that throws me off about typing goes, down the rabbit hole... I'm an ...

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    So....This is one of the things that throws me off about typing goes, down the rabbit hole...

    I'm an art teacher, right? I have a coworker (obviously also an art teacher), and we just ordered a new kiln. The shed that was given us where we will keep the kiln has some rotted wood parts on one side and is all brown and a bit gross. My coworker mentioned that she would like to paint the whole shed white, making it a priority and having a bunch of people involved in the happening thereof. The kiln arrives in 2 days and she is in a huff and puff about getting it done. I have seen this shed only today, and one look at it (it's sturdy and sound, and it's a shed like any other shed out there) convinced me that it would be a safe place for our kiln. I am just happy to have a functioning kiln, and what I told her was that what matters most is our students' artwork that will go inside the kiln, not how bright or dull the external surroundings are.
    She feels it's really important to paint the shed walls white. This confuses me a bit. What's the point? To brighten things up, sure, but isn't she just happy to have a functioning kiln? Isn't that enough?

    She mentioned something I consider to be very S....that she has never worked in a place where the kiln didn't have white walls around it and didn't look a certain way (SI? She's also very nostalgic about the past and her relationship to it)....shrug.

    So, we are quite different....One of the volunteers commented on how he feels my coworker is a "perfectionist"....this only confused me more- shouldn't I be the perfectionist one if I am to be called INFJ????

    And when we tested in 16 personalities together, we both got ENFP-- apparently, this could not be further from the truth.

    I am almost convinced I am INFP after all. Apparently, according to Myers Briggs, I am....whilst according to Jung, I'm INFJ.
    Confusion sets in...what do you think? Could my coworker be an ESFP or ESFJ???? Am I INFP? GAAAAH, the old doubt sets in.....

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    No type has more claim to the term perfectionist then others. It's true that INFJs are often perfectionists, but that goes for multiple types.

    Perfectionism is more common in IxxJ types, but I've seen it in lots of other types too. It's loosely linked to MBTI but actually exists separate from it as well. People of all different types can be perfectionists, but it's more common for some types than others.

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    ...and also...I've been giving this a considerable amount of thought....people may be perfectionistic in different ways...for my coworker, she is perfetionistic in terms of details, and how things in the outside world should or shouldn't LOOK like. With me, I guess I can get into the zone of having this completely unreachable ideation of what people should or shouldn't be like. I take forever to make friends...I consider having just one true friend IRL, and I've known that person since we were both 4 years old. But everyone else is an acquaintance. I have since realized that people do not see things this way, and would consider what I call "acquaintances" actual friends.
    Damn, rereading my words make me sound so cold- but I am a very warm person, will hug people, will give them advice...but for a friendship to be truly considered a friendship, I think people need to connect with mind and soul...otherwise they're just acquaintances...
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    ''Perfectionist'' is a word that needs to be eradicated from popular language. All it means is ''I'm so awesome, that my only flaw is being too awesome'' It's a nice term for flawed people to hide behind.

    Anal, overbearing and over-controlling should be the appropriate terms.
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    The ironic thing about creating art is we're taught that it's all about technique...

    Okay, so when we envision something in our minds, we need a way to convey the message, the story, the emotions, the feelings in a subtle way that captures the essence of the ideas we have in mind.

    Sometimes perfectionism is the irony of creating art, because we want to stay true to what we had in mind, and by successfully conveying through technique (maybe for some of us, it's easier, but for others it's not when you don't have patience to just sit there and get into the details, or sometimes you love the adrenaline rush of having to push your projects to the limit at the last moment,and that surge of creativity just comes out much easier).

    And other times, it's about letting go. So it's likely not type-related, because anyone can get into that mode of wanting their projects to come out just as they envisioned it. Mastering the art of your own style requires a certain level of letting go, and at the same time, repetition and diving in... and other times, feeling inspired somehow..

    Other times it helps to get out of that creative funk by taking a nap, disconnecting... eating your favorite piece of dark chocolate in front of your favorite movie, or listening to a jam that gets you going.. dancing, feeling free!!

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    Painting white gives her a sense of security for some reason that's my first impression. It may go deeper than MBTI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t4u6 View Post
    Painting white gives her a sense of security for some reason that's my first impression. It may go deeper than MBTI.
    It could be...She seems to think it will chase more spiders away- I gotta give it to her, it DOES look pretty cool now that it's all painted LOL


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