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types that hate small talk ...but still love to talk lmao

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    I find this post hilarious- Iíve yet to meet a person who enjoy small talk over long meaningful conversation or banter - most people donít enjoy small talk regardless of their type . The people who do engage in small talk do so to make things less awkward than it already is

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I think many introverts dislike smalltalk but once they're on a topic they have an interest in they can be talkers. I feel like IN__s are often this way - put two of them with similar interests together and they can talk for hours. My general observation is that Introverts do like talking, just not so much in groups or with people they don't know.

    I feel like small talk is more based on here and now, common knowledge, or tangible details, which when I write that sounds similar to sensing descriptions, so possibly Ns would find it more difficult??

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    Small talk hating INTP here, always ready to talk your ear off if the subject is interesting.

    I don't know if there really is much correlation between small talk and talking in general - small talk is more about being friendly/polite than communicating any meaningful information.

    I dislike being asked personal questions such as my plans for the weekend - if I wanted to talk about my plans, I would have said something. Also, if you're doing something interesting next weekend, don't think that I don't want to hear about it just because I didn't ask. It doesn't count as small talk if you're telling me something that you actually want to share - in small talk the whole point is just to have some kind of a verbal exchange, regardless of the content.

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    I'll always approach with a purpose. Sometimes, to get what/where I want small talk is included. Sometimes the situation requires small talk to simply steer off potential conflict during/after serious meetings.

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    Two extremes: you hate smalltalk, you hate lecture. It depends on the context: I would love to smalltalk to someone famous. I'd like to hear a story of how someone got addicted.
    You might hate smalltalk because you love to gossip like me.
    I don't like uninvited lectures about things I have no care about, but I prefer them to smalltalk. People have a strong need to talk, weirdos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brightonrock View Post
    let’s talk about the news or politics or life experiences
    I come from a culture where such topics are considered suitable for small talk (with some discretion, of course). Especially complaining about such things, gosh. Really gets people going.

    if that’s too demanding, let’s joke and be witty and see what silly shit we come up with to make each other laugh
    This is small-talk, no? At least what I tend to do when getting to know people, but now wanting to, like, get too deep into the traumatic shit.

    I find that people's small-talk preference is mostly up to their upbringing, social status and where they live, and their personal interests I could add that I personally love the sound of my own voice, but because I avoid being in large groups (seeing as they severely limit the amount of time I can personally spend speaking) I am often considered introverted type, too.

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    I think this goes for most introverts but there are individual differences within each of them. In any case, most introverts hate small talk. I think most of the ones that like it just have a different definition of what small talk is.
    Loving to talk isn't specifically bound to any type. I think most types have differences within them and different introverts will have different reasons that they might like to talk or that they don't.

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