Am I an INTP or INTJ?

Am I an INTP or INTJ?

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This is a discussion on Am I an INTP or INTJ? within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; Well I caved in after not being able to come to a conclusion as to whether I'm an INTJ or ...

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Am I an INTP or INTJ?

    Well I caved in after not being able to come to a conclusion as to whether I'm an INTJ or INTP. I've been thinking about it for a few days now and decided it's time to seek some wisdom/knowledge from one or perhaps a few of you with a good understanding of MBTI. I attend regular therapy for social anxiety, perfectionism and depression which is of some importance because I suspect that these 3 things might influence certain behavior that otherwise might not occur. IE; procrastination/boredom as a result of depression.

    I'm hoping that if I list out the qualities that I identify with the most/least that it should be enough information to determine which one better suits me.

    - When I'm working I like to collect lots of facts and information from multiple sources in order to build a solid understanding.

    - I like to plan my actions in advance in great detail but at the same time am not to bothered if something upsets the plan, I just adjust the plan or come up with a new one that accommodates unexpected events.

    - If someone where to give me a table to fill out I would probably throw it away, reinvent the whole table to better accommodate my needs and turn it into something that I feel was a direct improvement.

    - When I communicate in work/learning environments I try to be as succinct and accurate as possible. Looks like I've really made a tit of that with my huge wall of text written here but whatever.

    - As far as I can tell I'm an abstract/big picture thinker and I find details to be rather mundane. Although the details can be to knowledge bomb people with in order to fuel the ego train.

    - When problem solving I tend to focus on and enjoy finding the answer. But once I've found the answer I don't always move on straight away.

    - I have huge issues with boredom, procrastination and day dreaming. A task that would take someone half the time, will take me a lot longer but will often be completed to a much higher standard. The only trouble is some of the additional time spent would have been where I stopped what I was doing and spent an hour looking watching Youtube and rechecking my e-mails over and over again for no reason.

    - I often find myself accidentally overwhelming people with logic/reasoning/knowledge to the point where they feel swamped totally by accident, can think if quite a few instances of this.

    - Other people seem to tell me that I come across with the typical qualities of an INTJ at first , quite serious possibly elitist/snobby. But after some time spent I feel like a shift to more typical INTP qualities being laid back, having a widely ranging sense of humor

    - I'm quite open minded and don't take criticism personally, I actually like criticism so I can identify possible areas of improvement more easily. I'm open to other peoples opinions and will allow them to influence my decisions and opinions if I feel that they are logical and valid but I need to verify the facts for myself.

    - I believe I'm fairly self-confident but my perfectionism leads me always see how things could be improved which often instills some doubts which end up bringing my confidence down dramatically.

    - I hate structured environments and treat everybody with precisely the level of respect I think they deserve, as a consequence I can clash with authority figures. Been a consistent problem with know-it-all professors/teachers in the past when I can't stop myself from pointing out logical inconsistencies, etc.

    - I tend to be very honest and direct, clearly stating my opinions after having considered them carefully with no shits given and with no regard taken to whether it might cause conflict.

    - I wouldn't really say I was all that independent or decisive. I tend to take a lot of time to consider all the options carefully and come to a decision in my own time but usually it doesn't take me long to feel like I have in fact considered all the options, so not really sure how to take that. If pressed for a decision before I've clearly made up my mind I get a bit narky because I like to be absolutely certain that I won't be making a mistake.

    - Sometimes I form opinions a bit to quickly and if I'm unlucky I express them prematurely then as more information arrives I end up thinking "shit, given the new information, I was wrong" then formulate a different opinion. Leads to a lot of going back on what I'd initially said, can be kinda awkward.

    - Despite repeatedly receiving the label "Scientist" through multiple personality tests I feel like I have no inclination towards maths/science at all, it actually bores the shit out of me and feels like it has too many uninteresting details. Perhaps I'm totally wrong and someone can teach me otherwise!

    Anyway that's a fair wadge of info, what's it gonna be?
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I think you are an INTJ with a low judging preference. Look at your cognitive functions.

    INTJ = Ni Te Fi Se
    INTP = Ti Ne Si Fe

    I'm an INTJ who scored low judging. I've resorted to all kinds of tricks to try to stop wasting time and to try to get a lot of work done. I've been trying to raise my judging preference.

    I don't recommend using therapists. The ones I had all were all worthless. I recommend using self help books and books with success advice. They give you all the answers. I permanently cured my depression by reading self help books and by improving my nutrition. I'm sure I'll never get depressed again. Don't think negative thoughts and don't think about bad memories. One thing therapists do very wrong is they make you talk about depressing things, thus making you more depressed. They're idiots!

    Perfectionism is good and bad. It's good in that you produce high quality work. It's bad in that it often stops you from doing things. I recommend you throw away perfectionism most of the time and only use it when you need it.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Thanks for the reply. :)

    In response to what you were saying about therapists, I quite enjoy going there out of curiosity without really expecting any results and I find it quite a pleasant experience. To generalize that all therapists are idiots seems a little unfair, surely? :P I do understand where you're coming from though, what your saying seems like a constructive approach to helping yourself. I'm not sure how successful self-help would be for me though, I have numerous overlapping issues and haven't been able to identify a starting point to most of them. After some reading I'm starting to feel quite inclined towards genetics as a probable culprit for the perfectionism. To be exact; it's possible that I have a temperament that influenced its development.

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    Most of your post looks like general issues or possibly 5w6 Enneagram (don't take my word on that). Have you tried the 16 Type Quiz? It's a good place to start...might differentiate it.
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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    You are leaning in the direction of judging. Just because you are a judger doesn't mean that you have to do every single in a strict, monotonous fashion, and it certainly doesn't require you to be humorless (just taking your work seriously). Your abstract thinking has to do more with intuition, I believe.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

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    INFJ - The Protectors

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Thanks for the input guys. Already checked the linked video and linked thread prior to posting and found them inconclusive. I did the Enneagram test I got 5w6 if that has any impact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junsa View Post
    Thanks for the input guys. Already checked the linked video and linked thread prior to posting and found them inconclusive. I did the Enneagram test I got 5w6 if that has any impact.
    I would recommend to research more about Enneagram, as I mistyped during months as a 5w6 thanks to faulty tests and bad descriptions.
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