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This is a discussion on Introvert/Extravert social humor within the Myers Briggs Forum forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I usually make jokes about others (I'm an introvert) but I do make them about myself too. Actually I'm not ...

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    I usually make jokes about others (I'm an introvert) but I do make them about myself too. Actually I'm not sure if they are jokes, I just like pointing out funny quirks or observations I've made of others. Especially when nobody else has noticed them!

    I find it kinda hard to make a joke about myself because it feels like I'm bringing too much of myself into the outer world - maybe it's just how I make jokes, I always relate them to personality for some reason. Not necessarily MBTI, but I often point out aspects of somebody's personality in a humorous way. "Harry is so gullible he'd believe the world is flat if we told him!" That kinda thing.

    I think I'd make a lot more jokes about myself if I weren't so determined not to appear arrogant/self-important. xD
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    l'll go ahead and make the disclaimer that nothing applies 100% of the time, just so l don't sound like an asshole. l do agree in the case of a lot of extroverts.

    IDK though, now that l'm thinking about it l wonder how much T/F dom plays a role. l notice introverted feelers are more likely to be self-deprecating while ExFx seem more likely to make jokes at the expense of others.

    IME both extroverted and thinkers tend to go for a lot of observational humor.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I don't make jokes about myself or others, well not really anyways. I don't try to make people laugh much to begin with.

    Sometimes I will tease friends or family, but usually feel horrible and condescending and mean immediately after, even though it's clear I still love and appeciate them anyways.

    I might laugh at myself sometimes when I've done something like run into a wall or blanked out when someone asked my name, but mostly stay away from the self-deprecating humor as well because I'm already the kind of person who tends to gets picked on...I'm not going to do that to myself nor encourage others to do so.

    I do tell stories of things I've done or that have happened to me in a way the exaggerates the situation to make it funny, but that I think is a little different from actually making fun of myself. When I tell things like this I'm not focusing on how stupid I was, but I think it's more like.....inviting people to imagine what it was like in this ridiculous situation - to identify with me in the feelings/experience because everyone has moments like that and can probably relate. I will also tell funny stories that I have seen or which other people have told about themselves.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Ha ha...I made this thread a few days after I joined PerC two years ago...back when I didn't know much about the MBTI. I've learned a lot since then, and I definitely don't think there's s connection between humor and just I vs. E. I do think that ISFJs might focus this type of humor inwards because we generally don't like hurting others' feelings...but I don't know if there's anything else about it that plays into the topic.

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    Unknown Personality

    I haven't really observed this as an introvert/extrovert thing.

    Could this be related to submission vs. dominance? A person putting themselves in the more vulnerable position (because they want others to feel more comfortable or because they honestly feel that way) would be more likely to mock themselves.

    Someone putting themselves above (as a critic or as a display of strength) would be more likely to mock others.

    So that could depend on the circumstance ... someone who usually mocks themselves because they dislike putting others in the weaker position might switch to the other approach to mock a target they believe deserves it (for example: a politician).

    What do you think?

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    1. According to my friends, I use a variety of humor. On one hand, I use self-deprecating humor, which is targeted towards myself. I sometimes feign arrogance to highlight the self-deprecating humor ironically, if that makes sense? However, in contrast, I tease my friends mercilessly and use observational humor a lot, which is focused on the external world. I also narrate things in the form of an internal monologue, though that's just me be quirky ^^

    2. Considering that I test as an extrovert whose extroversion and introversion aren't too far apart, I consider myself only slightly more extroverted than introverted...which would make sense since I use both types of humor. However, I doubt the two types of humor could be split merely by E and I. In example, when I use self-deprecating humor, I feel that stems from a high degree of self-awareness that I have and perhaps confidence issues when I was younger? Self-awareness is something I believe many NFs possess, since they wish to understand themselves, so I'm assuming self-deprecating humor is used a lot. On the other hand, I tend to people watch and be very attentive to my friends, which I believe is probably an Fe trait. But! I did notice that my ESFJ also uses self-deprecating humor as well and pokes fun at people she's close to, which may mean humor could be based off of dominant function?

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I don't really joke about people, others or myself. It's more like things 'n stuff, and good 'ol illogicies.
    I do like engrishfunny and other failblogs, so that might count as laughing at other people though : ) To laugh at oneself sounds kind of self-deprecating

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